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Flared Up Female


24 year old female from Philadelphia, PA who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 16. Long period of remission, and then back to the flare up.

Colitis Symptoms:

Blood, blood, blood.

The urgency has gone down a lot since I was put on prednisone.

My Colitis Story:

First diagnosed in high school and suffered through a flare up for over a year, before I was finally in remission. Remission lasted for a few years, and I felt great! So great that I decided 11 pills a day wasn’t for me anymore. Surprisingly I stayed symptom free without the meds and I ate what I want.
This year, one dreadful night, some type of stomach bug and throwing up- and boom!- the blood was back.

I hadn’t seen blood come out that end

in a long time- crap,

I almost forgot I had UC!

But there it was. So a few weeks later, I needed to get back to the doc. A new GI doctor- One Flex sigmoid later- and I was back on all the medication and the diet. The diet has been the hardest part this time around. I was used to eating pretty much whatever I wanted. Now- I’m struggling.

My family is now back to the point of constant concern- back when I was first diagnosed, that constant concern was great- it was exactly what I needed. Now that I’m older (and I hope wiser), all the “how are you feelings” and the “are you eating rights” tend to drive me crazy- I don’t know why they do, I know that they are just “concerned.”
The boyfriend has been great actually. He didn’t know me when I was first diagnosed- and has only known “remission Kristen”. So he’s going through the first flare up. He’s trying to learn, and give me the space I need to get through it. He even makes jokes- and reminds me about taking my “butt pills.” Haha!

Here I am- trying to get back to that place where I had almost forgotten about this ugly disease. I know I can get there- it just takes time and patience.

Where I’d like to be in 1 Year:

Thinking about everything in my life- a year from now I’d love to have a job that I LOVE, a pretty engagement ring :-), a few $$$ away from owning my own home- and of course, blood free poops!!!

Doesn’t sound like the wildest dream, does it??


When I first was diagnosed I was put on Asacol- it never worked.

I went into remission on Colozal and 6-MP. Worked great!

Currrently on Colozal, 6-MP and Prednisone (hopefully for not much longer).

written by Kristen

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area


4 thoughts on “Flared Up Female”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle, Kristen, about the “butt pills,” that was a good one. Sounds like your boyfriend has a good sense of humor. My boyfriend does, too. He makes jokes about it, too, sometimes, like how I need a butt plug. Boy, isn’t that the truth. I’m in a mild flare. I thought I was over it as of last Monday and this morning I had blood on the tp! I was bummed, I was off my meds. I only use Budenisone, Canasa, and Immodium when I have diarrhea, that helps. No alchohol, no caffiene no gluten. Hope you get over your flare soon.

  2. Kristen, I am so sorry to hear you have come out of remission. Have the doctors mentioned Lialda t you? I was bleeding badly in 2008 and three months on Lialda and the enemas at night pulled me out of it. Thank God I have been in remission since 2008. I watch my diet and try to keep my stress level under control. Good luck in getting better! I know it is very hard to deal with. God Bless you.

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