Financially Speaking – The Cost of UC

meet Sarah:

I have had colitis since age 17…was on 6mp and dipentum, then went off all meds for about three years…until I was bedridden for a month with severe joint pain…took the wrong meds which brought the colitis back. Beeen struggling between the joint pain, low energy, and borderline GI health for the past two years since that flare.

Some more about her:

My sister and cousin both have colitis…I pray that G-d spare the rest of my family!

Symptoms right now:

Urgency, constipation

Financially Speaking – The Cost of UC

I’ve just started Humira, and yes, it was alot less scary than I thought!

I’m single, and work part time in a private school.
Part time because I need time to cook my own food, some time to myself etc.
I’ve relocated from the South to live in New York and get myself on medicaide, because, I’m afraid of not being able to cover health costs, would I live anywhere else.
I’ve been living from paycheck to paycheck , and even embarrassed to say that I’ve had to ask my parents for money this year! : (

I’m wondering how do other UC’ers deal with the financial side of all this?
All the supplements and trying alternatives, already take up half my paycheck!
Am I doomed to live in New York forever, because that seems to be the only health option?
Am I doomed to live in such poverty because of my health?

I don’t expect to ever work in a public school, or government agencies/services. My expertise is education , I always intend to to that in a private school…
I believe not- but please explain how?
Thank you for all your time and support! It really means a lot!

My diet- still trying to figure out: No dairy, hardly any meat, no orange juice. I try to eat kale, only cooked vegetables, I try not to mix proteins and carbs. No processed stuff.

I try to exercise if I’m feeling good- that is not too tired, and joint paint aren’t working.
Just started taking enzymes with each meal. I also take zinc picolonate, folic acid, calcium/magnesiumD3, green algae, occasional good belly probiotic drink. Occasion ginger caps. I don’t eat fruit because I don’t have a taste for it- the most I’ll do is have juice. Working on getting the accepted liquid multi.

written by Sarah B

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  1. From the reading that I have done you can get more nutrition from your food by fermenting it. Sandoor Katz has some great books out that you can get from the library. It is a less expensive way to increase nutrition and add probiotics to you diet then buying tons of supplements. The other comment that I have is that protein is super important when tissues are healing. I know that it has helped me out of a flare. Easy to digest things like chicken breast and fish. Hope this is helpful to you.

  2. First you must read Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. I am sure you have heard about it. It is hard, but since you have made time to cook try this diet.

    I agree with Donna G. Start by eating only Chicken, Fish and cooked Vegetables. Don’t drink juice OMG unless you are healed and it is pure. Need to get a juicer and make your own orange juice etc. No carbs at all. Including corn. I forgot and thought corn was a vegetable. Your kale needs to be really well cooked. Kale chips are fun once you can tolerate. I would not attempt kale for a while personally, although I would have to read through the book to see. Also, if you google SCD Diet you can get a list of the legal and illegal food to start right away. I keep reading the book over and over because once healed, I know I cheat and get away with it a little while. Then Bam a flare. So far I have turned my health around with this diet. Worth a try. It is hard but feeling better is everything. Probiotics are a must every day.

    I wish you lots of luck! This is a very hard disease to live with, but I guess we don’t get a choice. I am personally down right now and trying to get better. Also, nicotine patches help me. This only helps if you have not smoked before I understand. Read the directions and lower the dose if you get headaches. Better than predizone (sp?)

    Good Luck!

    Hope this helps, so far it has helped me. I was working to hard off diet and now I have to pull it back together again. We will see. With this I have pulled myself back up to lead a normal life. I keep getting reminded myself even if I feel better to be careful.

  3. Sarah, Your account brought back memories from the 1970s. The physical and emotional challenges of uc were hard enough, but on top of it there were the costs in time and money. It was as if one had to suffer … and pay for it!!! I was released from all this when my colon perforated. It was taken out that afternoon. I ended up with a an ileostomy, and life became enjoyable again.
    I hope the best for you.

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