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Dr. Pryia Roy – Gastroenterologist – Columbus, OH

Dr. Pryia Roy

what type of doctor: Gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

85 McNaughten Rd
Suite 320
Columbus, Oh 43213

Phone Number: 614-754-5500


Dr. Roy is a young, upbeat, truly caring G.I. doctor. Every appointment that I have had with her she has been more than receptive to my issues and concerns taking time to answer all my questions. Never has she once made me feel like she was in a hurry to get into the next room. She allows me to actively participate in my treatment plans, helping me to make decision that are best for me in terms of my life. She is knowledgeable about current treatments and advancements within the field and does an excellent job of relaying test results and answers to my calls via mail and telephone. Her staff is super friendly, especially her medical assistant Carissa who regularly goes beyond what I feel is required of her to assist me. I would highly recommend Dr. Roy to anyone needing a G.I. doctor, I consider myself very lucky to have found such an awesome doctor to help me in my fight against IBD.

1 thought on “Dr. Pryia Roy – Gastroenterologist – Columbus, OH”

  1. I had the complete opposite experience with Dr. Roy. She was dismissive with my first visit, shot down every idea. Ideas that came from The American College of Gastroenterology, which I thought was weird. My second visit was better than the first, thought I could actually trust her. She told me to take two of my medications differently. I went along with it, but then soon after started getting a terrible burning sensation in my GI track.
    This is where everything goes south. She ignored me for a week, and replied “now that a week has gone by, do you still have the burning?”. When I explained that I still had the problem, I was told that it was my PCP’s problem and if I have further problems I should go to the Cleveland Clinic. No specific doctor, test, or program mentioned, just leave me alone and go to the Cleveland Clinic.
    This was unacceptable on so many levels, she never wrote a prescription, she made my PCP do it. Then when her treatment ideas failed, she didn’t even inquire or take responsibility, she just did a cut and run. She is more like Dr. Do Nothing. Unacceptable behavior for someone bearing the title “specialist” and working for an organization that strictly deals with all things GI related (Ohio Gastro Group). Like I’ve said in other reviews, they say they treat IBS, just apparently not mine.
    So I would not recommend her to family friends or even criminals.

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