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Dr. Derek C. Taylor – Gastroenterologist – Portland, OR

Dr. Derek C. Taylor


Colonoscopies: this doctor may/may not perform colonoscopies

Doctor’s office Address:
1130 NW 22nd, Suite 410
Portland OR 97210

Phone Number: 503-229-7137


Dr. Taylor is very nice and understanding. He took the time to get to know me and assured me that he was there if any complications arose (he is my GI doctor while I am at college) he would make the time to squeeze me in as soon as possible. He made me feel very welcome in his office and assured me that if I had any problems (I started attending college a month after part three of my take down surgery) that he would make time for me. He is a very good listener and addressed all the concerns I had (as a teenage girl attending college with out a colon, I had quite a few of them) and my parents concerns as well. While I have not had Dr. Taylor for any surgeries or procedures I assume he would have an excellent bedside manner based on my experience with him in his office. The office staff was all very helpful and professional. I have never had any problems with my insurance at his office.

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