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Dr. Borislav Vladimirov – Gastroenterologist – Sofia, Bulgaria

Dr. Borislav Vladimirov

what type of doctor:gastroenterologist

Colonoscopies: this doctor can do a colonoscopy

Doctor’s office Address: *

University Hospital Tsaritsa Yoanna Byalo more str. № 8 Sofia 1527

Based in Bulgaria:

Phone Number: 0888283945

Comments About the Doctor:

Follows the established practices in the trade. Skilled in examinations – colonoscopy for example. Believes in traditional medicine only, and does not consider alternative approaches at all.
He has a private office, where it is best to make an appointment. The other alternative is the state hospital where he works, but thinks there are done very slowly . The best case to use this doctor is for an examination. Other than this, since he only applies traditional medication, there is not much which he could offer. Best option when contacting him is directly via the cell phone, since waiting at the hospital can take a lot of time, with no guaranteed result.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Borislav Vladimirov – Gastroenterologist – Sofia, Bulgaria”

  1. Hi
    I’m from London I have come to get my gastrointestinal tract examined can you please give me an appointment

    Tanveer Mahmood

  2. Mihael Goranov Gerasimov

    Dobar den operirali ste bratmi vchera mojeli da mi dadete niakakva informacia .pacienta se cazva Dino Goranov Gerasimov ot Staroselci Pleven. Blagodaria .

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