Celebrating Impending Surgery – It’s Time

Meet Julie:

Hi guys, It’s Julie here from the uk, had UC for 11 years am 49 years young with 3 grown ups. Been in flare since July, not responding to anything, so its surgery time for me. But I feel blessed and am happy with my fate. I want rid of this god awful colon of mine I constantly poop myself anywhere and everywhere without any warning at all. So demeaning so disgusting and undignified.

Some more about me:

I was such an active person constantly busy and exercised daily it was part of my routine, alas i can’t even climb the stairs right now without total exhaustion it sucks. So anyway guys bring on the ileostomy. I met a wonderful attractive young lady yesterday who has had the op she was amazing and a total inspiration, she said it is the best thing she ever had done and is so happy now. I have no fear no pessimism just feel relief now and want it over with. I am scheduled to meet my surgeon and after care team on the 26th Feb and then its all systems go. I will keep you all posted and update pre and post. Nothing worked for me anymore and this is after a total cure NO MORE DRUGS NO MORE PLANNING AROUND THE TOILET WHOOP WHOOP

Getting Ready for Surgery

I already put most of my history above in the wrong box oops, so forgive me if I now waffle on a little. I am single by the way and some people are not very understanding when I tell them I am having a ileostomy, but all you folks on here will understand the extent of hopelessness you feel living with UC people think because you can’t see it, it’s nothing but we all know it’s horrible.

I want my life back, I want the freedom to live my life single or otherwise, the way we should all be able to live, twice this week already I have had major disturbing accidents’ once in my car and there is nothing worse than that cos you have no choice but to sit there and continue home. The second time I walked to the local supermarket and got caught short on the way back, NICE!!! I still had around 20 mins to walk too and i got the burn. I simply can’t live this way any more my colon is basically in real bad shape it has spread upwards by 25cm and was already bad enough. I have been in hospital twice on steroids tried infliximab, which worked for all of 8 weeks total then just stopped. i CAN’T BELIEVE i AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE OP. But I think some of you will know when you have had enough of living like this, it’s not a life it’s merely an existence. And I have already decided if I am offered reversal I will decline I have no desire to experience pouchitis because there are no guarantees. I will learn to live with my new appliance, and live is what I intend on doing. I am happy truly wish me luck people

Medications and Holistic Therapies

Steroids and mezzevent, tried holistic therapies they don’t help me at all

written by Julie

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating Impending Surgery – It’s Time”

  1. Surgery is way better than any of these god-awful medications used to treat UC Julie! WAY BETTER!! That’s what I’ll surely do instead of taking any more meds.

    I say you go, girl!!

    Cheers and all the optomistic best for a wonderful life and future,

  2. Hi Julie,

    I too just had my colon removed but will be doing the reversal. Pouchitis can be controlled with some simple antibiotics. I have done alot of research and everyhting tells me the J Pouch is better than the bag. Life witht he bag is not a terrible thing but It is something I do not want to deal with in my retirement years. Good luck and please keep us posted.


  3. My 20 year old daughter just celebrated her one year anniversary being colon free. She had been on prednisone, 6MP and Colozal. She was unable to get off the prednisone, because every time she tapered down her flare would rage. This went on for 15 months. She tried Remicade and it didn’t help. At that point she told me she thought her life was over. Well, she has her life back now and is living full force. I wish the same for you!!

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