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science and research into the ulcerative colitis, or gastrointestinal world.

Outstanding Overview of the Gut Microbiota – Gut Bacteria 101

There is a fascinating scientific study I think you’ll enjoy.  WAY MORE interesting than Kate and Will’s new royal baby, the Kardashians(when are they going to be over with), President Morsi’s troubles, and all of the other news that’s out there. The news makes you dumber, this will make you smarter, for sure! You don’t need to be treating your UC with diet, you don’t… Read More »Outstanding Overview of the Gut Microbiota – Gut Bacteria 101

Epithelial Surfaces

What up Colitis Folks! The time has come, we need to get down to some basics with our Immune System. Epithelial Surfaces What a strange looking/sounding set of words.  Almost sounds like a part of an insect’s antennae right?  Truth is, we all have these things, and a crapload of them.  Even if you don’t have colitis, you don’t have to feel left out because… Read More »Epithelial Surfaces

Extraintestinal Manifestations from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

WHAT UP UC’ERS: Earlier today, I noticed that a longtime writer of the website named Angie, posted a story where she mentioned some eye problems she’s dealing with.  And she wanted to know if this type of thing could be related to her ulcerative colitis.  And of course there’s a never ending list of website information if you do a google search on that topic,… Read More »Extraintestinal Manifestations from Inflammatory Bowel Disease