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Senior in High School Now, But Diagnosed at Age 4


Hi, I’m Jen and I was diagnosed with UC when I was 4 years old. I’m now a senior in high school and kind of freaking out about dealing with college and my UC. I am having a colonoscopy this month to check in and make sure my medication is still working.

Some more about me:

Something interesting about me, oh man. Well, I am the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper and I love to write and take photos (of other people!!). I moved from Cali to Indiana when I was 8 years old, and now I’m VERY familiar with snow. I play Just Dance with my BFF Rachael and my favorite movie is either Grease or The Breakfast Club.


Currently, I am considered to be in remission, but I still experience a lot of stomach pains and diarrhea.

Jen’s Story:

So, here goes:
I was a troubled baby.
When I was born, I had meconium in my lungs. That must have been terrifying for my mom.
Three days after I was sent home, I went back to the hospital to measure my development. (PS: I was born on 10/28, so I went back to the hospital on Halloween)
There they discovered that I hadn’t gained any weight or gotten any longer.
So they did a spinal tap and a bunch of tests to figure out what was wrong.
Turns out, I endured all of the testing for nothing. I was just fine.

Anyway, when I was 4, or so my mom tells me, I started having rectal bleeding and blood in my stool. This scared my mom, so she rushed me to the hospital, where they did a colonoscopy to determine that I had either Chron’s or UC. We still don’t know which one it is to this day.
The outcome of this was me being started on suppositories, I can’t remember the name. That was truly dreadful (and embarrassing). My mom would do it, my school nurse would do it.

And then there were the doctor’s visits that always included drawing my blood and my doctor sticking his finger up my butt to check for traces of blood.

I went on the many different kinds of pills, but I can only remember two of them.
One was so big I had to cut it in half and take both pieces separately.
The other one had a gel casing and was also large, but luckily for me, I was able to break it apart and mix the inside with pudding so I could take it.

I have a lot of bad memories about UC. One of the worst is one time when I was younger, I had a seizure. My eyes rolled back, I shook. I remember being terrified and being told it had to do with me having UC.
Right now, I am taking Asacol, three pills, 2 times a day.

written by Jen B

submitted in the colitis venting area

4 thoughts on “Senior in High School Now, But Diagnosed at Age 4”

  1. Hi Jen,

    Have you looked on the Crohn’s Babe website? I found it very interesting. She gives instructions there to make Kefir as a powerful probiotic. I have read studies that suggest that prebiotics are as important as probiotics and have recently added a powdered inulin and oligiosaccharides made by Jarrow for this purpose. Prebiotics provide food to the bacteria. College is hard because the food is so far from SCD and the stress level is high. Going there feeling that you are in control of your health seems very important. Take care.


  2. Jen-
    Hey- Grease and Breakfast Club- those were HUGE when I was a teen- nice to see the 80s are still appreciated… Hah!
    Definitely order Adam’s ebooks and research how to follow an SCD diet while at college. I am a teacher and there are lots of kids with restrictive diets, whether it be from allergies, choice or religion on campuses.
    Check out youtube- there are channels by teens with Crohn’s and UC that are pretty inspirational- and I am sure they’d have a lot of good tips for you.
    Have a great adventure at college!

  3. let me get straight to the point… surgery is the only cure… im so glad i got the j-pouch.. its been 2 years since i had the pouch and i only had 1 case of pouchitis. i think we all had or have the same symptoms but if you want them to stop and you dnt want to take no more meds i suggest the surgery.. i got back to a normal life, not worrying about wheres the nearest rest room… i go 3 times a day now.. morn, noon, and night… i dnt even wake in the middle of the night that often….i disagree with all these home remedies and probiotics crap…the bottom line is flares trigger when they want, whether your on meds or not.. ppl need to understand that these remedies are not the results of their remission… i believe remission happens on its own… every med or remicade that i took , i still had flares while on these medications… it came and went as it pleased… with this disease you can loose your job ect… cant plan events… you know what i mean.. bottom line is im perfectly back normal… med free…symptom free….. no worries….im going to make this a general message for now on and post on other ppl pages as well…any questions or comments reply to this post or if you want to talk on a personal level you can give me a call any time on mon-tue………… wed,thur,fri,sat,sun b4 330pm 347-351-7694

  4. Hi my daughter has uc diagnosed last year, she’s currently taking salofalk 2 x day and the odd suppository. She has been up and down with flares and the pain in her abdomen only when she’s passing a stool? Is this constipation . She’s on gluten free food, natural homemade food no fast food, mineral water, pro and prebiotics, and I have try to cut out sugar as much as possible but she does have a treat everyday. She goes to the toilet average 2/3 times a day and I have spoken to my natural pathic dr as notice black like seaweed in her stool, she has given her a worm complex to drink each night which does make her go soon after drinking it. I’m just don’t know why she is bleeding their is no visible blood in her stool and going from pancolitis in October 13 and following a further colonospy in May 14 confirmed she has left side patchy colitis.
    How do I heal the bottom end naturally ?

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