Can MAGNETS Help Colitis?


I am 32 years old. I have had ulcerative colitis off and on since I was 20. Usually I can get into remission pretty quickly with kefir. I’ve taken steroids and lialda which didn’t really do anything. Now I started using Neodymium magnets to help. It has helped a lot. I’m not in remission but the amount of blood has reduced greatly and I’m feeling a lot better. I take the magnet and put it near my left side (the infected side). I do it at night and at my desk at work. Hope this helps someone out there. I don’t know what the magnets do, but I read about the use of magnets for rheumatoid arthritis (auto immune) and gave it a shot. You can buy the magnets off of ebay. They are really strong. I think maybe they do something to the iron in your blood because it reduces the blood incredibly. I always had bad mornings and ever since I started using the magnets I’ve been good in the morning. Hope this helps someone. I also don’t eat gluten (which has helped as well).

Colitis Symptoms:

Loose stools, some blood, and mucus type movements.


Has anyone else tried magnets for treating ulcerative colitis?

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  1. Interesting. I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone mention it or read it anywhere…and I have read a lot. Are the rest of your days normal?? (you said mornings were different). Did you change any eating habits at the same time as trying the magnets? Just wondering. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I switched to a gluten free diet, but the weird thing is I ate pasta one night and didn’t feel bad the next day/week. I also drink a lot of kefir though. I use lactaid milk and make the kefir, but I cycle on and off with it. The biggest difference I noticed was with blood. I used to have so much blood in the morning and now it’s minimal if anything. I put the magnet on my left side (where I feel the pain) and leave it on most of the day (work in a cubicle). I was using an ice pack velcro wrap to hold it in place throughout the day. I mainly use it at night though and that’s because it helps me in the morning so much. I read about magnets being used for rheumatoid arthritis and figured I’d give it a shot. Hope this helps you. It’s tough looking for ways to get into remission. I recommend kefir grains as well, because they’ve got me in remission before without the magnets.

  2. I asked about any diet changes because eating less late in the day could also be helping in the mornings. So could combining the right foods and eating what works for you. Then again, it could very well be the magnets. I know I would eat certain foods and once upon a time I would never lay on my left side. Before I knew about SCD, I would eat other foods and laying on my left side was not only possible but easy. I didn’t get it because according to eating raw, it didn’t add up.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I will be sure to look it up soon. I must get back to my soup and yogurt in the oven…I already broke a fridge today and am rather bummed about it. While it might be funny down the road, that was the last thing I needed when I need fridge space. :( I will check on the magnets soon!

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I forgot to put my magnet on yesterday at work and my stomach was killing me. So, I figured I’d test my diet. I had pizza and ice cream and nature valley roasted almond bars (all heavy in gluten) and I put the magnet on overnight and left it on. I feel great today. It’s that dramatic a difference. I really hope someone else gives this a shot, because I really think this could be the cure (at least for the type I have which is left side UC). I ordered a stronger magnet yesterday, so I’m hoping that extra strength is the difference to getting to remission.

      1. I have to laugh a little when you say left side UC…I don’t know if that is a proper medical term or not, but if my human anatomy classes did any justice, our colons descend on our left sides. In the past, I definitely avoided laying on my left side to avoid having to run to the bathroom…but now that my inflammation is lessened, the side I lay on does not matter. I still notice the discomfort on my left lower abdomen the most…but I have never heard it called left side UC. :) Let us know how the bigger magnet does? Steve

  3. So cool! I never even considered this. Magnets, huh?

    Thanks for the insight and the new idea. At least, this could not hurt anyone! Why not try something like this. You just never know until you do, right?

    I like it!!


    1. Just make sure to tape it or put it near the area that hurts and leave it on all day…especially at night. I use tape sometimes, but the best thing that works for me is a ice pack velcro thing. I just take the ice pack part out and put the magnet in and strap it on w/ the velcro. I hope it works for you. I really want someone else to say it works so I won’t feel like such a weirdo. I tell people about the magnets and I think they think it’s in my head, but it’s not. Please post the results either way. Good luck!

      1. rob, while i am waiting for the magnets you suggested to come in the mail, i just used a magnetic necklace i had in my room. i took the pendant off the string and taped it to my belly (with those nose strips). my cramping has been so much less today. i never want to take it off! i’m gonna give some magnets to my grandma because she has terrible arthritis and my friend who has bad toothaches. can’t hurt for them to try it out.

        i read that you can also tape the magnets to the bottom of your feet to pull out any bad “energy” and “toxins.”

          1. Update: I’m in remission. I figured out that the magnets suppress the symptoms, but they don’t cure them. So, I got a two week supply of cortizone enemas. I kept the magnet on the whole time to help it heal as well. Two weeks later and I’m good. I’m staying on lialda because my doctor said it can keep you in remission pretty well. So, if you are in pain try the magnets, but it is not a full on cure.

  4. I have used magnets for the pain of interstitial cystitis with great success…and when I stop for a while, my bladder lets me know it! I have just been dx’d with UC, and am hoping to have the same results. Thank you for your comments, all of you.
    I read an interesting piece about drinking magnetized water, too–at least 4 glasses per day to help with bowel issues. I think I will start doing that, as well.

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