C Diff Gone!

Dean, 22, finally in remission since February and after c diff which lasted 3 months. Back at work now a while full of energy things are great!

Love to keep busy! Enjoy football and swimming

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Symptoms: Nausea activity in pack passage and upper GI tract

C Diff Gone

Hi guys haven’t been on this in a long time. I have been really busy over Christmas. So back in October I had a fecal transplant which I taught had not worked as my symptoms persisted for weeks. I tested negative for c diff 3 times now and I’m in the all clear. On a daily basis I still feel a small bit nauseous and my upper stomach and throat would rumble a lot. I spoke with my GI about this and he said it was a side effect to my asacolon so we reduced the dosage, but it still hasn’t fixed it! On the plus side I’m having normal stools twice a day now. I’ve managed to get all my energy back and went back to work in November:) I feel this is remarkable considering I used to wake up nauses every morning and litteraly had no energy to get out of bed. I’m just wondering if it’s only UC I have and my c diff infection is gone then why is my upper GI Tract so active? Any one else experienced this before? I would enco urage anyone who is going through a tough time to stay strong! I’ll have UC a year now in February and I’ve gone from 30 bowel movements a day to 2 which is pretty remarkable. I’m not gonna lie it was extremely hard for me and for the people around me but it does get better! As I said it took till November for my symptoms to settle! I’m currently on infliximab every 8 weeks I take asacolon pantup and also take alflorex to keep all that good bacteria in my gut! When I have activity in the back passage I take pred foam enema which helps :) hope this helps people to stay positive! Things might not be great but don’t worry guys we will get there :D


Sometimes peppermint helps with my nausea


written by Dean

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(don’t forget to check out the new c-difficile site….iHaveCdiff.com …just a few weeks old)

4 thoughts on “C Diff Gone!”

  1. Congrats Dean for the massive improvement overt he past year!

    Way cool of you to share all that with us!

    Keep up the improvement and the positive vibration you be a sending out yo yo!!

    And have an awesome week coming up,


  2. That is incredible and very inspiring! I am in high school and I have had probably more than a dozen c-diff infections on and off for the past two years and I have been hospitalized for about 4 of the infections. I still struggle to find ways to prevent them from coming back. I have tried almost every probiotic, diet, staying away from bacteria that could promote the infection, and still continue to get them repeatedly. If anyone has any special tips or ideas that work for them I would love to hear.

  3. I also struggled with c-diff/ulcerative colitis for over almost two years with two hospital stays (the last one lasting a week). I am 53 years old and it all started right after my 50th birthday. Funny my cousin kidded me at my party about now having to go for a colonoscopy only to have 3 in a two year span. I was first diagnosed with u/c only to be diagnosed with c-diff 3 weeks later. Last time I was in the hospital my GI started me on prednisone and vancomycin. 6 weeks later she started me on remicade treatment every 6 weeks. I was on vancomycin for 9 months. She weaned me off and knock wood I have not had any recurrence. I am still on remicade every 6 weeks and this has kept my u/c in remission. Hope you get some relief soon.

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