My story is i was diagnosed at 22, put on 5ASA meds. Didn't really do much to maintain remission, massive flare at 23 requiring 11 day hospital stay with IV steroids, IV ciclosporine, 6MP and more. Basically I couldn't taper off the steroids at all as my UC had become steroid dependant. long story short along with bad reactions to all the meds i was on, my steroid dependancy and my fear of what the future would hold with regards to cancer, i chose to have surgery at age 24.

Prescribed Prednisone When NOT in a Flare

My name’s Tom. I’m 23 from Northampton, UK and was diagnosed with left sided UC in May 2011 after experiencing symptoms for a number of years prior. Hobbies include, biking, walking and photography My Symptoms: Currently have no symptoms and am still taking 2400mg of mezavant daily since being diagnosed My Story: After being diagnosed in May 2011 I was prescribed 2400mg of Mezavant daily… Read More »Prescribed Prednisone When NOT in a Flare