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Bonnie H

I am 45 years old and I have had UC for about 13 years. It took me at least a year to go to the doctor after I started having symptoms. I had never heard of UC until the doctor told me I had it. I haven't talked to anyone else who has UC before. This is very new to me. And...turns out I'm the 1,152nd writer on iHaveUC! wow!

It Took Me a Year To See the Doctor After I Noticed Symptoms

I still look for the bathroom wherever I go, but I don’t panic if I don’t see one. I don’t worry as much when we’re traveling on the road, but I doubt I’ll ever not have a fear of going back to the days when I couldn’t even go on a 1 hour drive without stopping to go. Thank God for the GPS. My husband and kids have been very supportive. My son scouts out the bathroom for me wherever we go.