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"Like many UCers I have spent many hours trawling the internet googling the condition and came across your website a few years ago. I read your ebook and really liked your honesty and humour. As everyone says your positivity is so encouraging and now this is my go to website when I'm thinking about UC. Thankfully my symptoms are pretty much under control at the moment but just wanted to say thanks." Kate

My Story, Your Hope

Hi I just wanted to,share my UC story with everyone in the hope that I can inspire people to live with ulcerative colitis the way I do….

My symptoms started in April 10′ basically going to the toilet 20 times per day and it was literally water and blood, I knew this wasn’t right but I ignored it until July 10 where I finally collapsed and went into hospital….turns out my hemaglobin went down to 4.5 and I was practically dieing in hospital. I was 3 stone lighter and at a current weight of 8 stone and was so malnourished my skin look like it was peeling….After a week in the hospital I was diagnosed with pancolitis and stayed another 2 weeks having numerous blood transfusions and IV steroids and nutrients to help with my undernourished body.
One thing I promised myself is that no matter what this illness means in the future and how bad it is I swore I would live for now and never worry about the future (what will be will be). I also promised to continue eating the same foods and not be restricted to special diets. I also trained my mind to overcome and rule the body so whenever my body had a bad day my mind would be boss and beat the fatigue etc.
I even decided to get straight back into the gym even with my flare ups I still manage to find the strength to drive myself foward. And a year on I have gained 4.5 stone of pure muscle and have never once changed anything in my diets and I believe this is because I beat Ulcerative Colitis mentally…when someone told me to avoid certain foods I disnt take there word for it, I tried these things and if they effected me then at least I tried but as you know all cases are different so the most useful piece of advice is to find what works best for you and not necessarily go by what others tell you…Ive escaped surgery twice and my consultant calls me a robot but I believe it’s all about heart. I’ve helped many people smile again about there UC and I’m even thinking of writing a book about my experiences and remember UC isn’t the end of your life..In my case it was just the beginning…chin up

Submitted by “Matty Guest” in the Colitis Venting Area

Matty Guest’s current Ulcerative Colitis Medications:

PENTASA 4 grams daily
PREDNISOLONE tapering from 30mg, currently on 25 mg

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