UC and Diverticulitis???


Hi there fellow UC’ers. My name is Jeannie. I’m married, 32 years old, and have 3 daughters. I was diagnosed with UC in December of 2009.

My Symptoms:

Currently, I feel pretty good ( except for Prednisone side effects). I am coming out of a flare up that began in July.

My Story:

In August I did end up in the hospital for six days, which was nothing since I have been averaging a 3-4 week stay on previous flare ups.

I thought my GI and I had this flare up under control after increasing meds and starting prednisone. But I woke up one morning in terrible pain. Not my normal flare up pain. This was high up on my left side. I couldn’t move. This had to be close to the worst pain I have ever had. So my darling and very supportive hubby came home from work and took me to the local ER.

After getting some lovely pain meds and drinking that yummy contrast, I went for a CT Scan. The doctor came in and told me that I had micro perforations. The first thing I thought was surgery. But fortunately they felt that I could be treated with IV antibiotics.

Through all this, my regular GI (who I am very happy with) was on a cruise (jealous). His partners were seeing me while I was in the hospital. They kept saying things like “pockets” and “ticks” and “diverticuli”. But wait, I don’t have diverticulitis, I have ulcerative colitis.

After I finally get to see my regular GI, I ask if I have diverticulitis. He assures me that I do not have it. He has never seen any signs when he has scoped me. We decide to proceed with our treatment plan, which is Remicaid infusions. Today I receive a phone call from Doc. He looked at my CT films over the weekend, and yes, my transverse colon looked very suspicious. He wants another CT.

So now do I have diverticulitis on top of UC? So I guess after all my rambling, my question is, does any one else out there have both diseases?

Current Medications:

Pentesa 500mg two caps 4 times a day
Lialda 1.2gr two tabs daily
Imuran 50mg three tabs daily
Prednisone 35mg daily
Align Probiotic
Soon to start Remicaid

written by Jeannie

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5 thoughts on “UC and Diverticulitis???”

  1. I do not have both Jeannie but you shouldn’t worry. In many ways, natural treatments for one will help the other and some of the same foods can irritate both(lots of meat, nuts, etc). Yes, they are very different in how they affect the colon…UC is like ulcers and inflammation, not allowing the passing of nutrients and water through the colon. It can often be helped through use of probiotics and dietary changes. Diverticulitis is when food becomes impacted and can lodge in a section of the colon, which then irritates the area surrounding it. It can pretty serious quick so if you are ever feeling that pain/nausea, get checked out. But it too can be helped with dietary changes. You mentioned a lot of medicines and being happy with your GI so I don’t want to advocate for getting of all those meds! If they are working keep taking em, if not look into alternatives. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I hope you hanging in there!! Steve

  2. I always thought that I was one in a trillion case, but I was wrong, now there are two. Yes, I was diagnosed with diverticulits back in 1992 ( I am 55 years old ), and after a driking too much in a party I started bleeding, and was transfered to the hospital and it was the first time to know that I had diverticulitis. I had two stretches of my colon removed haemocolectomy, however, thank God I do not have a bag. The medication after was simply to avoid alcohol, nuts. spicey food or anything that can irritate your colon.
    Later in 2008 I had a flare with leaky gut and bleeding, had a clonoscopy and it was UC. I was on prednisone asaco;, 6mp and probiotics. I am currently in remission, however,it relapses almost once a year, mostly because of stress. I do not smoke, but found that a couple of cigarettes a day help.
    The best med is work out avoid stress, eat healthy food, and use enema pred and enema ascaol.
    My avice is to ask ur Dr to carefully treat the diverticulitis as in some cases it could be more serious than UC
    Good luck 2 in atrillion :)

  3. Jeannie,
    Yes I have both. They are pretty much unrelated. The diverticulitis can be controlled pretty well by diet & meds should an attack occur. It is not uncommon in older people; I think less common in someone your age.
    I also was diagnosed with UC in Dec. ’09 — been thru ups & downs that I won’t bore you with. However, I started on Remicade in June & within 4-5 days was in complete remission & continue to be. Hopefully it will continue & I also hope it works as well for you.

  4. This just happened to me. Have UC, was tapering off prednisone, almost at the finish line and ended up in ER. After CAT scan ER said diverticulitis. Never was diagnosed with diverticulosis with regular scoping. Looked online and it looks like diverticulitis is potential side effect of prednisone for people with UC.

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