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Tony D

Looking for SCD and FODMAP Insight

Mild symptoms, thankfully. Some cramping, loose BM. My Bristol scale is 4-6. No bleeding in 3 mos. at which time it was very mild and lasted only a few days because I went to daily Rowasa usage. having read many entries, I feel truly blessed my symptoms aren’t as severe as others here! Something interesting about me: I’m American Indian and sing at Pow Wow’s.… Read More »Looking for SCD and FODMAP Insight

Finding Success with FODMAP diet

I’ve recently reached my five year anniversary of Ulcerative Colitis (yay?) Still currently have a colon, although it’s been a very bumpy ride! My doctor has begun pushing the surgery so I’m currently exploring all options before making a decision. Some more details: I work in higher ed marketing and am an active kickball and flag football player. I have been trying to get into… Read More »Finding Success with FODMAP diet

Diet for UC! Keep your UC in Check!

Ok where should I start; I’m 24 and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis less than 3 months ago. I have always lived a healthy life (I’m actually a dietitian): regular exercise and a healthy diet (no processed food) and cooked most things from scratch, oh and no family history of Ulcerative Colitis or Crohns.  Ok so far so good -well not quite! During the… Read More »Diet for UC! Keep your UC in Check!