Just Diagnosed and Still Wanting To Play Basketball

Introduction: My name is Keegan and I just turned 20 years old, I live in Canada and I am an athlete in training. I love to play sports and lift weights, also cardio (gasp!) Colitis Symptoms: I have had diarrhea for about two months, with no blood at all. My Story: I was diagnosed with Mild UC at the beginning of October after I had… Read More »Just Diagnosed and Still Wanting To Play Basketball

The Longest 7 Months Ever

Introduction: I’m 24 years old. College student, was supposed to graduate in May but was to sick to finish school. Played 4 years of college basketball. Diagnosed with UC in December 2011. What My Symptoms are Like: once in awhile i have bloody stools, cramps. My Story: Like i said in my introduction, i was a college athlete and a very active college student. I… Read More »The Longest 7 Months Ever