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Natural Approach of Colitis – 37 Weeks Pregnant

Keek fIntro:

My name is Keek I’m 23 years old and 37 weeks pregnant!

I’ve had ulcerative colitis for the past 3 years and had 2 major flares that almost were fatal.

I traveled the world and still continuing to travel more with my baby and beautiful partner!

I’m a world traveler,artist and health and nutrition fanatic also a mommy to be!


Currently my symptoms are soft stool with mucous and a little blood only 2-3 times a day.

My Story:

Dear UC’ers,

What a trip it has been these past three years of colitis, from 2 hospitalizations to prednisone tapering down nightmares and all the side effects drugs give you I’m really giving up on the approach of the western health system.

Cause they are not trying to cure you they are trying to control your symptoms and I don’t believe that’s the way to do it!

I think this disease makes you more conscious about the way you live your life,how you take care of your body. What goes through your gut and affects the lining of your intestinal wall, how you respond to certain foods and drinks. And let’s not forget stress how it affects your body and mind and makes you ill.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant and in week 35 I started to have symptoms again after a year of med free no symptom normal stools. It is probably because baby is getting heavier and some stress issues as well that are putting pressure on my gut. I’m on a gluten,dairy,sugar,red meat free diet so basically my diet consists out of vegetables,fruits,nuts,grains,fermented foods,herbs and fish.

I love food and I love cooking I find it a challenge to create healthy delicious meals and when I cook for family nobody even notices there’s no meat or gluten involved they don’t miss it cause it’s so tasty!

I just started the vitamin E and colloidal silver enemas as well as a herb mixture that contains slippery elm, marshmallow root, chamomile ,turmeric,peppermint leaves as well as omega-3 fish oil supplement.

Hopefully they stop the bleeding soon! So I will be healthy and energetic for labor and my hb level won’t be below average!

My biggest concern is always the blood loss that freaks me out! It weakens me so quickly cause I’m very petite!

I just wanna know anybody out there that has the natural approach of UC in total control and has tips?
Also people that have found relieve and results from enemas?

We all have to stay strong and positive this disease is very hard and it almost took my life. Treat your body like a temple it’s so important life is too beautiful!



Medications and Supplements Tried/Using:

  • No gluten
  • No dairy
  • No sugar
  • No coffee
  • No soft drinks
  • No red meat


  • Prenatal vitamins solar
  • Slippery elm, chamomile, marshmallow root, turmeric, peppermint leave herb mixture.

  • Royal greens fish-oil
  • Yoga!
  • Vitamin-E enema and colloidal silver enema.
  • Fermented foods and a little kefir.


  • Prednisone 2x – saved my life twice but can’t use it anymore cause it causes osteoporosis and already had too much!
  • Salofalk klysma
  • Mezavant 5-ASA mesalasine
  • Puri-nethol(chemo)

Chemical nonsense that cause even more disease.

( story submitted written by Keek via the colitis venting area )

21 thoughts on “Natural Approach of Colitis – 37 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. I am also pregnant, but only just coming up to 12 weeks. I am dependent on 5mg of prednisone as my body can no longer produce it itself at the moment. I have had huge success with L-Glutamine (I’ve had to stop taking this while pregnant tho) and the critical care probiotics. Before this I was constantly sick for over 5 years (with two hospitalization). I got onto the glutamine and probiotics after reading posts on this site and I swear it has helped me immensely and I think it’s the only reason I was able to be symptom free prior to being pregnant and is why I am still feeling ok now. I also cut out all alcohol and limited my sugar intake. Definitely try the probiotics… I think it has nearly saved my life! All the best :)

    1. Hello Claire and Keek

      Congratulations on pregnancy and battling UC while keeping babies healthy! I just gave birth to a healthy baby girl in August and have had UC since 2012. After a hospital stay and 2 months on Prednisone and Uceris to bring me into remission, I’ve been in remission since March 2013 by following a regiment of Aloe Juice, Curacumin, Slippery Elm, L-Glutamine, VSL or Ultimate Flora Probiotic (its cheaper), Fish Oil, Maca Powder, and Apple Cidar Vinegar, coconut oil EVERY DAY. Under the care of my OB GYN and Natropath, I took all of these supplements my entire pregnancy!

      I also use Tumeric Spice on most things I eat, especiailly for dinner on fish or chicken or grilled veggies with lemon juice is really good! I’ve been med free and mostly symptom free throughout my pregnancy. Whenever i felt a flare coming on (Around month 5 of pregnancy), I would follow the SCD diet for about 1 week, go to community acupuncture (only $20 dollars for 1 hour) and things would die down.

      I think what really kept symptoms at bay during pregnancy included going to acupuncture 1 time month, practicing yoga, taking walks and overall commitment to LOW STRESS. I cannot repeat this enough. I ended up quitting my high stress job and going into consulting so that I was able to manage my stress levels, and this REALLY HELPED me have a terrific and amazing pregnancy while keeping the UC away.

      Sending positive vibes and symptom free months ahead!

      1. Keek Van Eijk

        Hey Misha,

        First of all congrats on the healthy baby girl!!! What an amazing story and thanks for the helpfull tips!

        That’s definitely the way to go and shows that the natural approach really is working. I also love applecider vinegar and put coconut oil on everything! Still havent tried aloe vera but Im sure thats something to add up to all the other stuff:)

        I was due two days ago and probably will be giving birth soon. It feels good not to be the only person out there that had to cope with uc during pregnancy and great we can help each other out.

        I have done yoga a fair bit during pregnancy sometimes 5 times a week in the beginning and definitely has helped with stress and flexibility.

        Thanks for the motivating comment!
        And keep it up!

        Uc mommies rule;)


      2. Miesha,
        Congrats on a healthy pregnancy! From the list of your regiment, could you reply on when you take each of these, together, separately, after meals, before meals, at bedtime, with meals?
        I always stress about which supplements and/or drugs I can take together, which are better taken at specific times or on an empty or full stomach. I would LOVE to be in remission! It’s been so long, I don’t remember when I was symptom-free. I don’t know much about acupuncture, but where do they put the needles or whatever? Is it a stress reducer or something specific to controlling Crohn’s? Thanks, I love to hear success stories!

  2. I agree with Claire!

    The Critical Care probiotic by RenewLife also saved my life from the dreaded medical UC drugs.

    That, and the fermented L-glutramine. I am not aware about taking or not taking L-glutamine while pregnant, though. You will have to ask a professional on that yourself.

    I have been on this regimen for between 7 and 10 years…I can’t remember the exact time because I have been healthy with no flares for that long at least!


  3. Hi Keek, I have had Crohn’s since about 1990, having one surgery in 2001, currently on Entocort, Lialda, Fish OiI, recently started taking Tumeric, and also inconsistly take L-Glutamine. My doctor wants me to start Remicaid but I am deathly afraid of it. I am so tired of putting poisons into my body. I read all the time about possible approaches to this disease. I am considering the Paleo diet but it would be a huge life change for me. I am afraid of failure but I should at least try. I love to cook, so I can try and make meals interesting I suppose. Have you always eaten very healthy? I don’t think I eat terrible but my job stress is high. And I am tired all the time so preparing meals is not always a joy. Do you eat chicken, or do you consider it red meat? Do you eat organic and GMO-free? How easy was it to switch over to the diet you currently follow? Do you ever slip and eat something you shouldn’t?
    I think once I retire that it will be easier to get into remission. Weekends and holidays are easier on my gut than Monday thru Friday. I love my job, but it’s stressful. I work at home as a software engineer.
    Best of luck with your upcoming baby! I wish you good health…

    1. Keek Van Eijk

      Hey Debra,

      It sounds like you definitely transitioning into a healthier lifestyle with adding fish oil, tumeric and l-glutamine in your everyday life.
      I understand your fear of starting remicade and adding more chemicals next to the Lialda and entocort I would feel the same and said no to remicade cause I just have a strong believe that the body has to get rid of all the chemical substitutes before it can heal.
      I think a good documentary to watch would be food matters and forks over knives just to get you motivated about healthy eating and approaching your disease from a different perspective it has really helped me getting through though periods when I felt like western medicine was the only solution.
      You say you have high stress levels caused by your job – first of all stress is definitely the worst trigger even if you think there’s no stress underlying stress can cause flares. So start considering taking some time off or adding meditation or yoga to your daily ritual so you can have time to relax and feel what’s wrong with your body..
      I consider organic hormone chicken as a food that easily digest so okay to eat sometimes I’m just not very fond of meat so try to eat it not that much. For always eating organic , a big yes I always try to eat organic but sometimes when eating out or dinner parties I just eat whatever is available. And definitely no Gmo that’s something I really really wouldn’t wanna eat that stuff freaks me out!
      Surely I slip and have a sip of coffee or have a piece of regular chocolate but never in excess cause I’ll just know my colon will respond and feeling healthy and energetic motivates me not to do it!
      Your body is so important and it needs all the heathy nutrients and vitamins and minerals so start eliminating certain foods and stick to it cause it can take up to a year before you notice change! There’s a really great chef that might give you some inspiration called dale pinnock and on the food matters website you can find great recipes to all free!

      Good luck Debra !


  4. This will be short as am expected elsewhere soon.
    I too have had the same experiences and almost died twice.
    After all the drugs I have now been free of all symptoms for over a year with no more Prednizone etc.

    Get Elaine Gottscall’s book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.
    Follow it to the tee. The key is no grains and do exactly as she says. It worked for me.

    1. Keek Van Eijk

      Hey Cathy,

      Yes I have had that book for over a year and she definitely has a great way of eating but I think Everyone responds different to certain types of foods so the same for me but the no grain think works for me for sure!

      Thanks for the tip!


  5. i recently started taking slippery elm. I have had good results from taking 2-3 grams of cucurmin/day. I would be concerned about taking the slippery elm while pregnant. Did you check with your OB? Good luck.

    1. Keek Van Eijk

      Hey Cheryl,

      Yes the slippery elm and curcumin definitely has a good effect on the colon but I think when the flare is really happening its a bit to weak to actually heal so I think the combination of a enema is very good and then of course a probiotic.
      But it’s good to take for sure! I didn’t take to much because of the pregnancy and it lessens the intake of other vitamins and minerals cause it creates a layer on the intestinal wall and baby needs all those nutrients!
      Curcumin I put in everything love that spice!


  6. Wendy H

    Hey Keek-
    Congrats on being symptom free without meds for so long prior to your current flare. I personally believe any day we can go without meds is a win! I’ve been off meds for 2 years and (knock on wood) had no flares for almost 3 years. The only thing I would add to your regime is a good probiotic.
    As a nurse I would caution you- I hope you have discussed all of your supplements with your ob-gyn- especially at 37 weeks. Tumeric and fish oil can both hinder blood clotting, as well as Vitamin E, although as an enema the effects might not be systemic.
    Good luck and best wishes on your new baby~

    1. Keek Van Eijk

      Hey Wendy,

      Thanks for the tips! Yes my flare has actually stopped after taking a super multi flora probiotic!
      Baby is still completely healthy and only did the enemas for 1,5 week and I’ve been under a control regime with checkups every week to see if baby is okay and fish oil and tumeric show no effect..only a healthy little baby.

      I’m 40 weeks and 4 days so baby can arrive soon!


  7. Hi Keek
    I was diagnosed with UC in December 2006, after a lengthy build up totally missed by doctors despite my pleas for help. Just before my diagnosis I saw a homeopathist, in a last resort attempt to get some help and be listened to. I am still seeing her today, nine years later and I credit her for the state of health I reached.
    Following diagnosis I was put on asacol and prednisolone; but also had problems coming off the steroids (again I feel, due to somewhat being let down by the medical system and it trying to fit an individual into a best fit) – this resulted in a relapse ten months later, and ending up back on prednisolone and additionally azathioprine (as well as the asacol).
    Throughout all of this time I saw my homeopathist regularly, travelling some distance to get there – but also using email/phone when I couldn’t get to her. Through her unique advice, as well as homeopathic remedies to aid healing, minimise toxic damage from the chemical drugs and to cleanse and rebalance my system; she also provided nutritional advice (foods to avoid,supplements to take) and emotional counselling/coaching. I took slippery elm (which is brilliant), L-glutamine (but started only at the right point in recovery and for a short period of time), probiotics and flaxseed oil. I also looked at every aspect of my life and did a lot of work on ‘me’ – being a worrier and a ‘fixer’ by nature I took a lot of stress on from around me and that all got absorbed and pushed deep down to my solar plexus… I literally probably didn’t digest experiences, emotions properly and I lost my sense of self in worrying about everyone else around me. The irony is not lost on me that I ended up with an illness that quite literally over digested – whizzing food through me and failing to absorb any goodness from it.
    As with anything regarding self, looking at and changing life formed habits takes time – it can’t happen overnight and it is hard to see the improvements initially because they take place on such a miniscule scale. But that, I feel, is what leads to healing – in 2010 I had managed to stop all medication (much to the horror – and total lack of interest in learning how I did it, or support – from the medical IBD team), had no symptoms, better bowel movements/health than ever in my life and a much greater, broader appreciation for food. I didn’t have to restrict myself eating anything. To reach that stage, I look back now, I can recognise a sense of being healed in the truest and widest sense of the word – it was totally freeing and I wouldn’t even class myself as just being in remission.
    Unfortunately I now find myself currently in the midst of a flare – this came following a traumatic year last year involving two bereavements, redundancy from my job and then losing a much longed for baby through a miscarriage that went a bit awry resulting in hospitalisation and surgery. I was advised to take NSAIDs before, during and after my recovery from the m/c and the following weeks when I battled a subsequent infection and, what was eventually identified as, anaemia. So on top of the NSAIDs I was also on a bout of antibiotics and the medical profession tried to get iron in to me in various forms; all with horrific outcomes – not to mention the anaesthetic and pain relief in hospital. A toxic cocktail and shocking to all aspects of my core. I feel that at a point when I was utterly broken, low from a traumatic time and just wanting someone to fix me, the medical profession failed in connecting the dots and taking account of my previous history of UC or the concurrent issues going on health wise. The NSAIDs caused damage to my stomach (probably not helped by the antibiotics or iron either) and, I believe, the physical stress of dealing with this on top of the emotional stress of the cumulative events, has eventually resulted in inflammation spreading throughout my system.
    I know I can heal this and resume a life free of medication – indeed in the last few months I have seen big leaps forward and homeopathy continues to be at the core of my healing. But the emotional and mental stress of last year has taken a toll and I don’t think I knew how to even begin processing it – so, after a nasty stomach bug which has laid me low again, I have recently, reluctantly, resumed asacol to try and give myself some respite. I am proof that mind over matter is possible (as on my first diagnosis, anything other than healing just wasn’t an option) – but I also think perhaps this time has taught me that sometimes we do need that bit of help/we can’t do it all on our own and the impact on our spirit or emotional self needs to be taken into account in determining a way forward. This doesn’t come naturally to me – I feel I need to be actively doing all I can to heal, but I can also feel the impact of this illness has dulled my edges and my resolve is not quite where it should be. I’ve had a taste of the freedom from this disease, and I refuse to accept how I have ended up back here when it’s something I feel very much has been done to me. It wasn’t preceeded by years of unhealthy emotional habits or months of deteriorating health – I had never been healthier when I was admitted to hospital for the m/c, and I came out a very different person in terms of health. It’s this aspect that I am still trying to let go of – which is hard when you have those unpleasant, unpredictable daily reminders of how UC affects your life.
    I will continue with the drugs for now, as minimal as I can do – but I do acknowledge now that I do need that help. But homeopathy remains at the core of my beliefs and my treatment, it doesn’t interfere with conventional medicine but supports and soothes. More importantly it treats me as the individual I am, with the symptoms only I present – and as IBD is such a unique experience for each person, interlinked with the individual’s own life experiences, emotions and feelings – something medicine fails to acknowledge or address, so that it doesn’t make sense to me as a route to healing. I already feel extraordinary effects from the asacol – I imagine because I have managed a relatively long time away from these drugs – such as feeling spacey, nausea, burning feeling in stomach. And I know that homeopathy will support and enable me to come off them again in the future, and following that resume and maintain the level of health (on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) I enjoyed before this episode.
    I can’t endorse a natural route enough – I am fortunate my experience has been like a firework in time, compared to the lengthy journeys some people have had with this. But this route does take commitment, an openess to examine oneself, to change and with time and patience; it’s not a quick fix (which the medicines do offer – though it is only a ‘fix’ and not a cure) and it’s probably only on reflection that it’s possible to see the enormous, profound and fundamental healing changes that have taken place.
    I am heartwarmed to hear of your pregnancy and I really wish you so well in the remainder of it, the birth of your baby and your new family life. I would wholeheartedly recommend continuing to seek natural ways to manage your, and your family, health – and maybe the best way is to use both worlds to your advantage, accessing the medical world as needed/when required and supporting it with a natural lifestyle, until that supercedes the other.

    1. Keek Van Eijk

      Hey meg,

      What a moving story and I’m really sorry for your loss.
      I really understand the feelings you have been going through and all the downfall and frustration coping with this disease.
      I also have been anemic for a while after both my big flares and dealed with various forms of putting iron into my body even to the point I wasn’t menstruating for a year and my gi told me I probably would have problems having kids.
      After blood transfusions and iron transfusion my levels started to rise and life started to get better.
      I ate heaps of iron filled leafy greens and still continue with always adding that extra spinach so my body gets enough chlorophyll.

      I agree that the medical world has saved me twice and I’m greatnfull for that but I truly believe that in the long term aspect of chronic illness the natural approach heals and cures.
      And your state of mind also has a big influence on your wellbeing!

      No stress and a lot of relaxation!

      Thanks for sharing your story,

      Stay strong and good luck!


  8. Keek Van Eijk

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments they are really helpful and I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s tired of putting Che,jacks into my body.
    I’ll just give an update on how everything is working out! I have done 1,5 week of enemas (vitamin E and colloidal silver) and immediately after 2 days I saw less blood and less urgency so it definitely had some positive effect only my stool was still thin so still not perfect.
    I started researching probiotics on the Internet and which certain types of bacteria were helpfull with UC and had found three specific strains that had a positive effect so I went to my local vitamin store and got a super micro flora which has 2 of the specific strains in them and heaps of other ones. Immediately after 2 days my stool was back to normal and the blood was reduced I’ve been on them for more then a week now and everything is going like nothing is wrong with me. I also took some l-glutamine and that had a positive effect as well didn’t take too much because of pregnancy but it’s definitely worth using!

    So I think eliminating all processed foods, sugar, gluten, alcohol, coffee and doing enemas before bed and filling your gut with probiotics is something that’s working better then all the drugs!

    I’m really curious if my flare comes back especially after giving birth with all the hormones and pressure on the abdomen but For now I feel cured?!

    1. Hi there. I’m 28 weeks and have been symptom free for over a year. I take a probiotic daily. This week I started noticing mild symptoms– a bit of urgency, gas, and some mucus. Id love to know which brand or strands of probiotic brought you success and what time of day & dosage worked for you. I’m hoping you had an easy (as they can be, at least) delivery and that you and baby are happy and healthy!

      1. Keek Van Eijk

        Hey Christina ,

        Im glad to hear you made the 28 mark congrats!!!
        I think a lot has to do with hormones and the colon responds to that and the pressure of baby inside that stimulates it as well.
        I used this website to find the strains :
        And then I bought this certain probiotic:
        I’m from the Netherlands so you probably be to use the website to go to your local health store and ask for those certain strains.

        For the enemas I bought liquid vitamin e and colloidial silver and a small enema balloon. Every night before bed I did two of those for 1,5 week and felt a relieve and urgency was gone.
        Another tip just really watch what you eat right now you probably have certain types of food you respond heavily to try to avoid and eliminate!!
        Keep hydrated !!

        I gave birth on Monday to a healthy boy Ziggy Lev

        Good luck and if you have more questions I’m here!


  9. Dear Keek,
    Congratulations on the mostly healthy pregnancy! I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child. My pregnancy thus far has been normal, with just a few mild flare-ups. Baby is healthy and growing as expected. I was officially diagnosed with uc in September of 2012, even though symptoms started in May. I was 27. My flare-ups were moderate to severe until about March of 2015. Thankfully, since then I have been in remission, other than a few flares. My chiropractor has been my biggest professional health advocate. He treats me as a whole person, not compartmentalizing my body, mind, and spirit. He recommended Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2. For absorption, I chose the powder form. Prior to being inttoduced to his products, I was taking 9 Asacol tablets a day without any relief or change in symptoms. My former GI doc would not try something else. Honestly, I prefer a more holistic approach anyway. When it got to the point where I could not tolerate solid foods, the only thing sustaining me was meal replacement shakes from a certain company. I also take probiotics from that company. In May of last year, I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days. Frankly, as a person with uc, I found the cleanse rather easy. The herbal formula and probiotics initiated my healing but I believe the cleanse was the real catalyst. While on the cleanse and since then, I feel better than I have in years. Simultaneously, I finally starting regaining my strength and stamina to hike. My husband, daughter, and I went on many hikes and long walks last year. I ate really healthy and was active and fit pre-uc. Everything, diet included, was topsy turvy for a while. Thankfully, I have an appetite again. Not just for food, but for life!! This regimen was beneficial for me. Reading The Slight Edge, The Miracle of Intention and other books repeatedly also helped. We cannot ignore the pyschological and emotional aspects of living with uc. My family has been supportive in my time of need. My daughter was only 2 1/2 when this started. Taking care of her gave me purpose and a reason to get out of bed everday. I do not know where I would be without her. I faced some dark times, but the light is prevailing. I have a new GI doc, a blooming business, and a great support system. Who knows what the future holds. I am just thankful for this time and the blessings bestowed upon me. Excited to hear about the arrival of your blessing, Keek! Take care!!
    Veronica Hinkle

    1. Keek Van Eijk

      Hey Veronica,

      Wow what a story and it’s so uplifting I’m glad your family is so supportive and you found away to cleanse! Sounds like you have everything under control and great you have a blooming business happening everything is possible when staying positive.

      Thanks for the great comment and I can’t wait for my blessing to arrive!


  10. Hi there, just stumbled on your site, great work. I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant and been having a flare for about 4 weeks now and sadly it’s now gradually getting worse. (I was a smoker which actually kept my colitis at bay but I gave up immediately when I found out I was pregnant. I’ve been on a paleo type diet for a while (as I was showing signs of rhemetoid arthritis and a natrapath recommended it for auto immune illnesses. It was helping for a short while however I think I had a very mild food poisioning which kicked off my symptoms and im currently loosing a lot of blood & am concerned as I’m 40 and its my first pregnancy. I’ve just purchased some better probiotics (50 billion) but the packaging says do not take if pregnant? The higher dose capsules all seem to say that, can I ask what dosage of probiotics you took.
    Congratulations to you.
    Clare. X

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