Mucus In My Stools:

What can be more annoying than looking into the toilet when you are in the middle of ulcerative colitis symptoms and seeing something that is unfamiliar?

mucus on a stool

mucus on a stool in the toilet bowl

How often should people be examining their stools or poops if you want to call them that anyways?

It seems that for everyone with ulcerative colitis, what ends up in the toilet bowl is almost the most exciting or sometimes depressing part of the day.  How strange is that.

Fixing Mucus:

Do you me a favor… try using [highlight]magnesium citrate liquid [/highlight]form found in any Walmart Walgreens in the laxative department. Please try this!! If you drink alcohol or caffeine stay clear for at least a week while taking magnesium. And no artificial sweeteners.. magnesium citrate will not give you gas it will draw the water to your intestines to release the blockage. [highlight]- Lori[/highlight]

The first time I discovered mucus (the sometimes clear or white looking slimy stuff that you might see on the outsides of fish) was actually when I was on the toilet and coming out of my first big ulcerative colitis flare.  It was the original flare up, which actually is an understatement.  I had been dealing with (denying) symptoms to myself and everyone else for literally years and years.  But anyways, when I saw the mucus it really shocked me.  I thought to myself, geez, I am starting to finally feel better, and I am also starting to have formed bowel movements again, why is there something strange in the toilet?

Yet again, I threw myself back into denial, and just avoided thinking about what this strange slimmy mucus stuff was.  I had no idea why it was attached to almost every crap that landed in the toilet bowel, and I really was worried that something was wrong inside of me.

What is Mucus?

Mucus is simply a secretion that comes from many different parts of the body.  It is not limited to the intestines, but rather it can be found on the inner lining walls of the stomach as well as other organs of the body.  It is not something to be worried about most of the time.  The job of mucus is to protect and lubricate the areas that it attaches to.  Due to its composition, it is not absorbed by the intestines.  There are bacteria in the intestines that can actually break it down further and the mucus can sometimes become a food source for certain bacteria within the gut.  Wow, that is some pretty crazy mucus information.

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Why Is There Mucus When I Poop?

So the question still remains, why do I have mucus in the toilet bowl all around my poops?  This is where the science of what is going on with each person becomes a bit fuzzy.  A reasonable assumption is that the excessive mucus is related to the inflammation caused by the ulcerative colitis symptoms.  It is not nearly as hard to see, but everyone leaves a certain amount of mucus in the toilet, even normal people have mucus in their stools.  When the colon is inflamed with colitis, it is often producing all types of things in higher quantities to compensate for the autoimmune attacks that are happening.  It seems clear that extra mucus is just one of those things, and sometimes it starts to come out the rectum as well.  Nothing to be freaking out about.  If you are truly worried, you should feel free to talk with your doctor more about this.

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  1. i am currently one of the millions with out health insurance and i too have this mucus attached to stools it looks like flem almost and my stomach often hurts i have had a stomach ulcer i am just wondering what you think it might be a nd kinda what i sh oud do..thanks

    1. You should definitely go see a doctor, and you should highly consider requesting a colonoscopy. that is what I would do. best of luck to you, keep us posted on how things go. you might be able to get some reduced rates if you tell them up front that you can’t afford the services.

      1. When I use the bathroom it’s just constant mucus around my stools and sometimes it’s mucus by itself and when I wipe myself it’s a bit bloody I’m not sure if it’s just constipation or not

        1. Stop eating anything but food food. Whole 30 diet can explain this. Specific carb diet can help explain it all. Paleo diet is so good. Change what you eat. No processed foods. No fad gluten free junk food. Eat real food. Organic foods help clean you from artificial additives and nasty chemicals. It is nearly impossible to do. Our standard American diet is killing us. If you have the resources and information just do it. Live well or die slowly and painfully. Gluten zero food food. Don’t wait for a certain test. Just try it. Good luck it is hard to detoxify but you will feel better. Forget diagnosis and get past the addiction of processed garbage. I would say maybe 1 out of 100 can do it. Maybe you have the ability no one else has to get your body working again. It took me 18 months and I have no health issues. There are 300 symptoms that glutens in wheat barley rye and sometimes oats cause. I had many of them. Get informed have courage and take control of your health.

          1. Also get VSL#3. It is a great probiotic. It is unique. Take 2 a day for at least 3 months. It is food not a medicine. You might or might not need to get a doctor to okay it. CVS has it in a fridge in the pharmacy. Just ask for it.

        2. Try culterelle I have tried everything then I tried this for my constipation/bowel problems, hard stool, stomach problems and it’s worked amazing!!! Take it everyday and just try to eat only fruits and veggies it is the best you can do. If this does not help see a doc.

    2. I am tired of this dr saying this and that dr saying this, I have had ibs and Gerd for over 8 years now , and now I have two types of gastritis , I just had sugeries my bowels were stuck to my pelvis , well thought that would help with my stomach problems and I can go number 2 , and I learned that MRI and C scans can not see what is going on , they put a camera in my belly , that is the only way they can see , I went for about two days after surgery thinking good this is gonna work , nope , I have tried everything , nothing working , now my female dr is sending mr too a different GI , back in July I had a full hydterecomy , robot , would not advice that , kept telling dr something was wrong would not listen , went to my primary , seems my obgyn went in when I had urine tract infection , yeast infection so bad , and other infections , plus ahsesions on my colon witch he never told me , I still have yeast been on everything nothing works , so after having my third sugery when they found out about organ sticking , my new ogbyn can not help me till I get stomach cleared up , my point is if you get pain in between your ribs under your chest , and the pain in your stomach on right side that goes to your back by your kidneys and breast bone , get in, my mom told me to try just warm water and wait for about five minutes , it worked couple times , but that’s it , and it’s not a sharp sharp pain , it’s a acking pain really bad , it hurts some times darn near brings me to tears , and now it’s just muscus , I would have them check you for the stomach problems I have , I get dizzy , nausea , cold , hot , vomit but goes back down , see a GI a good one not one that told me to take acid medicine all that did was made me get more conditions , and if they say MRI your wasting your money , know fax they can not see unless they look inside , am making my look at my intestine and stomach sometimes parts of your bowels or intestine get damage and you have to get that fix or it only gets worse , in my prays

      1. hi i have alot of problems also i have this sticky yellowish mucus on my stool and i get dizzy and nausea, and cramps in my stomach. i get so nausea that i feel like im gonna die and i dont know what it is. i already had a scope down my throat and they said everything is good there but i do need to get a colonosopy. i just hope its nothing thats gonna kill me.

        1. Hiya. I have had a lot of the symptems you have got now, i had the up my bum and down the throat tests…not pleasant, but told me i didnt have the big C. More likely i had Crohns disease. I was waiting for a further appointment so they could decide what the next step should be, but i went on holiday to Australia, and now a year on…i still havnt had it come through. I agree with you, the pain is awful, coupled alongside sweats, constipation to the max…and then the awful mucus!! I would get the colonoscopy done, the one down the throat is far far worse than the one up the botty!! Aside from being a bit embarrassing, (my administrator was a rather gorgeous looking young man) but its no worse than the odd wind pain. Hope i have helped, let me know how you get on…xxxx

          1. i am suffering from diarrhoea from past 3-4 years. I did colonoscopy & it showed mucus. I am having medicine too for mucus. i am good only till i have medicine or else it all starts again. Doctors are seriously not that genius in this mucus related problems.

        2. Penny,
          You are the 1st person who has described my symptoms down to a T! When I use the bathroom, I seriously feel like I’m gonna die from the pain & end up being known like Elvis Presley was! (he died on the toilet) I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that you are going through this but just know that you made me feel a little less alone /scared, knowing that someone else is dealing with the same stuff I’m dealing with. Good luck and take care!

          1. I have terrible sharp pains when using the bathroom. I have mucous in my stool everyone I go, plus I have nausea and vomiting. I have pain under my ribs, in my chest, and my stomach. I’ve had a scope done nothing came back. I’ve been told it’s just indigestion, but my pain is far more worse then that. I’ve been to the doc so many times, I just don’t know I’
            what else to do and neither does he. I’ve had cat scans done too, scar tissue we found and removed and also my gallbladder, but I’m still having so much pain.

          2. Stop eating the toxic glutens…wheat,barley and rye…or look up the paleo way of eating. If you feel better after a month or so get a diagnosis that includes this intollerance. Nearly everyone has gluten sensitivity….there are over 300 different symptoms. Some you think is just normal….like anxious stress and fatigue….depression…brain fog…ect…

        3. When I had all of this they did a CT scan and they said its diverticulitis. Hurts worse than childbirth if you don’t watch what you eat!

          1. Penny, others,

            Have been having diarrhea along with yellow mucus? And diarrhea that wake you up at night?

            I reply from you guys will be highly appreciated!

          2. Hi penny,
            Yes I’ve had yellow mucus after diarrhoea Along with severe abdominal pain ,i have been having loose bowels for to long its ridiculous,i am watching what i eat and now just waiting on tests and the appointment for the scopes in both end.

          3. hi Debbis,

            For how long have you been having loose bm’s? Is it like watery every day? Have you had it checked out by specialist?

        4. I’ve already had a colonoscopy however the specialist stated everything was fine but the pain never went away. When I went back to my primary Dr. she explained a colonoscopy can only get through your intestines so far. Your intestines are very long and that procedure can’t possibly go through all of the intestines.

          1. Hey so you know too, a colonoscopy is not accurate at all. not only can it only go so far but unless the doctor knows exactly where to look and what he is looking for good chance everything will come back normal. A month after having one I almost died from being septic from an abscess in the sigmiod colon (close to anus) that had ruptured through to my uterus. If it wasn’t for my Gyno doc making me go back to ER I would of died. Ended up having the whole left side of colon removed in emerg. surgery. Then 3 week hospital stay.

      2. Lizbone. Um your pain under ribs…….. Ok dull, starting slightly to the right of the centre just below ribs, when it gets really bad it radiates to you back causing acute pain, hot sweats and nausea/throwing up? Have you had your gallbladder and sphincter of oddi check? I’ve spent since December 2012 with this issue and have only in the past 3w been pain free.

        1. I have had that painful pain in my right side that feels like sharp shooting lightening for 2 years and it always brings me to tears. But these past few days i have only pooped out yellowish/redish jelly mucous. I’m not in pain but I m concerd. The thyroid comment has caaught my attention big time. I’m turning 30 next month and when my mom passedaway at 31 it due to her thyroid gland stopped working. Should I go see a doctor.

      3. I had the pain, burning, ulcer, camera, in belly throwing up, diarrea, ulcer, etc. over the years found out I had h pylori, get checked.

      4. I HAVE THE SAME SYMPTOMS. I’ve been researching and looking for answers because there arnt any doctors that have fixed the real issue. I spit up food with no acid. It’s not acid reflux. And my stomach hurts all the time . Especially if I eat a regular size meal. I have chronic constipationtion no matter what I do. What helped you? What did you do to fix this and what the heck is it?

      5. Omg hun I am having these same issues and they have treated me with omeprazole. I would seriously love to talk to you about this in a more personal fashion because these doctors up here are aweful and I have no idea what’s going on but my symptoms are constantly changing

      6. My boyfriend has your symptoms and was in crazy pain. It took so long for docs to find the source which was a destroyed gallbladder. Think they did explorative surgery, where it was found. Hopefully this shortens your struggle. Be well

      7. Hello, I have some of the same issues. The pain on the right side daily…I have had the camera swallowed, endoscope,colons cope went to see obgyn said I might need hysterectomy. No one can tell me why I am having this pain

      8. Omg I just read wat ur going threw and I’m wit my mouth open cause I’m sitting here and going threw the same exact thing and I’m in so much pain it’s killing me can’t take it anymore and haven’t had a bowel movement in 4days can’t deal with this pain

      9. Hi Liz, your symptoms as I read them is compared with what I’m going through at this present. I’m just curious as to how are you doing today? I’m getting ready to change my diet but I don’t know exactly which direction I need to go.

    3. I think all of you should read Wheat Belly. It is amazing at the changes I have seen since taking wheat out of my diet. The achy stomach, the bloating, the constipation one day and diarrhea the next, the hair loss, the swelling and aches and pains. I don’t have celiac disease either, just saying. But the BEST part is – the book is under $20 and the changes in diet cost you nothing.

      1. Hi Liz!

        I have heard of the book and will be getting it. The two books that have helped me greatly are “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” and “Diet Wise”. Everyone’s condition is different and they may be “allergic” (inflamed) to different foods. I’m not sure most people really understand what an allergy is. We don’t have to go through anaphylaxis to be allergic to foods,environmental elements or even products we use daily. None of us are built the same and our illnesses strike us all differently. I was extremely ill in the hospital for over 6 months, almost passed away a few times and they had a hard time figuring things out. I eventually alternated to alternative treatments and brain function therapy which helps all organs including the gastrointestinal tract. I also had a wonderful (sarcasm) parasite that who knows how long it has been there. I’m still healing through the SCD Diet, but I find that the more people are informed on the molecular structure of what they eat and their personal levels of hormones, enzymes, white and red blood cells, etc. they can figure out what is most appropriate for them. I hope that helps as well! :)

        1. I’ve been dealing for this pain since after I had my baby it’s been 6years I’m going crazy it’s my right side going to my back nauseas cant eat haven’t had a bowel for 5days yellow mucus but no bowel only mucus omg yyyyy I’m so scared bout to go to hospital tomorrow please pray for yyyy so much pain god please help me

          1. Do you me a favor… try using magnesium citrate liquid form found in any Walmart Walgreens in the laxative department. Please try this!! If you drink alcohol or caffeine stay clear for at least a week while taking magnesium. And no artificial sweeteners.. magnesium citrate will not give you gas it will draw the water to your intestines to release the blockage.

      2. How do you know it is not Celiac Sprue? So many symptoms everyone here has looks like food sensitivities.
        If you have any family members with autoimmune issues at all getting checked is a good idea. Don’t stop at a negative result, keep looking. DNA testing can tell you many things. I suffered and experienced many different diagnosis for dozens of years. Celiac DNA is HLA DQ2 or DQ8. This will tell you if you have the genetics for considering Celiac.
        Gluten challenges are okay, but always get a blood test while eating gluten still or the antibodies won’t be there, not relevant for DNA testing however. Read the book “Jennifer’s Way”. Even if you don’t have Celiac it is a great book.
        She tells of many medical issues you would never suspect are from a simple ingredient called gluten.

    4. Look up pictures of ropeworms. Looks like mucus but is a parasite. Diamaceous Earth (food grade) 1teas to 1 Tablespoon per day (or more) gets rid of them.

    5. I have mucus and blood. I also feel like I am having “contractions ” when I go. I haven’t had solid stool for quite some time now and my stomach hurts all of the time.

      1. It is maybe a food intolerance of some kind that has damaged your intestines. Just a guess. Red blood is usually a fissure or hemorrhoid. See a gastroenterologist as soon as you can. Undigested food that hits the colon might be your diarrhea issue?? There are many causes for that. A colonoscopy will help to find a cause. My issue was/is Celiac Sprue. There are many autoimmune diseases that could possibly at play. Keep eating the same as you are and get to a specialist. Good luck. Never stop until you get your answer.

  2. I had a colonoscopy and the only thing the doctor said was you need more fiber. pffffft This was back in 1990 lol I have been in pretty bad shape ever since. While I just saw some firmness lol and I thought I was getting better, I search and find that you thought you were getting better too? Doesn’t that mean we are getting better if it is firm? I feel the entire line of my intestines. They are really sore/hurt. And even with the firmness, I saw undigested food lol Have I finally found a place that can help me? If you feel that I have what you have, I might need your help on what to say to the doctor to get them to not just give me a pamphlet that talks about beans when it doesn’t fix me. I am going to look at the site for more information when it isn’t in the middle of the night lol I hope you can help me have a more normal life. (I hope I can sleep lol I don’t think the intestines likes the firmness in there)

    1. It’s kinda strange how so many folks will tell you need more fiber right off the bat. And then, on the other hand, there’s tons of talk out there amongst the medical world that people with UC should be on a LOW fiber diet. So what’s a patient to do right?

      When I’m in the middle of a flare up (god forbid that doesn’t happen anytime soon), I do cut down on the fiberous types of foods. But when I’m feeling normal, fiber here and there doesn’t seem to play a part in messing me up.

      I wish you the best,

      1. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 27 ,which started as I was pregnant with my last child, my daughter. First gallbladder attacks from 15 weeks till delivery at 32 weeks. But not before I got chickenpox two weeks giving birth.then I started having pains in my abdomen very bad. so now I’m running to the bath room constantly then I find out I have endomertios. I thought over the years my stomach issues would get better no they terrorize me like nobody’s business just today . I had an episode pain killn me then bom to the bathroom theres this mucus mess which till now I thought was grease. I’ve had to colonscopys and upper done too. I recently spent a week hospitalize because they didn’t know if I had chrons disease. My intestate was in flamed but I still have no answers to really what’s wrong with me and all I keep getting told is test are negative. But when I’m up at 2 am crying cause it feels like an alien trying to bust out my belly then what do I do..this pain can’t be normal

      2. I’m not really sure where to jump in on all these post. Where do I begin? 20years and I can control my stomach. Dr’s I swear don’t know anything about curing. 4th grade a Dr told me I was going to end up with a bag due to my stomach issues and I had to eat more fiber. Good lord! I grew up on a farm with an enormous garden. I couldn’t have eaten any healthier. I finally took matters into my own hands at age 35. I am 45, no stomach pain and poop every day. I am not saying my stools are healthy everyday but everyone should release waste everyday. Do not believe Dr’s that say once every 3 days is normal. Certain body types can only process certain foods and all foods digest differently. Once you understand the science to all this life becomes painless… Not every individual can eat raw broccoli. Just one example…
        Grrrrr…. I’m so tired of Dr’s not understanding stomach issues. I’ve been in the ER several times in the past due to stomach issues. And I use to get yeast and bladder infections all the time.. Now I have none of the above.. No med’s!!!! Just eat what my body can digest.
        I have no business, nor do I sell products just want to help others…

          1. Get a good Gastroenterologist who specializes in autoimmune issues. Guess work can come later. Get tests while you have problems and are eating your normal foods. Then go from there with a very clean simple diet for a month and then start adding back foods slowly to see what causes your symptoms. Find the cause then treat the symptoms. Look up autoimmune diseases and inflammation information. Good luck!! Hang in there and work to get well.

    2. Nearly Raw vegan life style (eggs: b12, vit d) was my answer. Extreme? No. It’s my body, my beauty and my health. I don’t want to compromise. I have been tired all my life, ran to one beauty shop to another, have had health problems, depressions, nightmares and pain for too long. I’m sick of being confused, sick of being sick. I was a meat eater and swore I would never give it up. But I did, and I did more, every day I do more. I am on the right road. For myself that is. I hope you will find yours. Educate yourself would be my tip. Research, look for different opinions, experiment, try what works best for you, listen to what your body tells you, look for answers why your body reacts the way it does, experiment more, get to know yourself and your body, take your beauty and health into your hand and
      keep going. Peace Mayja.

      1. I been thinking about going vegan as I have been sick with stomach issues for years .Whats did you use to guide you and show you how to do this?

        1. I have been vegan for 18 years and have just started getting IBS symptoms and am under investigation for it. A vegan life style is not neccessarily the answer.

          1. Then you may want to check out a book by doctor William Davis- Its called Wheat Belly. Just a thought. Also Raw vegan recipes may help a lot. Living enzymes are SO healthy and helpful in living foods. :) Good luck to you my friend.

          2. You should check out dr.mercola’s research. Also Susan summers wrote a book called toxic belly and that book has been my saving grace. I saw your response and have felt your desperation to FEEL better. Check it out, there might be some helpful tips in there that can help you ad it’s helped me.

      2. Dear Mayja, 5 years ago I have been having also nightmares and huge headaches and pain all over my body…recurring weird and ugly dreams with people I know very well, so I felt, but I never see them anywhere.
        What do you do for the pain? And headaches? Do you have constant pain in your back or in the middle of your back? what kind of nightmares do you have?
        DO NOT TAKE ANY UNTIDEPRESANTS !!!! That shit is only poison! try to go out in the sun do breathings, walk outside.

      3. Please remember.. You need the 9 essential amino acids to digest food. If you aren’t getting those your digestive system won’t cooperate and you will gain weight. 9 essential amino acids are found in red meats. They can be obtained in vegetables but you need to know what amino acids are in which vegetables to obtain all of them for the digestive system.

    3. Hello Kathy…after the colonoscopy did you find out or rather the doctor mentioned to you what he/she saw in your colon? Do you think that specific test made you sick? I am eager to learn cause I have felt my stomach so bloated from two weeks ago until two days ago, anything I eat felt my stomach so big I could even breathe normally…
      I don’t trust doctors as they do not have any idea nor the knowledge to tell at least that they do not know but by using common sense and run some urine, blood, and pheses and wait for the results, and go from there. Now my dear wife has the same issue, I don’t know what to do and I am even more afraid to go to this pharmaceutical sellers or doctors however you like to call ém.
      If you eat meat make sure it is grass fed not genetically manipulated corn.
      I think lots of people are getting sick everyday thanks to the Chemtrails.

  3. I am pretty sure I do not have ulcerative colitis symptoms. I am worried about my liver or it being something else. Last year they found tumors on my liver and could not rule out cancer. Since I do not insurance they wouldn’t do more than MRI’s which still did not detrime anything. I have been sick again since August of this year and it now Novemeber. They have told me recenly they do not know wha else to do to treat me. I still have infections and have takin way to many medications. I have a lot of white stuff when I go to the bathroom. I do have Lupus and something else that is attacking me. Can Lupus cause this? I cannot seem to find a Dr. around here with answers. No one wants to touch someone ho does not have insurance.

    Hope to hear soon,
    Kasse Jacobs

    1. Hey Kasse,

      I know you don’t have insurance, and that for sure makes it very hard to get proper medical help. A colonosopy is the most common way for doctors to determine if someone has ulcerative colitis. As or lupus, I don’t know much about that at all. Here’s a good link that has some details about lupus that you might want to read up on:

      Most definitely the mucus when people go to the bathroom is a common symptoms of active UC, but I am not sure how many other ailments/diseases this is also common for.
      I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon.


    2. Kasse, you may want to check out a book by doctor William Davis- Its called Wheat Belly. Just a thought. Also Raw vegan recipes may help a lot. Living enzymes are SO healthy and helpful in living foods. I personally know 3 people who have cured their cancer without chemo. It involves alkalizing and healing from the inside out. But from what the pre-med student who had a tumor told me, is that the research she found indicated that animal proteins sped up cancer growth rate tremendously. I would try reading Raw Vegan inspirational stories and look on youtube for inspiration.. Fun Raw food recipe books(including deserts) you’d be surprised- hope you find wellness. (ps autoimmune disease can be cured as well- I’ve seen it but don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t, just be hopeful and watch as it improves at least! Doctors who started studying nutrition (since they get almost NONE of that in med school) are more reliable. Check out Doctor Douglas Garahm for example. Good Luck!

      1. EDIT- sorry I am not saying animal foods will cause cancer (debatable- I’m sure it depends how often/much you eat, and where you get it as well) So not to freak you out- I am not vegetarian- it is when someone has cancer already that they should definitely cease eating animal proteins. Or if they find that impossible, they should cut Waaaaay back and only buy organic everything to reduce hormones/antibiotics and incorrectly fed animal protiens.. But none is most helpful of course. :)

    3. I also have Lupus with connective tissue,I don’t take care of myself the way I should because ive gave up on the healthcare industry!I have so many things going on at once and doctors blow it off or tell me it’s my life style now with no real explanation to what’s wrong with me.I have been having a white/ bloody mucus in my stool for about 6 months now,no stomach pain but have been having acute pain in my left ovary area when it’s about time to menistrate.My breast have also began to swelling with hard lumps and are extremely painful my legs are extremely swollen every morning I don’t know how much more of this “nothing being wrong with me”I can take! I’m tired all the time,I’m often sick to my stomach also.I have always been thin but I’ve gained 30 or so pounds the last six months and that’s about when I started having blood and mucus in my stool.Life is so unfair for people who have serious conditions and can’t get or afford the medical help they need.I wish you the best of luck cause lupus really sucks!!

      1. Wanted to add my urine sometimes smells horrible, I mean like nothing I’ve ever smelled before and doctors can’t find any reason for it!I can’t void in a public place or someone’s house because I’m scared it will smell and believe me the smell is worse than any bm and will linger and can be smelled in the next room,but again I was told there’s nothing wrong it’s just another one of those unexplained things that comes along with lupus.I’ve been to many many doctors in my area trting to find help,I’m over trying and ready to be done with all the misery..

  4. This mucus in my stool just started happening a week ago or so. Just today I started having some diarrhea and some abdominal pain. I feel fine other than before I diarrhea, so is this a major concern? Are there any ways I can see if this is a major issue? Do I have to consult a doctor? Is it possible that it will go away easily without additional problems?

    1. Hey Alexis,

      Probably the best thing to do is seek out medical attention and get evaluated by a doctor. If the symptoms go away right away, that’s obviously great news, but the worst thing to do is to wait around for and get worried about the “what if’s”. That’s what I did initially, and my problems got out of control. So go seek out a gastroenterologist doctor’s advice, and they should be able to help you out. Here’s a list of all sorts of gastro doctors and you might see one close to where you live:


    2. Kasse ..I also have all your symptoms and I have lupus also. Mucus started a couple years ago. Had a colon test both ways. Everything good..but have verititculitious.. have to watch what I eat. No nuts or corn. Good luck. You really need at

      to get to a doctor. Diane

    3. Alexis,

      What is the color of your mucus? I have the same symptoms diarrhea with yellow mucus. But it didn’t happen not until my 3rd Bowel movement. Have you ever had diarrhea that comes and goes? And somtimea wake you up at middle of the night?

  5. I found out that I have a stomach ulcer two weeks ago, and my doc prescribed Nexium. Just today, I noticed mucus for the first time with my stool. Is this normal with a stomach ulcer or should I go back into the doctor’s office? Is the Nexium doing its job?

    1. Hey Brandi, I have no clue unfortunately about stomach ulcers. If the doctor’s said you had ulcerative colitis, then I would say yes, it is common to see mucus, but as for ulcers of the stomach, I’m sorry, but best to ask your doc that question.
      I wish you the best,

  6. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes currently in the hospital as I write. However I have been noticing mucus I’m my poop I’m not constipated or stomach pains . I just wanna know what’s going on

  7. I don’t know if it is mucus or what but every time i go to the toilet and do a number 2 there is this slimy stuff that’s sort of runny jelly like and smells sort of fishy, but there’s no blood or anything and my stomach doesn’t hurt or anything. Have any clues of what it could be ?

    1. Hey Ben,

      Glad to hear no blood and no pain/cramping. To me, that sounds like mucus. Maybe you should bring it up with your doctor, sounds kinda strange but snapping a picture and showing him/her might help with getting to the bottom of it too.

    2. Ben, did you ever get any type of diagnosis? I have the same fishy smelling substance. It almost seems like it is entirely different from the stool.

  8. Hey Adam,
    I have the Identical picture of stool on your website. Same greasy and mucous stools. My question is did you ever have terrible headaches while all this was going on, and did you have gastric reflux, and sinus inflammation?

    25 Male, Currently trying the Daniels fast out.

    1. HOw’s it going Joseph,

      I rarely had any headaches, other than one time several years ago when I just started taking sulfasalazine (which I stopped after about a month). It was a dosing problem though (I couldn’t tolerate the high dose and it gave me “the worst headache ever”) Anyways, once I lowered the dose on advice from my GI, headache went away and never came back.

      As for gastric reflux…yes, had that, while I was taking 5 -ASA pills. It was pretty ugly, and, again, once I stopped taking those meds, it went away. Sinus, never dealt with that due to the UC being active.


    2. I have the same issue as Joseph except I dont have headaches. Just the rest of his description. I have internal hemorroids and anal fissure. I am just wondering if I could just give my doctor a stool sample…, to determine what the problem is.

      1. Hi Karina,
        It’s for sure possible, but I can definitely say that the overwhelming majority of people who have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis have received that diagnosis after having either a colonoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy.

        1. Hi Adam,

          I have already received a colonocopy and endoscopy All within 2 years. So also now that I have HMO Healthcare I think they would be more willing to take a stool sample than to bill my insurance for the costly procedure?

          Btw? Are you doctor?

  9. Hello, well since tuesday jan.29 my stomach been hurting when i went to the before to take a number 2 i noticied something strange in the toliet with my poop

  10. I to have been noticing small amounts of slimy stuff in my stool.. My stool still smells like it usually does. I have no cramps or headaches, but my sinuses did flare up for a day then went away, it could have possibly been the pollen since it gets bad in GA. I’m not sure what it is but since no one here does either I think i’ll just ask the DOC. Get well soon guys!

  11. Hello, I been having problems for a year now, I had a colonoscopy done a year ago, and they said everything was fine..Now its getting worst.I haven’t had no bowel movment in three week. I had took three laxtive pills on a Saturday and I only got mucus. Then came back and did a enmy on that following Tuesday, and still had no bowel movement. Then ate collards green and cabbage for a 1 week…still nothing…Then went to the doctor and he gave me a tracking pill to take and to do a 3 day x-ray, it showed that my left large intestent is block or moving slow. Now he want me to do another colonoscopy.What is going on.

    1. It really sounds like you have an intestinal block. They should be able to see this from a colonoscopy but sometimes you need more testing. One thing I do know is that not going to the bathroom for days is toxic to your system

  12. Hi, I think I am at the recovering stage from a mild flare. Not for sure , though . I am taking Asacol 12 tablets a day and Imuran 1 tablet.
    My stool now looks like worm like shape . And just now noticed some mucus .
    Wondering….its an improving sign?

  13. Is it common to only pass mucus? Sometimes when I’m having a flare, it’s the only thing that passes for days. My uc is in the proctitis region.

    1. Hi Lily, you’ll probably never see this as it’s been almost a year since your post. I do not know if it is common in general, but it is common for me. Actually most of my trips to the bathroom in the past year are like this. One or two 4-6’s on the stool scale, with mucus, and then probably 3-5 mucus only sit downs a day.

      It’s actually confusing to me as to whether this should be considered diarrhea, per following the scd diet, or something different as the stool itself is not.

  14. I had the same problem for years, and I didn’t know why cause it. About 4 months ago, I started drinking home made green smoothie first thing in the morning with empty stomach, then the white stuff is gone. Now, I go to my number 2 twice a day in green color no more white stuff any more. I used Garden of Life, Perfect Food, RAW Organic Green Super Food powder mix with water, 1 apple, 1 banana, some strawberry and blueberries (all organics), then blender combine all ingredients, drink it right away. I hope this Information helps.

  15. hi i am a teen ager when i go to the bath room it is a painful experence. it weks when i actully end up gooing today i went to the bathroom after 2 weeks it was very painfull and when i looked down in the toilet and i saw thie mucus on my crap and i have been noticing this for awhile. im worried please help if you can Adam or anyone else who may be able to help

  16. I was sick for about 5 days with vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Afterwards, I noticed some blood and mucus in my stool. It’s now been a couple weeks….the blood seems gone, but I continue to have mucus in my stool. Did the illness just wreak havoc with the lining of my intestine? Or is it something else?

  17. I am desperately looking for some answers. For the past 6-8 months I have literally had the shits. My morning bowel movement is always painful, crampy and loose. Sometimes I won’t leave the house until I have gone because Iwhen I have to go I have to go. Now there is some mucus in my stool. I haven’t felt good in months but I am so tired of doctors not listening or trying to run me out the room after 5 min…..anybody?????

    1. Tom I read your comments .. Interesting about giardia that’s true some dirty bowels have it . Also people use those Brittany water containers and never clean the inside .. Ugh ( Petri dish ) bacteria thrives in those things it’s best to clean those periodically! Best to get a prescription of penicillin from your doctor and get probiotic after to replace good bacteria ! Good luck

  18. Hi john not sure if yoy have found your answer but im also having the same problems nowits getting worse. My stomache hurts so bad that it almost makes me sick and the.mucus is turning yellow and thick somone please give me answer if you know what this is. Thank you.

  19. I have had my issues for 30 years but understand what I need to do when I have a flare and don’t ignore the first signs of problems. I understand that my solution will not be your solution. My first symptoms are pain and diarrhea. Maybe it will be a mild flare or a serious one but it is mistake for me to take a chance. With a serious flare I have pain that doubles me over and walking is difficult. The book I would refer to for information on a flare would be Restoring Your Digestive Health by Jordan Rubin.

    In a mild but painful flare I take 2 oz of Bentonite clay solution first thing in the morning for a couple of days. I wait 15 minutes and then I will have three different probiotic formulations and follow that with 32 oz of water. Probiotics and water are every day of my life. I melt a tablespoon of coconut oil and take that everyday. I eat chicken broth with a little white rice or yogurt with some ripe papaya for several days as needed and that is it for food. I stay away from fiber for the first few days but will likely go from explosive diarrhea to mild constipation over those days. When I start back on real food I will take digestive enzymes with every meal. Ribbon shaped stools will last longer for me and that is a sign that my bowel is still in spasm and still painful. No gas, no cramping, fully formed stool, easy to pass stool is my goal of course. That is a lot to ask for me on a daily basis but that is my goal.

    My normal diet is very low in sugars, wheat, lactose and PUFA fats. A normal meal will have good protein, some white rice or potatoes and a variety of vegetables. I eat Salmon, pasture raised beef and liver once each week. When I am not dealing with a flare, my normal diet is the Perfect Health diet by Paul Jaminet. I can be almost normal for months at a time but I am never cured. Overeating one bad meal on a special occasion can start it off again. I cook with either Olive oil or Macadamia nut oil. My sugar is Stevia and if I want a sweet syrup it is rice syrup. For desert, warm up a little rice syrup, mix in some dark chocolate, Macadamia nuts and Stevia, YUM. The amount of coconut oil or Macadamia nuts I eat in a day is what a manage my calories with. If my weight is down I can have more. No corn syrup in anything. Macadamia nuts are the only nuts I eat. My yogurt is goat with live probiotics. Yogurt, frozen ripe bananas and Stevia mixed in a Vitamix is another good treat.

    1. I agree with Richard .. It’s the diet that brings on flare ups . I like garden of life concepts of probiotics and coconut oils ..everything but the meat . Since there is so much bacteria and toxins and chemicals in meT most ibs chrohns and ulcerative colitis patients do well on clean diets ( peppermint tea does stop spasms it really helps ) good luck

  20. in the past month i have noticed mucus shreds from my rectum. it has happened twice and tends to go away after a few days. they usually happen without having a bowel movement, and some times there are small bloody shreds mixed in. should i be worried?? or is this normal like everyone has been talking about. no pain, some times lower ab cramps, and the feeling of wanting a bowel movement and definite active bowel sounds, some gas, but just the passing of these mucus shreds.

  21. I have been having yellow mucus in my stool and it is rather terrible and smells bad. My stomach often hurts, like having cramps but I’m not, and I feel like I need to use the bathroom but only get mucus. I’m only 15…. I have been looking to see and have been finding results ranging from my stomach being upset and a cold to ulcerative colitis, cancer, and Crohns disease… I don’t even know what Crohns disease IS! I may just be over exaggerating a simple issue too late in the evening, but now I’ve already written it so it’s too late. What should I do about this problem? My mother nearly died of ulcerative colitis and my grandmother is dying of cancer in the intestines, so the entire issue is giving me a panic attack and focusing on school, or anything else really, is becoming rather difficult…. Also, the entire problem seems to only occur during the day and in the night I am fine, I have not seen ANYONE else even mention the time of day in there symptoms, so maybe I’m just being overly focused on a pointless detail? Either way I would like to know what is wrong because I am frightened to mention it to anyone… help?

    1. You Should go see a gastroenterologist doctor ASAP. No reason to be guessing what is wrong as something clearly is wrong. So go and see a GI (gastroenterologist doctor) and they will be able to determine what the matter is.

      Best of luck to you, Adam

    2. Kay … Sorry to hear what’s going on ..try a clean diet increase your water take probiotic and read up on IBS .. But remember It’s the diet that brings on flare ups . I like garden of life concepts of probiotics and coconut oils ..everything but the meat . Since there is so much bacteria and toxins and chemicals in meT most ibs chrohns and ulcerative colitis patients do well on clean diets ( peppermint tea does stop spasms it really helps ) good luck

  22. Look up SIBO
    A growing concern for the general population
    And look up hydrogen breath test

    Too much to include in one post but see a gastrointestinal doctor

  23. I had UC when I was 14 on… I would eat and be in the bathroom within minutes with diarrhea…gross, sorry…I was on that sulfa something medicine (sorry that was over 20 years ago) Smoking I know is horrible, but I started about 5 years back and the diarrhea problems went away…I was involved in a accident a few years back, long story short (broken pelvis, spinal problems…found out I had Degentive Disk Disease and they found Thyroid Cancer by chance when doing a CT…so no thyroid, but my whole family has had stomach issues…I lost my aunt and uncle at 39 yrs of age to cirrhosis of the liver) now my stomach is so messed up that I have to lay in the bath tub on a towel and push like I am giving birth…they usually are hard roundish big and have the slime everyone is talking about. My stomach cramps…they did a tube up the u know where and said I had internal hemorrhoids and that was it…they tried everything and every med they try or fiber just bloats me up more like a boat…I am going to try the gluten free thing….sorry for such a long story, MY BIG QUESTION IS THAT I AM O NEG BLOOD AND MY FAMILY, DAD MOM AND ALL BROTHERS ARE NEGATIVE TOO…I HAVE TALKED TO OTHER O NEGS AND THEY SEEM TO HAVE LUPUS, IBS, UC, ADHD, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, FIBROMYALGIA, DDD, ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS…JUST CURIOUS IF OUR POOP ISSUES MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH US MISSING CERTAIN RH ANTIGENS…AND CURIOUS IF ANYONE WANTS TO CHIME IN ON THEIR BLOOD TYPE…IF U GOOGLE RH NEGATIVE BLOOD THERE IS A LOT OF MISLEADING INFO…I AM PRETTY SURE I AM NOT A REPTILE :)

  24. Hey Adam,
    I have been having white mucus in my Stoll for a month on and off. Now here recently its been every time I go .I went to the er they did test and said my liver looked fine and everything seems OK.they said I should go to a GI doctor but I don’t have the money for that. Do you know what this might be. Thanks

    1. Hi Adrianna,

      Could be a number of things. If it was ulcerative colitis, there’s a good chance you’d also have some other symptoms like potential bleeding in the stool, and also maybe some cramping and urgency to go to the bathroom. But again, like you know, a GI doctor would be who you’d really need to see. Maybe you can contact some doctors to find out if they can provide some financial assistance to you to get checked up properly.

      Best regards to you,

  25. Ive had UC for nearly 20 years. It showed up when I quit smoking. When I smoked, it went into remission. Havent smoked for 2 years now, and its back. For all of you ‘newbies’ to UC, let me tell you some stuff that will help. First, unless the blood is running down your leg and filling up your shoe, don’t panic. Yeah with UC there can be blood, but a little blood looks like ALOT in the toilet. Ive been bleeding for a year straight, and I do 5 days of Insanity workouts/aerobics and HIIT training each week. Hasn’t killed me. It shouldn’t kill you. Second, see your doc. Get a colonoscopy. Get a diagnosis. Third, relax. UC doesn’t kill you, the complications from it can, but its not going to happen right away– get to a gastro doc and get some meds. Fourth, if you ‘really’ have UC, not Crohns and this showed up like it did for me, after quitting smoking, then either your gonna be like me and try and find meds to fix it or go back to smoking. Life is about quality of life, not about being perfect. Go for quality. Trust me. Lastly, there is going to be pain and mucus and blood and cramps and rushing to the bathroom and all kinds of challenges for you until they find a cure for this stuff. Which they don’t seem to be trying very hard if smoking makes at least 50% of people go right into remission and they cant even figure out WHY. Learn what makes you feel better. What makes you feel worse. Modify your food, your life and your day to make it work. You can live with this. Its just another thing to deal with..

  26. I have Ulcerative Colitis and had the privilege of receiving treatments and theories from inside the US and inside China. Both Treatments worked about as effective as one another, except China’s treatment had less side effects.

    While the western doctors had pills to offer, they couldn’t tell anything of theory. China’s medicine, however, took more risks in explaining things to patients. I am happy to share the theories of the white stuff in the stool.

    What is an ulcer. An ulcer is an open sore that seems to form on wet tissue in the body. I remember I had a canker sore(ulcer) in my mouth once that was so big 3 of my molars could fit in side it perfectly. It was long, deep and very painful. When I think about that ulcer and the ones in my intestine, I can only imagine that the ones in my intestine are deep like craters as well.

    If you even had a band-aid on a cut and pull it off, you would see that the sore and band-aid is covered in a slimy yellow substance. That slimy yellow stuff is a mixture of what the body uses to heal it self and dead cells it pushed out of the body. Now if we think that that is how the body heals it self, we can imagine a similar process to heal open sores inside the intestine.

    When ulcers heal and this slimy stuff is generated, it only has one place it go after that. As far as I can figure, the white mucus is just a fact of life when it comes to healing tissue. The body is going to secrete the healing agent and the dead cells need to have a place to go. The Mucus does not necessarily mean you are going to start dieing again.

  27. A few days ago, my bowel movements changed significantly. I used to poop about once a day. But now, I poop at least five times a day and the poop is rather soft. And occasionally, whitish mucus and a little blood will come out as well. I have not experienced any stomach pain except my anus is sore from pooping so much. These irregular bowel movements began right after I finished taking antibiotics.

    Should I be concerned?

  28. I have the same problem mind just started on Wednesday I’m having stomach pain when my stomach start hurting on Wednesday I been going to the bathroom I noticed a strange white and yellowes in my poop can somebody tell me what is this my stomach still hurts it comes and go but when my stomach hurts I fell like going to the bathroom nothing come out exsep for the mucus.

  29. I have been having thick white mucas after I poo and getting cramps so bad I break out in a horrible cold sweat an can do nothing but curl up in a ball, this has been going on for about a month now, tried pain killers but they just take the edge off an pain still there. I don’t trust doctors one bit an usually have to be dragged in by friends an family, is there a way I can sort this without going to the doctor? :-(

  30. I am of very young age and I have been noticing that there is a wad of slime on my poop. Should I be concerned ?It has just been recently that this has happened but nothing besides heart burn has happened.
    But I am noticing lower belly pains.
    PS female if it makes any difference.

  31. Hi, I’ve has mucus in my poop now for months there’s also blood. I’ve been taking laxatives for severe constipation and going everyday although passing stools is quite painfull as they are still hards and have mucus with blood, the thing is I haven’t lost any weight I feel fine. Do you think this is UC? How is it possible for stools to be hard if I’ve gone everyday foe the past few days? I would appreciate any feedback

  32. Dear Adam
    I have just been diagnosed with UC after having the nasty colonoscopy . The signs for visiting my doctor were blood and mucus on my stools, no pain but frequent gas with mucus.. I was also told I had an under active thyroid..
    I have read several books and researched this thing to death and decided to try and deal with this flare naturally .. I have been vegan, no wheat, no caffeine, no alcohol for the past 2 weeks.. I’m also taking a shot of pure aloe Vera every morning and taking probiotics/prebiotics. But still I have mucus with my stool and occasionally release mucus with gas but no blood, is that a good sign?
    I also have to mention that I quit smoking a year ago, I’ve read that probably triggered it off..

    1. Hi Lucy,

      Thanks for visiting your doctor and getting diagnosed and not waiting for years (like I did…). Best to get things figured out as for the diagnosis sooner rather than later.

      As for your symptoms, in my opinion its great that you’ve gone from bleeding to no blood that’s noticable in your stool. That for sure is a big first step! And yes, you are quite possibly right that the stopping your smoking may have been your trigger (or maybe the smoking was masking or treating the inflammation all along…hard to say).

      Enjoy the website, there’s lots of stories from lots of pretty darn cool UC’ers here, and super happy to have you joining in.

      1. Hey thanks Adam, great to know there’s somewhere to go where others get it…..
        Definately feeling better by going vegan and not taking meds, still no blood and less & less mucus every day..
        Keep up the good work..

  33. Ive been having white mucus looking stuff usually at the tip of my stool for the past few weeks now. Little streaks of blood here and there. But in almost every stool its white mucus and sometimes a white film over parts of the stool. I first noticed this after having oral to anal done on me and the first poop I took after the sex it was a big white blob a lil brown and a white vein looking thing attached to the white blob Since then its just been specs of white in most of my stools been going on for like 3 weeks now. I don’t feel weak, nausea or in pain at all. And my butthole is moist a lot . Any idea on what this is?

  34. I ate vitamins that were probably past the expiration date (they were hard and tasted stale) now I’m pooping mucus and I don’t feel any different. No stomach pain or anything, but I poop out in small amounts now and the more I poop, the more I poop out for the next time. Everything’s improving, so am I ok? Is this something I should still worry about?

    1. Super hard to say Dario. best to go talk with a GI doctor if you’re still concerned. maybe even a stool sample might give you some ideas if something is up. Great that you’re not feeling any pain though. If there’s any pain down there…consult a doc right away for sure.

  35. adrianna steward

    hey adam
    thank you so much for helping out with my question,,, i went to the gi doctor and i have ulcerative colitis, i had to get an colonscopy and those aren’t fun with the prep. im glad i know what was going on with me but now me and doctor are trying to find the best cheapest meds i can take for my ulcerative colitis,

  36. Hi I have my colonoscopy next week and i am haveing most of the symptoms other people are haveing except i have a very tender lower abdomen from my belly button to my left hip and the harder i press the more it hurts has anybody else had this symptom? I did have these symptoms before where my stools got very soft with lots! of clear mucus and the occasional streak of blood anyway my doc put me on antibiotics for a week and my stools went back to normal great!! but i still had tenderness in my lower abdomen even after my stools went back to normal and this was 3 months ago i am hopeing someone can shred some light on why i have this constant pain when i apply pressure ? Thanks

  37. In 2010 I had my gallbladder removed. Since then, I have had problems with my stomach. I have the worst pain and my stomach is always upset. The moment I eat, my stomach runs off. I eat healthy. hardly ever do I have formed stool. It is usually a glob of stool and mucus. What can it be>?

    1. and let me add I am in my mid 20’s, weight about 115, exercise, and eat healthy. But my stomach will not tolerate any kind of food. its always running with mucus.

  38. Hi there,
    thought I add my experience:
    It’s been over 10 years when I first saw my Dr about stomach cramps, used to get them about 1 to 2 times a year. In the past two years those cramps came on about once to two times a month. They were so bad that when it happened at work I had to go home as painkillers would not help. My Dr kept talking about IBS – I kept thinking IBS must come from somewhere too. I had a colonoscopy which showed nothing and made me feel like a moron that has a “have to see the Dr.” syndrome. I even went to the ER once because Dr office was closed and it was too late for the walk in clinic. When I went to the Dr for a follow up the next day, he turned around on his way out the door and said: “Next time take a pain killer, don’t go to the ER!
    After each bout in the last few month (last time was April) I also had a sickish feeling in my intestines that lasted a few days. I had pressure under my ribs, started to get anxiety because I felt like I could not breath deep enough anymore at times. Then I pooped stool that looked like it was encased in slime, then it started to look like the picture above. In all these years, I suffered from (some on and off) hair loss, fatigue, constant bladder infections, aches and pains in joints and different areas in my body, tiredness, could not get rid of athlete’s foot, hypothyroidism, constant sinus infections and post nasal drips, I had to urinate many times a day for just some dribbles at a time . As my symptoms worsened, I started toenail fungus, white layer on my tongue, itching in my ears, and even having to get up in the middle of the night to empty my bowel.
    So, very long story short: I ended up having candida overload! Yeast and Fungi! Yuck!
    I started eating a diet without sugar, flour, and no carbs to starve off the candida. People, look into it, there is something about it and it does not cost that much money, if you have no medical. A couple of days into this diet, one of the first things I noticed was that I went to pee only a few times a day and actually peed a puddle full each time (I almost forgot how nice that feels)…lol. Then I could feel how my head (somehow) lightened up – better moods, better energy, those little aches and pains that bothered me so much are gone. I can feel my sinuses clearing up, and on and on…guess what, my thyroids are ok again! If I would have listened to my Dr, I would be on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life.
    Needless to say, with all these infections in the past years, I was also on a lot of antibiotics which of course just encouraged the bad bacteria to grow. Also, if you live in a community that puts chlorine in their drinking water for purification, don’t forget when you drink it it also kills the good bacteria in your intestines. I am a believer of regular good probiotics now as well.
    Here is an article that described very well what I went through and got me and my friend going into the right direction: , hope this can help someone getting steered into the right direction, it sure helped me and I also hope to save some money up now to have a few of those hydrotherapies done to get who knows what out of my bowels that collected there over all these years….

  39. Oh, I still want to add, that even on the anti candida diet I ate as much as I wanted, not starving at all but a nice side effect that came from it is that I also dropped a few pounds…..

  40. i have uc for 30+ years very bad in the start, tryed all kinds of meds help a little but thats it .then asacol came along and that was great was on it for years with a few flareups then they stop selling it in the states ,started the other asacol 800 and down hill for that last 6 to 8 months back to where i was from the start cramps blood the whole nine yards.
    any one have the same problem switching

  41. I’ve been noticing some mucus in my stool this week. It’s only happened twice with 3 days apart with it is mild stomach pains that happen here and there. Other than that I feel fine with no other symptoms…. I drink plenty of water and eat healthy… and my stool looks a lot like the picture on the top of the page. Hope to get a reply thank you.

    1. Angie,

      Best thing you could do is find a gastro doctor in your local area. Mucus is for sure a common symtpom for people who have already been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but if you don’t fit that group it would be next to impossible for anybody to tell you with reasonable confidence what might be going on. Go see a GI doc would be my advice.

  42. Hi there!
    About 3 weeks ago when I went to toilet I passed just yellow mucus. Since then everytime I have had my bowels opened there’s been lots of yellow mucus there. This last week it has been more loose and at times I have needed to go urgently. I cannot see any blood and have not had any abdo pain. I have had bloods done and my ESR is raised.
    When I told my partner he reminded me that I had a similar episode of mucus in August whilst on holiday, then I had urgency to go as well.
    Whenever I worry or am nervous about something I always get loose stools straight away. Could it all be related?
    Also, Before this last episode of mucus I had been on 2 courses of antibiotics. Any ideas?

      1. I also had to send in a feaces sample ( nice! ) which I noticed had no mucus present( Sod’s law! ) but still waiting for results. Keeping everything crossed it’s ok.
        Thanks x

    1. hi Nicky,

      I’ve might have the same experienced as yours. Yellow mucus along with diarrhea. Although, not every trip has a mucus. diarrhea almost every week on and off with abdominal pain that relieves when i have a bowel movement. Have you ever had diarrhea? That wakes you up at night?


      do you have any insights of what im experiencing? I would highly appreciate a reply from you guys.

  43. I have a similar problem to Nicky. When I have my bowels open, which is more often a normal stool I have yellow mucus on it and yellow mucus on the toilet tissue when I wipe myself. What could it be? I have had this problem for about 4 weeks. Worried

  44. hi I have just one wierd question lol
    I used the restroom and sat there for about 15 mins and then left ( I did have a BM it was abit hard lol) but when I flushed and came back to use the washroom I opend the lid and found a mucus at the bottom of my toilette when I went to take something to bring it near the top of the lid there was jelly blood on it should I be concerned

  45. Dear Adam,

    How are you, I hope your symptoms are doing well!!…….I have the Same exact symptoms as (Penny ((FROM MAY 8, 2013))!..Everyday I had real bad nausea sometimes i broke out in cold sweats as well as a lot of abdominal pain on my left side STOMACH. This has been going on for almost a yr now. In January I have had an endoscopy and found out i have gastritis, no H Pylori though, accompanied by a small hernia somewhere in the chest region. I have been prescribed omeprazole once a morning for 3 months. I have been taking that like im supposed to and since the procedure,I have been fine until about 5 days ago. I have been nauseous on and off for about 5 days now along with abdominal pain, and when i have to poop i start getting “butt sweats”(meaning my anus,cheeks,and crack start sweating a tad bit) I have never been checked for ulcerative colitis but, earlier yesterday (3/9/15) after a very liquid, mushy bowel movement,(I have been having those a lot since about Friday last week) i wiped and discovered it was yellow like mustard. The poop in the toilet was a yellowy-brown color, accompanied with a thick long string of mucus on the tissue(GROSS)… That was just yesterday, where as today, the poop is a loose, and mushy olive green color(crazy weird)…Does this sound like UC?? or do you think it could all be apart of my gastritis?? Or do you think this is cause to see my GI again??

  46. Need help I’m in a constant pain about three inches bellow my belly button feels a little better when I poop but now I’m just pooping mucus it’s weird all fluffy in the toilet scared don’t know what to do

  47. hi erm i have been having white mucas in my stool for a while now an my stool seems to change in colour an i get an aching feeling afterwards aound my lower regions an back sometimes i have also noticed that i get more tired now er is it something to be concern about

  48. Be concerned enough to find the cause. Worry is never helpful but understandable. I was diagnosed at 53 with Celiac Sprue. It was years of terrible symptoms, just like what you describe. I feel amazing now. Find a cause and stop just treating the symptoms. You will be very glad that you did. This is more than likely food related. Many different things come to mind. There is no way to know without blood tests and scope exams. Good luck. Keep searching for an answer you know is the right one!!

  49. i guess I’m just scared to see the results i avoided the doctors before an it turned out i had an ruptured apendix an after that i don’t know if I’m just being paranoid an believing that I’m ill

      1. Lighthouseceliac

        Watch Dr. Osbourne’s videos on you tube. Glutenology. It explains well how grains keep you in a constant irritated way. Look up leaky gut, mucosal damage. Take a probiotic VSL #3 is my go to miracle worker.

  50. You could start by getting a home stool kit and either give it to your doctor or mail it in. It should tell you if you need to schedule a colonoscopy for further testing. Do you have a history of UC or CD at this point?

  51. See a gastroenterologist. In my case it was celiac Sprue. With a gluten zero diet this has all cleared up. Get a good diagnosis first of all.

  52. I am having problem i didnt do the toilet in a few days today i managed a small one but after when i was wiping myself it was loads of gooie on the toilet paper? Any idea?

  53. Pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen was my problem. I had surgury in the area of my ilieum. That’s were the small and large intestines meet. And now, 13 years later, that area has been tender for quite some time.
    One area that I have been interested in reading about is a Leaky Gut. Anyone else read about that? It happens when the microscopic permeability of the intestines open up too much and let bad bacteria and ‘garbage’ through to your body. Along with that idea, I have also been researching L-Glutamine, both powder and tablets. I’m pretty sure the powder would better absorb with us that have absorption issues, but I am hoping the pills work good, too. I have both but haven’t started taking it yet. I don’t know the optimum time to take. Anyone know? Before a meal, after, at bedtime? And what quantity?
    I am also ready to dish out big $$ to get a comprehensive allergy test done. There has to be a reason for these gut diseases, right? I want a reason first, before just pouring all these drugs and poisons into my body with no idea why I’m doing it other than to ease my symptoms and slow down the disease. I hate to blindly accept drugs without knowing a reason or cause.

  54. I’d like to share my story in hopes that it might help someone out there. I lived a very holistic life until I began nursing school. I know I developed two ulcers(stress balls) based on my symptoms only. I ate terrible for two straight years and during that time my stool had mucus (white) on it and in it. Omg the cramps I felt were terrible. Since then the after I graduated I went back to my holistic lifestyle after I cleanse each system of my body. It was hard at first but my (stress balls) are gone, the mucus is gone, and the cramping gone. This may not work for everyone because you have to be strict on what you put in your body and the when you cleanse. Namaste’.

  55. Hi for the last year I’ve been none stop being sick all the time I get hot flushes feel dizzy and my poo is like green snot!(not nice I know ) I’ve been to my GP numerous times and they just give me omeprozole 20mg ranitidine 300mg and antisickness cyclizine 50mg they say I have a severe case of gastritis I had a camera down my throat and there was no problems I’m just unsure why it’s just none stop does anyone else have his problem ? Any advice would be nice I’m also looking into getting a second opinion

  56. Lighthouseceliac

    Get a probiotic at the pharmacy called VSL #3 and some leader brand anti-diarrheal. Take 1 probiotic each day morning and night for 3 months. Take the immodium every time you “go”. Go to a Celiac specialist. Get tested for all autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. If they don’t help you please just stop eating gluten. A gluten zero diet like a Paleo or whole 30 way of eating and see how you feel after a month.

  57. I did my endoscopy and was detected with extensive fundal erosion of the mucosa and now after I have started to take medicine and now when it go to toilet green colored mucus comes out and I feel a itching sensation in the rectum please help

  58. i have recently had really dark stool looks a little black i had this for about two days then today i had normal colour stool but it was really difficult to pass out i was wondering if this was normal oh and there was a little aching feeling while i was doing it

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