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Dr. Neil Jackson

Dr. Neil Jackson

Digestive Diseases Centre Millennium Wing Royal Sussex County Hospital Edward Street

Brighton, East Sussex BN2
United Kingdom
Doctor’s office phone number (446) 699-5588
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The phone number is 01273669655 My doctor is very very good.

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1 thought on “Dr. Neil Jackson”

  1. I have been under Dr Jackson for the last year i have had UC for over 22yrs.Dr Jackson is honest he gets things done and he explains things better.Previous Doctors never really explained things and i used to come out of appointments confused.He has even taken me to endoscopy booking section and said I want this lady to be seen in the nxt week and surprise surprise i get the appointment that i have been waiting for since my last visit to Dr Jackson.I have been very pleased the way he says as it is he doesn’t make you feel like another number he treats you as a human being.

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