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Ulcerative Colitis eBook Reviews

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Colitis Package eBooks
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 123 reviews
 by Charlotte Braun
UC gone

I read Adam’s book and I DO NOT have UC anymore. I was in the hospital and nearly died but after reading Adam’s book, I am totally free!!!!

 by Diane Frediani

After horrendous experiences with UC, hospital all the rest, we learned diet CAN put UC in remission.

But not until we found Adam's I Have UC Website and his 2 ebooks did it really start getting under control.
After 2 days on the diet listed in the Cookbook, the bleeding STOPPED. After 3 days, a formed poop occurred.....which had not happened in a very long time.
The efficacy of this is factually astounding, and we will continue this as laid out in the book.
Only a very caring person - a humanitarian in fact, would go as far as Adam Scheuer has in helping people, people and in turn their families, with this torturous disease.
Thank you Adam. We are more than happy to support you and your efforts in any possible way.

 by Roveena Chand
Colitis Package eBooks

I couldn’t stop reading Adam’s book! Having never heard of ulcerative colitis until I was diagnosed a few months ago, I was desperate for more information. I was so pleased to have found Adam’s website and books! It’s been a valuable resource in so many ways. I haven’t actually met any other individual with UC so felt very overwhelmed and isolated, reading this book brought me comfort. Thanks again Adam for all that you do for the UC community.

 by Jennifer
Feeling Crappy to Happy

I am a Mom of a teeneager diagnosed wit UC and when I was searching for common ground,comfort and the real story this was it! I haven't finished the book but I have already taken away suggestions for my son's care and utilized them. So that was worth already the cost of the book and recipes. Thank you Adam and I will review again, I am sure positive, when I have time to finish reading and applying!

 by Mary Maass
Very informative

I found Adam’s book to be very information on about having UC. I am a mom of a UCer but I also have digestive issues. It can be overwhelming at times and Adams book brought me hope. I highly recommend it as a book to help you find your way through it.

 by Lily Totovian
Sharing is Caring

Thank you for sharing your story and journey to remission Adam. I am integrating some of your ideas and asking more questions of my health care practitioners to get on my own path to remission faster. Also, the immediate changes I made in my diet has been encouraging to alleviate some symptoms.

Thank you again. I look forward to the next iteration of your cook book.

 by Carly
Must read

What an amazing resource. It definitely opened my eyes to the world of UC. I love how realistic Adam was about all the different treatments, and the details of the struggles to get to remission. While it definitely wasn’t what I wanted to hear (I think we can all agree it would be nice if we could just wake up and feel better), it was definitely comforting to know I’m not the only one struggling hardcore to get to remission so that I can hopefully control my pancolitis with lifestyle and not medications eventually. The book had me laughing at times and in tears from being able to relate to the struggles. Thank you so much for writing this book. It’s been such a valuable resource in so many ways, including helping me learn ways to share information so my family and friends can have a better understanding of what it’s like. So again, thank you for this Adam. It is a must read for anyone struggling to gather as much information as possible.

 by Prinolan Govender
My Biography

I honestly felt like you wrote my biography. I've lived my life the same way you did, eating, drinking and partying without having to worry. I did have signs along the way as well but didn't take to much notice to it until the blood showed up. I was diagnosed in October 2016 and at the time my GI told me it had nothing to do with my diet, so I lived my life the same way I always did. I've been trying many different meds without little or no results. After my 29th birthday in June 2017 I started feeling more sick and the weight loss had started, I've always been a skinny guy and ever since I lost quiet a bit of weight which has been something that just makes me feel more uncomfortable. I consulted a Homeopath in October 2017 and she started me on the Paleo diet, while researching that I came across your site and the SCD diet which I started in December 2017. I didn't do any of the diets a 100%, but I did start seeing results. I went a bit off the rails during the festive season while traveling but I'm easing into the SCD diet again and plan on going 100% this weekend. UC has caused a lot of stress for me but I've come to accept it and look at it in a positive way. My goal is to eat healthy, put some weight back on and start living a normal life again. I haven't let UC stop me from living my life although it has limited me, but thats all going to change! Thank you for sharing your story and being an inspiration to all of us.

 by Kathryn-Jane
Feeling lucky

I found this to be a very funny, informative book. It made me realize how lucky I am, as well. I haven't suffered anything like the severity of symptoms Adam has experienced, for which I am grateful - but that's not to say I haven't known the usual UC misery at times! As a wordsmith and grammarian, though, I wish the book had been given a more thorough edit. Maybe in the next edition.

 by Lynn
Feeling crappy to happy

The book was so honest and forthcoming about UC symptoms. It was almost like reading my own story since this journey began for me 2 years ago (no remission yet). I was starting to feel pretty hopeless about this whole situation but Adam’s book gave me hope that I (we) can take control of UC. I have been following the SCD and eating what Adam ate while in a flare. I can tell a difference! Still sticking with my docs medical plan for now. But, I am hopeful that healing is coming and that diet is the key. Thank you Adam for continuing th share your journey!

 by Jennifer
Thank you!

Thank you so much for writing your e-book. I'm glad I came across it. I learned a lot. I realized that I don't like my GI doctor and need to find another one. She hasn't helped me at all. As soon as I was diagnosed with a mild case of UC back in 2009 I knew that I had to visit my Naturopath. I was not interested in taking any medication. I was prescribed salofalk enemas and I tried a few but when you keep having to run to the bathroom it didn't make any sense to me. I was prescribed the pills as well. I sat down with my Naturopath and we went through the side affects. My symptoms were less than the side affects so I decided not to take it. It has been quite a journey and unlike Adam I knew it had a lot to do with food. I'm sorry you had to suffer so much Adam. I gave up pop and any carbonated drinks, deep fried foods and aspartame/splenda. This seemed to help. I now think I need to take things to the next level. I just came across FODMAP and what Adam suggests. I'm also looking into Keto or Paleo. My stress levels are less currently due to a less stressful job and I realized that has helped. I take supplements like probiotics, digestive enzymes, fish oil, etc. Thank you so much for sharing your story Adam. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in this.

 by Bonnie
Bravo! We can all do it like Adam.

Thank you for what you have done for the UC community!  No words can express my hope when I read your website.

The books are purchased for my 21-year-old son who has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 3 weeks ago.  His case is mild to moderate and inflammation occurs on the whole colon.  The GI doctor in Toronto here did not give us any hope of finding a cure.

Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy is written in an intimate way to allow the readers to walk the brave journey with Adam.

After ready your book, it boosted our confidence of finding a cure through alternative means.

I have read through the recipes and circled the ones that are ok during active flare.  There are not many of them.  I am preparing meals based on the suggested recipes.  I requested Adam to provide additional recipes if possible. He got back to me with a new website which has more recipes. It also has videos of the latest research studies on UC.

Adam, thank you again for taking the time and effort to share your personal experience of conquering UC!

 by Danyelle
Soooo thankful!

I read the book within a couple days and am so very thankful that I came across it! Adam's story helped me feel that I wasn't alone in this and being able to relate was comforting. I'd always been a healthy child growing up and so having this occur right at the beginning of this year has been a battle. Luckily for myself, it wasn't as bad as Adam's recovery. This book led me to the SCD and book "Breaking the Viscous Cycle" and diving into the reading and research I want and need to know. Along the way I also came across the book "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back". I plan on taking what I've learned and applying some diet/lifestyle changes to then become medication free!

 by Deidre Dixon
Not alone

I was only recently diagnosed with UC and had so many questions (and was so scared). This boy I was a godsend. Adam's sense of humor, directness about symptoms, suggestions, personal success with SCD and recipes gave me just what I needed to get my hope back. Highly recommended.

 by Lee
Great guidance

Great books that lead me to the book breaking the vicious cycle that lead me to the best nutritionist. Been in hospital for 9 days now but with meds and the correct guy nutrition plan I am getting better and plan on staying better

 by Tita Rabang
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Jan 8, 2017

I bought the two books. I read them both in one day. The Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy experiences are inspiring and entertaining! I can relate to your experiences when I was travelling overseas on my job. It is informative of all the medications Adam have been through and that UC can be controlled by diet. I am trying to follow the SCD diet now. Thank you for writing the book about only UCs know about. Your book made me feel I am not alone with this problem. Right now, I am struggling in increasing my weight with what I can legally eat under SCD,

 by Dorrine
Feeling Crappy To Feeling Happy

I bought the 2 books to be more informed about my husbands severe UC. Reading Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy is spot on and like reading about every symptom he's had/has. It is very informative to both of us. It's a great read and full of great information! Thanks Adam.

 by KC
Feeling crappy to feeling happy

Didn't realize this was a biography of Adam's life with UC..he gave accounting of his life starting with childhood and how things let up to full-blown ulcerated colitis. Was greatly disappointed that when he got to the section about the diet all he does is mention the book. Doesn't explain or go into detail about the actual process of changing his diet and how he did it. He went into such detail about his life he neglected this very important step. As a note check his recipes which he gives more information about the book used and the author and the recipes used...and other information about websites that could be helpful. Found that the reviews from other people was very very helpful..glad I took the time to read them.

 by Charlotte
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I enjoyed reading about Adam's experiences with UC and his medications and side effects. The scientific studies and UC related research at the end was very useful. I'm still searching Google!

 by Angela
Feeling Crappy to Happy

Read Adam's two books in a couple of days. Feeling Crappy to Happy was very good and I like you Adam would eventually like to be medication free. As for the diet book, some of the tips were helpful but a lot of things I can't really eat what you can and definitely cannot have tomatoes. Will be looking at the SCD and giving that a go. Thanks again.

 by Gary

Adam wrote an honest account of life with UC without avoiding the messy aspects many of us avoid talking about or are in denial about. I read the book in 2 days, a good read if you are interested in the topic and I got a lot out of what I read, with my still understanding that as similar as my journey with UC may be, it is still a unique journey for me with issues Adam never had. But then again he had issues I have never had. Overall it is an excellent read. I am going to concentrate more on a stricter diet which I was leaning towards as requested by several of my doctors and friends with UC which Adam confirms has worked wonders for him. I hope it works well for me, but some of my health issues are not diet related anymore.

 by marysa

I'm very grateful to Adam for sharing his story with the world and giving us all hope! Adam has a fantastic enthusiasm for living and has found a way to keep UC from stealing that away!

His story is an inspiration to those who have UC and their loved ones!

I personally have never met another person with UC and found it comforting to hear how similar our symptoms are.

Doctors did not take my symptoms seriously at first and told me I was just "nervous." I'm a very mellow person actually! They tried to put me on meds to calm me down! Lol Not one MD told me to see a gastroenterologist. Fortunately it didn't take me long to figure out. I was also fortunate to stop all gluten which helped a lot. Now that I'm using the SCD I'm amazed at the improvements I'm seeing!

Thank you Adam for changing our lives for the better! Many blessings!

 by Jill

Was very informative, especially the link to the books to control symptoms with diet. I would have liked a list of foods that you can and can't eat if you are following SCD strictly. It would be a quicker reference and I could think of what I could cook with the list handy

 by Max
Really helpful

Book was great and the the recipe book has been a life saver

 by Kathy
Thank you!!

I found your help Adam after the sudden loss of my long time doctor and friend. Despite how good everyone thinks Healthcare is in Canada we can wait months to years to see a new doc. Your book came at a crucial time for me as I was feeling lost on what to do next as I really had no one to turn to. I was armed with the meds I had previously been prescribed as well as your book! I have to say after a full month of flare, I am starting to manage with diet, acupuncture, and am off the entocort. Thank you for being the light by reaching out through your book. I found it insightful, and highly entertaining with your stories. I wish you continued health and happiness! We are all in this together, the most important lesson in have learned foom your book! Namaste!

 by Trish Varga

Always great to read others stories. I passed this to my daughter who is now 22. Diagnosed at 19. I hope there is more progress during her lifetime.

 by Jessica
Thanks for Sharing

The book was great! I read it within 3 days. I read the book to learn about someone's full experience to gain insight on the journey, the symptoms, medication side effects and the overall affect UC has on the body. I myself do not have UC but my significant other does and it gave me hope that it's possible for him to get into remission. I have not tried the recipes yet but actually plan to this weekend. They look like something I can get him to eat vs. forcing him to eat healthy. Thank you so much for writing this book. As you can see, it's helped thousands, maybe even more with either their personal journey with UC or with their loved ones who support them.

 by Patrick

While I was reading this book, I felt like we were just sitting at the table talking. With this disease, there are times you feel like you are the only one with it. I was diagnosed at the age of 67. I have been on a lot of the medications you mentioned in your book. I am still on six pills a day of the asacol 800HD and also the mercaptopur at 1.5 a day. As with the flares the only thing that helps is the prednisone. I am also taking a probiotic. The tired feeling with these drugs is the hardest. I have not incorporated the cook book in yet. Thank you again!

 by Judy

I read the book,it was like looking in th mirror. Sorry to say can't eat any or most of the food you are eating. ( salads, anything green) it's been more then a year this time. Wishing and waiting to be in your way of eating, but other wise it's a story that reminds me and I am sure others of what their life is like. Thanks

 by Susan
Feeling Crappy to Happy

I bought this book for my husband who had been diagnosed with UC about a year and a half ago. He was given Mezavant and it was doing well to keep him in remission until November of '15. He had a flare up and his knee and ankle joints were so bad he was not able to leave the bed. The doctor gave him a strong dose of prednisone a week and a half ago over an eight week period with a slow taper off each week. We have introduced many aspects of the SCD diet and are experimenting with what works and what doesn't. Were not sure yet if the prednisone is what is helping out or a combo of both, but at least I have the knowledge for meal prepping when the meds are done. Very inspiring book and it was like looking through a mirror for my husband with the early symptoms and struggles prior to diagnosis. Love the cook book as well. Thank you.

 by Lana
Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing. Your information regarding diet, infection and medications was great. After a really yucky weekend, I am more convinced than ever that I have to do something about diet. This just isn't optional anymore and you helped me come to this conclusion. Thank you again!

 by Debbie
Thanks for sharing

You have been through quite a journey! My daughter was diagnosed in May of this year with moderate UC. I did not even know what that was. She is 20 years old, the specialist we are seeing is awful, I have been looking desperately for answers since he already wants to put her up to the next drug level without explaining anything to her at all. It has been horrifying for me as a mother. I ordered your book in hope of answers. To be honest I was extremely depressed after reading your book and the experiences on your site, I had not idea it could be that bad. I bought the book your recommended "Breaking the Vicious Cylce" I feel very overwhelmed right now and she is tired of me talking about it but I am scared to death. Thank you for sharing and giving me some positive direction to follow. I am glad you are doing so well.

 by Anne MacKenzie
Feeling crappy

I loved it. The fact that you got better thru using the diet. It makes sense

I m so sick of meds that I will take any suggestion

 by Andrew
Changed my life

I was diagnosed with UC 7 years ago. I never paid any attention to diet while increasingly stepped up meds have been ineffective and my UC has been getting worse. I discovered Adam's website and books and through them the SCD during a flare about 1 month ago. I started the SCD and prednisone during the flare. Since then, I have shown unbelievable improvement while tapering down the prednisone. UC symptoms are under control, chronic fatigue is gone, chronic tired/stress headaches have improved, and overall stress level down. Adam's story is a huge inspiration and I wish that anyone with UC is lucky enough to find the website to help better understand and manage their UC.

 by Stephanie

So glad I found your website and your book. It has really given me hope. I have started looking for other alternatives for my UC. Also knowing Im not alone makes things a bit easier to deal with. Thank you for taking the time to do all you do for everyone out there that has UC!!

 by Amy Purcell
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I found your book honest, refreshing, and it made me realize how I am not alone. I found your book funny at times and so hopeful. It makes me drawn to you and to want to get things under control. I also have found that you do not try to promote all the right answers and that is huge! From reading your book - I now believe that any form of therapy that works is the right answer - meds, surgery, diet, exercise, whatever... You are open-minded and just want everybody else to be able to communicate together to figure the "crappy parts" out. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your story and helping everybody know they aren't alone!

 by Prelene

After reading your book, I felt normal again like a real person. Thank you so much for sharing your story, you have inspired me to find other solutions to the UC rather than meds. I went through a flare up now which has taken me a month to get over, so your book really gave my inspiration and drive to find better ways to deal with uc than just meds.

Thank you again for your contribution to the UC community.

 by Gini
It takes one to know one

Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy is a candid, direct account of Adam's trajectory through UC challenge to, well, let's say triumph for now. He is the first to admit that this is a lifelong condition. Remission is not only possible but realistic. So are flares. He has great hints about reducing the chance of the latter. And he tells it like it is, so if you are offended by the various terms for poo (crap, shit, etc.) you have been warned. However, it might be a good idea to get used to it because it is almost impossible not to focus on poo with this disease. How many euphemisms can we invent? The book is funny, human and definitely one person’s inspiring journey which Adam is also quick to point out. What works for him might not work for you--he is sharing to help you/me find our own ways. (What no SCD yogurt?!-lucky you unless of course you like slaving over a yogurt brew every week or so). For me an acquired habit and taste.

So more about that sharing--feeling isolated, embarrassed, like a freak? Well he encourages us to meet a whole bunch of us. Not superheroes, definitely not freaks, although there are some aspects to quiet heroism going on here. Normal heroes who do regular things and amazing things while coping with our ambiguous situations. It is definitely possible to be happy. He encourages everyone to "tell their story" and get to know others. No you don't have to be cheerful if you are in a bad flare, nor do you have to be perky if that's not your style. Just make your story yours with a positive outcome. And come out of the closet already! At least to this safe group.

The last note is on his recipe book. I have a bunch of fancy Carbohydrate Specific Diet recipe books. They are great cause sometimes I love to cook. And I love beautiful food pictures. Most times I do not (like to cook). What Adam did differently with his recipes is become a great everyday SCD cook--focussing on things that he likes, are easy to make and fall within the SCD guidelines.

The books combined with the website/blog/newletter and resources are worth more than $35 (to me). You don't have to buy anything to join the mailing list or read tons of info on the website. The special thing about the books is that you get to know Adam and what works for him and how he got there. And maybe how you can too.

 by Steve

Good reading Adam,I'm glad i found your web site,you & the others that write in seem to have helped me more than the doctors have, i have mild to moderate ac, was first diagnoised in 2011 with mild ac, i could eat almost anything without a problem drank coffee every day, Last Sept. hurt my back real bad & was taking ibprophen for pain. in december. had a bad flair been in it sence than, thay have me taking liaida been on this for 2 years before that asacol, for the last couple of mouth's also mesalamine enema's, bleeding seem's to have stoped,trying to follow your cook book & trying tips from those on your web site seem to help me more than doctors do. Tks for your web site Adam


 by Katherine L Larrabee
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Your book and your website have been an excellent resource for the frequent, personal, and detailed information shared. In addition, your willingness to share yourself visually AND in writing encourages others, I think, to participate, learn, and share as well. Thank you from a mom who appreciates your determination, sensitivity, and good humor.

 by Mitchell Keyser

Purchased your books and read them through several times. Couldn't belive how dead on you were with what you went through and me, and all the other people with uc. It is almost like i wrote the book myself because of all the same things i went through that you did. Keep up the good word because there are alot of people out there that need the support of everyone that is dealing with this condition. Also you are right about letting your spouse and close family members in on what is going on with your uc. They will be there for you more then you know. Keep up the good fight! Best wishes, Mitch

Thank you so much Mitchell for your kind words, and I wish the very best for both you and your family and especially your UC moving forward, Adam Scheuer

 by Andrea

Hi Adam,

Thank you for sharing your story, my son was diagnosed with UC last year at age of 15, after having tummy and toilet issues for a good 6-9 months prior and then losing 20-30 kgs. Many trips to and from the GP, referred to a specialist and problem found from there. It has been a long road over the past year, what I found interesting is that his journey seems very much like yours. And thinking back about the childhood eating issues and 'fussiness' was obviously a very early sign. I have taken from your book to keep positive and although my son hasn't read it (yet), he is happy to listen to me relay some of your stories. What we have taken most is to keep positive, and when you are feeling good do everything you want to, cause the bad can happen overnight. Sadly we are now trying the immune suppressant medication as others were not working, but always try to supplement that with healthy eating. We are not ready to give up all medication as he did nearly lose his bowel due to the severity and 80% of it affected. It was refreshing although a bit sad to read your story, that you do get through it and can lead a very normal life once you get it under control. Your book has been an inspiration, hopefully we are on a good road now, Dr says we can look to reduce medication once had remission for at least 2 years - working towards that by having the meds and supplementing with good diet. And the banana smoothies are my son's favourite - was good to read you go through so many bananas. Thanks for sharing

Dear Andrea, I wish your son the very best in the coming months and years. The first year is almost always the hardest for people living with ulcerative colitis, but things can and most certainly will improve. I'm glad he likes banana smoothies...those are super tasty and as you know one of my favorites too. I hope your son gets a chance to read the ebooks soon, and please stay in touch, Adam

 by Amber
Thanks for Sharing

Hi Adam, thanks for sharing your story. My boyfriend has UC and it was really helpful to read someone else's experience with it in depth. It has given me a better understanding of what you all go through physically and emotionally. I appreciate you sharing the little details, what worked and didn't work. And on top of it all it was an entertaining and well told story - a very quick read.

Dear Amber,Thank you for reading the ebooks, especially to be so motivated as a girlfriend to the point where you took the initiative to learn the inner details of what life is like with UC (Way to go!). I am pumped that you felt the story was entertaining as well, that brings a smile to my face:) I hope you enjoy the recipes in the cookbook, and please stay in touch whenever you like. -Adam


I really enjoyed the book!It was just nice hearing that your not the only one that has gone through all the things UC can put you through.Adam makes me laugh.His sense of humor is great,and some of the funny comments are like inside jokes that only if you have suffered with UC you really get.He cracks me up with just his funny little one line comments in the recipe book.Just nice to know there are others in world that get the things you have been though!It is something I will go back and reread alot.

Hi Jimmie,If the ebooks got you laughing, well that is super! Let me know how things go for you in the future and I rooting for many many years of remission for you so you can get back to doing what you would most like to be doing. Take care and thank you again for your feedback, Adam

 by Vin

I loved your personal story. I felt I was not alone unfortunately my Dr. let my condition go so bad I was malnourished and dehydrated and my bowel perforated, so I had to have emergency surgery.

Dear Vin,I am super sorry to hear that your condition was left untreated for so long, that is difficult situation to go through. Like everyone else, please stay in touch, and please continue to make use of the resources the site has to offer (even for people who have undergone surgery like yourself:) -Adam

 by Linda bessette

Loved the story. It encouraged me tremendously. It reminded me I'm not alone fighting this battle. I have encouraged my family to read Adam's story to better understand what I go through.

Excellent, I am super happy about that, and Linda, if any of your family members have any questions for me, please share my email address with them. Sometimes family members are scared to ask the actual person who has UC, pretty normal actually behavior actually, and I'm happy to be someone for them as well if you/they like. Have a great year and thank you for your comments, Adam

 by Carol
i HaveUC

It was a great story.... I love the way it was well written. It was helpful to understand what is it all about. I really enjoyed them very much. Thanks Adam!

Thanks Carol,And I'm glad you enjoyed the ebooks. Definitely email me anytime if you have any questions along the way. I wish you the best,Adam

 by Coleen Dolan
Our Go to Book!

Adam!! Thank you so very much for this timeline of your life and the impact that UC has had on it....David my other half was diagnosed about 2 months ago and I am his "Michaela" :) I read the entire book in one sitting and he has been following the diet and keeping record of everything that happens following a meal. We are excited for the future for him to begin a normal life again (symptoms for a denial for 10 months...) your story has given us both hope and now it is our go to book when we need some encouragement or help understanding what is going on. Thank you again for this...its has eased our minds on the disease and given us hope!

Hey Coleen,That is great to hear that David is getting things started with the diet changes. And definitely a great idea to keep a journal of all that along the way. That will help you figure the process out for sure. Keep me posted on how things go with his progress and wishing you the best in Forked River!Adam

 by Marge Lange
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I've had UC for forty two years! It started off in a small way and gradually over the years it has spread and worsened. This year I've been in various stages of flare up since January, it's now October. I was researching, something I do on a regular basis, for some new self-help/research answers when I came across Adam's website. Intrigued, I read on and watched his video then instantly purchased his book. Wow, it's great. I laughed out loud at some of the graphic, though absolutely true, descriptions of what we actually experience during a flare up. Consultant Doctors over here believe in medication not diet for UC. I was interested to read how sugar's a no-no, years ago I told my then specialist that when I was in one of my chocoholic phases within a few days later I started passing blood pr and a flare up ensued. His answer was, you must have IBS as well as UC. I thought GREAT, as if I didn't have enough problems! Now I know, from the info in Adam's book, that diet plays a huge role in controlling UC. I've never had a medic suggest diet for UC although it is widely recognised as being advantageous if you have Crohn's Disease.

Thanks Adam for the link to 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle'. I bought the book, read it from cover to cover and will now be embarking on the SCD proper, so to speak. I have noticed an improvement when not drinking milk, that was a by chance discovery, when I'd not had any for a few days.

I desperately want to be able to get off drugs and control my UC with diet, Adam showed how that can work. Obviously UC will never be cured just kept under our control by diet. I'll let you know how I get on and the results.

When I'm successful in controlling my UC with the diet and off meds I will post my success and give references to Adam's book to NACC - that's the National Association of Crohn's and Colitis in UK. You know how it is, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

Speaking of puddings, Adam's recipe book is good and I'll be trying his recipes. A couple of them are versions of what I've devised for myself - great minds or what?!

P.S. I can't get my head around the fact that even nurses and doctors often haven't got the remotest clue about how we actually feel and just how bad it can be. When I make an effort, as always, putting on makeup and dressing well to meet friends who ask how are you, when my reply's rough, their answer's you look well. I reply, it's a good thing I look good on the outside as the inside's crap!

One suggestion Adam, perhaps you could write a book that would educate nurses, medics and the general public. We fellow sufferers lap up the info but what about the healthy?

Thanks very much Adam for your books. Long may you stay healthy now you've cracked it.

 by Andrea

Thank you, Adam, for writing down your story. It connects us all on the globe and since I found this website and read your books I don't feel lonely with my UC anymore.

There are so many things you described in your book I could strongly identify with, like experiencing early symptoms and being blind about them or feeling demoralised about bleeding into the toilet all the time. So many things I recognized, which made me feel so relieved on so many levels. It made me realize I wasn't a nut, that I'm neither stupid nor crazy or a wimp either. We're all just struggling with a really crappy dicease, and thanks to you we're doing it now with a laugh on our faces and a good portion of gallows humour.

 by Kathy Harrower

I have found both books fantastic. Couldn't put Feeling Crappy down as it was describing my symptoms to a T, thank you. I have been feeling much better recently. Not sure if it because I am now on 25mg Mercaptopurine alternate days, the fact I am trying to follow SCD as best I can or a combination of both. Can only thank you again, Kathy x

 by Pam
Feeling crappy to feeling happy and cookbook

Both books are so worth it. Your story was so much like mine.

I thought I couldn't start the scd diet, read your cookbook, and

Wrote down many receipts . I am so happy with both books.


 by Kelly Delinger
Love your humor!

Adam, your sense of humor about UC and what so many of us go through is what drew me to your videos at first, and then to your e-books! The sauteed veggie combo you eat and used to kill a flare got me to try zucchini again. I didn't think I liked it! Thanks for all you do.

 by Aine

Hi adam. Ive been a uc for the past 12 years. Although it makes sense that its about diet I could not get either my consultant or doctor to agree. Meds meds and more meds. What a revelation your book is . I cant believe there may actually be a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your honesty , humour and hope.

 by Karen
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy and Cookbook

Loved every thing about both of your books; enjoyed hearing about your journey and all you made it all work out. Also, it is nice to hear something positive that someone has made out of a negative. Loved your cookbook and have tried several recipes already. Thank you Adam for all that you do!!!!

 by Photini
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Adam, thank you so much for writing this book. You not only helped me and so many others at times of desperation but you made it seem like we are talking to an old friend. By sharing your story, you made me feel like I am not alone. Also, you encouraged me to follow my own intuition regarding diet and to trust myself that it can work when doctors say it has nothing to do with the disease.

 by Shelley
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Thanks so much Adam for sharing your story. When I read the book it made me feel like I'm not alone suffering with UC and also gave huge hope that maybe the diet will work for me too in time. I'd never had any bowel problems until I was pregnant with my first child, then disappeared after baby was born and returned when pregnant again and the same happened with my 3rd child, very strange but after my third child all symptoms disappeared for 2 years and BAM! have returned again out of the blue 2 months ago! After reading your book I started the SCD diet 2 weeks ago, my symptoms are still not good but my BM's are only once/twice a day as compared to previously 7/8 times a day so i'm feeling positive that it's helping me already!! Thanks so much, your a great role model to show how the diet can turn things around as you seem so fit and healthy and down to earth with a good sense of humour too to try to make this awful disease a little lighter and also prove that there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

 by Matt
Refreshing read

After being diagnosed with UC back in 2006, I was left with a feeling of dread. My doctors were quick to push the pills but, never mention anything about diet. As a matter of fact, I really wasn't given much information about my condition. About two or three months ago I came across this website called and became enthralled with it stories of success! After reading the book, I wish I would have known what questions to ask. I went ahead and purchased my copies of both books and started to read them. Here is my take on it:

What can I say, it is really a refreshing read! Adam's writing style is different to say the least! But, what I truly enjoyed about it is that it is truthful and honest! Reading it was like talking to a compassionate friend with the same issue as me. Like many of the other readers, this book and site has given me hope and a positive attitude towards the challenges that are ahead of me. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for??

Thank you,


 by Kelly
Feeling crappy to Happy

Most important book I have ever read, and I am an avid reader. Finished it on the throne, read it in one shitting. I have had UC since 1994, I was transporting patients by wheelchair to various parts of the hospital. So I was in the right place, I was 19 and dreamt of becoming a nurse. My first flare I continued to work until I had to be admitted and was told I had UC by a doctor who showed the compassion of a sociopath.

I stayed in denial for years.LSS I LOVED YOUR BOOK! It took away the shame and guilt I had placed on my heavy heartlike those 8 boxes of Rowasa enemas the pharmacist shoved through the window,( he made them fit) I was so embarrassed.

Thank you

 by Kelly Tanner
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I was looking up whether smoking helps stop flares when I found your site. I couldn't believe there were people like me out in society. It made me have hope. My Grandmother,Frances Tanner also had UC, so she was my life coach in many areas. Grandma would have loved killing whales in the toilet.I laughed my colon out, I wish but seriously I needed to make jokes because it is a huge part of my life,and I had to make it through all the shit to survive.

I love your book and your testimonies. The book was the only thing coming out of pie hole for a week. Thank you for the service you provided me during the book.

 by Joanna
What a Relief

SUCH a relief to read a book from someone who's been through UC - I could cry with relief! Funny, honest, completely real and with so many tips that have helped me!

Great book. Great tips, Great cookbook, GREAT WEBSITE!

 by JAY

awesome read Adam.was recently diagnosed with UC .had no clue so many people suffer from this terrible your book in 1 night as i was reading it i realized your life and eating habits were a carbon copy of how i lived my life ,pizza,beer,choc chip cookies,out late drinking etc..but after reading your book i realized how much damage i have done to my body over the a very fit person on the the outside but i guess i was neglecting my insides and oh it definitely caught up with me big time.But you know what things in life happen and this was my wake up call,and thanks to your book and inspiration i will lead a healthier life now.cant wait to read the cookbook ,thanks Adam ,you have a follower for life my friend .GOD bless

 by Barb Bogenschutz
I Have UC-Feeling crappy to feeling happy

I really am happy I ordered your set of books. They were very easy to understand and a quick read. They will also be a valuable resource in the future. I was diagnosed with UC in 1996. It was a brief flare and I had only minimal days here and there until Feb. 2014. At one point I was told they really didn't think I had UC. Obviously, that was wrong as now I am in the worst flare of my life. Thanks for all the great advise and diet tips as I now feel I am making positive progress with my UC>

 by Janet Walker
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Enjoyed the book, the humour and honesty. Whilst my partner is supportive, not knowing anyone else who has this illness can be isolating. I’ve been very lucky, whilst diagnosed in 2001 it has only been in the last year I have had a flare that I could not pull back, it lasted months and I ended up on steroids. Reading your book helped clarify for me that denial and stress are my biggest contributors to a flare. I have to listen to my body whether it’s telling me that a lifestyle is too much or a food does not agree with me. Thank you for sharing your story.

 by Elizabeth Alston
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I loved your book, someone going thru the exact same thing I'm going through. I was also frustrated with doctors saying diet has nothing to do with it. I had this since 1999, I know it's a better way to control this without the meds. I know I must keep my gut Bacteria in check & also my inflammation down but reading all the other stories I'm doing better than most ppl on the meds. I've been on them myself and my flares & pains were longer & more painful when I was on them. I know since I been watching my diet I've had shorter flares & less pain. Your story shows there is hope, I'm going to keep going until the flares are non existence. Right now I'm eating clean, vsl3 ,vit d3, iron.

 by tracy perkins
both books

Its good. Wish it was in hard back or a book period! It does help knowing you aren't alone with UC. I love the funny parts. I lol at a lot because I relate to so many things or issues that you would point out! As many UCers do. I also love the website . It is very helpful as well.... just wish I had a UCer close to me to talk to :((( Thanks for all you have done. People that don't have UC, have NO idea what we go through . Even though they suffer as well, cause we are limited to where we can go,do and eat. Anyway. Thank you for your support! Carry On Adam :)

 by Theo Terblanche
Being part of an UC family

It was really great to read your book. Although I was already diagnosed in 2001, I never experienced the constant flare ups and crappy feeling as describe by you. In 2013 however I was hit with severe joint pain, especially lower back and then the road of medication to address this started. With this came the daily crappy feeling and its still the case today. I am blessed with a fantastic GI that is very helpful and listen to every complaint. I am not ready for the injections - the side effects of the medication is bad enough, but the ups and downs aren't contributing to daily lifestyle. I started the diet and with great support from my family I am positive to see the outcome. Thanks for being part of the UC family here in the southern tip of Africa. If you or any of the other UC family members have advise for the pain in the joints and lower back please let me know.

 by Jeremy

Great book, and good read. Also Adam is a great guy took time out to explain stuff too me regarding book

 by Deb

Awesome books!! I read them both in one day! I'm having trouble downloading them so I can print them off, but I LOVED them! Your humor and kindness is so refreshing. I often feel alone in this. I even have had some people (family members) suggest that I cause the flares myself - due to not knowing how to deal with stress. It's hard enough without being blamed. :(

 by Judy Goode
Saved my grandson

Your books have saved my grandson. When he was told he had this UC he thought it was only him. After reading your story he looked at us and said. "I can do this if Adam can" then he started the diet because "Adam did" and he has been 3 weeks flare free and just started high school track. Your book is well written and allows others to see there is hope.

Your words and videos do help. So please keep it up

 by Afshan
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I enjoyed reading your book. I am glad you wrote this book using a good sense of humor which is hard to have when one is sick.Your book introduces UC patients with different options so they can make informed decisions. In Canada, it is very difficult to get a second opinion. One is lucky enough to find a GI (at least it was my experience)!! I believe you set an example for many people with UC to do our own research and be our own doctors.

I was very interested to know more about your diet. For example when you started to change your eating habit, what was the first thing you changed (I understand that everyone is different)? How did you know it is working and how long did it take? Your change was gradual or was radical.

Thank you for sharing your story and helping others with UC

 by Abby Spencer
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy and Cooking for UC

Great book - I was diagnosed in July of 2013 and have been struggling like most. It's great to have such affirming information that you provide with a sense of humor that makes everything much lighter! I like your style of writing. Great information! THANK YOU for your books and your website!

 by Tara
Must Read For UCer's

This book was amazing to read, it really made you feel like you are not alone! So many things that happened to Adam had or were happening to me and it made me feel somewhat normal. Thank you so much for sharing your life and opening up to all of us!

 by Margaret
Reading it as a care giver

I am the mum of a colitis sufferer. My son will hopefully be willing to read both books in the future... I have read them and think they are the most positive and helpful guides related to this illness. Other publications I find negative and hard to read with way too much medical jargon. I have suffered emotionally alongside of my son over the past 15 months and have been slowly guiding him towards a more healthy way of eating. Thank you for a great book.

 by Kristen Staples
The Turning Point

I read the book cover to cover in two days. It was a turning point in my disease because as soon as I started eating SCD my UC disappeared! I can't believe my doctor, the highest rated guy at Mayo Clinic, told me that diet doesn't matter! My only constructive criticism is to have someone edit the book...there were a lot of typos. Thank you for sharing your story, it has changed my life!

 by Donna Gagner
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

I could not quit reading your story and finished your book in one day. It was such an incredible journey of personal em powerment. It has helped me to feel more in control of my own illness and I think it will change the direction of my future health decisions in a very positive way. It is so easy to be afraid of this illness and your book and experience helped me see that there is another way.

 by Judi
Feeling crappy to feeling happy

I give it a 5 because you even bothered to offer hope. None of my doctors have mentioned the diet. I am very frustrated by modern medicine. I appreciate that you are so positive. I've yet to try the diet but I plan to. As a side note, when I start exercising more I feel like I do become "unstable" And have always wondered if there was a connection. Also I sometimes take Benedryl to sleep and I feel like that also settles my insides.

 by Bobbie T.
Feeling crappy to feeling Happy

With humor and grace, this book assures us with this diagnosis that there is life after UC. And any symptoms We have, Adam has had in triplicate. It offers a lesson in how to live well and how not to be defined by this diagnosis.

 by Debbie
Colitis eBooks (both)

I loved your books. Thank you so much for being so open and honest about your condition! I know how hard that must have been. It is nice to know someone out there knows what I am going through. My family and friends sympathize with me, but they have no idea how I am feeling or what I go through. I felt like a freak for a very long time because I didn't know anyone else with my condition and then to be told by doctor after doctor that there is no cure and they were not too sure what to do next! I felt very alone for a lot of years. All of the oral medications have stopped working for me and so its back to the drawing board. Your cookbook and your diet are helping me to feel "normal" again. Whatever that is. Ha!! Again, THANK YOU for stepping up, writing your books, creating your website and for being so open and honest. You have no idea how much you have helped me and we have never even met!

 by Sharon McRury
UC Books

Your books were a great help! I learned a lot, and related to a lot of symptoms. It's a good feeling knowing we are not alone with this condition. I was at a loss as to which way to turn. I have tried some of the recipes very good. Thanks to my husband for finding your books for me.

 by Anita
Feeling crappy to feeling happy and the cookbook

Great book, I can relate to Adams story. It was really interesting to read how bad things can get and also how good they can be too. I've started the diet, and already within 5 days there is a huge improvement in my symptoms and general well being. The food is very tasty and we are enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your story Adam and creating this community.

 by Sally
Feeling Crappy and Cooking for UC

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to read and it had some funny parts in it that made you just chuckle because you could relate. However, it also had some other aspects in it that weren't so funny but you could relate to as well. It makes you feel better to know that you are not alone. The cookbook was really great as well, with some tasty recipes that the whole family loved. Thanks again for the e-mails. Sally

 by Julie Boll

This book could not of come at a better time! I found great comfort in reading Adam's journey. There is a sense of true understanding in what it's like to really live with UC. The journey brings you through the seriousness and funny quirks of this disease and I very much appreciated it.

 by Teresa
E-Books on UV

Excellent books~GREAT perspective on UC with

some humor! Very helpful & supportive! It takes

a WORLD of support but together we can ALL

make the best of a "crappy" disease called UC!!

Thanks soooo very much!

 by Kris
Thanks for coming out of the (water) closet with your experiences

Thanks for having the courage to talk about this disease with this book. The laughter alone is good medicine.

 by Elinor
I have UC

I bought your book a couple of weeks ago and love it. I also like getting the emails dealing with different aspects of UC, as it is interesting to hear how others deal with this lonely disease. Even though I have had UC for 35 years, I really haven't been able to speak with anyone who has UC except the few people I would meet getting Remacaide during a 3 hour infusion.

Thanks for the service you are doing for the UC community.

 by Phillip Kearney
Starting to understand this shitty disease.

G'day mate, I have recently purchased your book "Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy" and The cook book. I am about half way through the book and are enjoying reading about your life to hell and back over and over again. Not good buddy. I just enjoy the humour that is in the book. I now have a better understanding of UC. It has been very informative for my partner and myself. The last two days we have made the breakfast smoothie, bloody awesome tasting drink. We are yet to try the recipes in the cook book. Keep up the good work Adam.

Cheers from Down Under

 by Natalia
Feelling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Hi Adam. Thank you very much for sharing your personal journey with other people. This helped me a lot as I’m new diagnosed patient with Crohn’s disease looking for alternative ways of healing. Your book gave me a lot of encouragement and hope that I can beat this disease too.

 by Kevin
Good to Know

Adam - I lot of information in both books, I have not read it all yet, but I will. I am still new to UC offically, great to hear someone else put things out there that ONLY a person with UC can relate to - Thanks for laughs as well, you got to keep a sense of humar in the battle against UC !!!

 by Bea
rough go with UC

Got the package, now we are starting the diet. My husband is the patient, and he has had a rough time with UC. Its been 5 years now since we started this journey. Your book has really been helpful, just reading your problems is a big eye-opener. So much we did not know, and now we have some hope. We did print both books, I think that will be a big help when we wonder what is for supper. He is a bread lover, and both of us were surprised that you do not eat bread, or sugar. A+ on the smoothie, and our first recipe for supper was very good, even without bread or potatoes! Thanks for the Cook Book 's easy reading and instructions. Bea

 by Candy Foster
sooooo helpful

Thank you soooo much Adam. When I found your site I was beyond bewildered. I didnt know where to turn with my diagnosis. It was so good to read all if the real issues that noone want to talk about. And with a sense of humor. I would recomend your site and book to anyone. Thanks so much.

 by Tony Frampton

Honestly, I keep forgetting I have the books, since they're buried on my computer, mobile devices. I really wish they were in print form, as I would keep them out, see and read them. But from what I saw the night I ordered, very informative.

 by Carolyn Majd
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Although I have not read the entire book yet, so far it has been very helpful. Cookbook recipes are great and it is very valuable to know other's experiences and have advice on meds and what to eat to avoid flares.

 by Debra

I found both books helpful. The section on what to eat to begin to figure out what might be causing flare ups. I would recommend these books to anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of colitis that happens again and again, even on medication.

 by Amie Sherrell

I enjoyed reading a book that's practical rather than technical about my disease.

 by Andrea

When I read Adam's book I finally went from feeling helpless to hopeful. Everything he described was what I had been going through and I didn't feel alone. For the first time I felt that I was going to be able to finally manage this disease instead of it managing me!! Thanks Adam!

 by Joseph
Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

It is comforting to know there are others with the same problems I have. I asked my wife to read the book so she would understand exactly what I have been going through. Thanks Adam.


 by Samantha
Helpful book!

FEELING CRAPPY TO FEELING HAPPY has made me understand my husband's condition better. Gave us the courage and hope in facing his ulcerative colitis flare up right now. The book is very insightful and an interesting read. =) Thank you Adam!

 by Barbara
Cooking for ulcerative colitis

I really like this is not perfect, but it is almost there.

What I really like is the info on WHEN to eat the recipes, symptom wise. The recipes are basic, but that is what I need now. Someday, I will feel confident enough to progress to more diversity, as other blogs have for scd recipes. But right now, as I am starting the SCD and improving drastically every day, this cookbook is invaluable.

I would have given 5 stars, but there is no indes, which is helpful, or table of contents. I think it would be good to have organized in Cateegories based on stages or When you can't even smell food without going, When you are going more than 5 times per day, etc...i have seen phases from other sites, but how do I know the phases...That is why the comments here on when to eat or how to alter the recipe help so much.

Thank you Adam, for sharing this. Honestly, I thought I would never eat some of these things, but I find that Feeling Good trumps my preconceived notions of goodness. You are not a gourmet...but I am not hungry, and I have normal poop now!

 by Barbara
Feeling Crappy to Happy

This book iwas like reading my life for the last 2 years....symptoms, flares, BLOOD. The honest look at life with UC is almost too much-I cried and laughed. Mostly, I was encouraged. Here is someone with symptoms and a formerly active lifestyle like me, and he is going through the same issues, and is sharing how he got through it. UC is a mental, as well as physical battle. We get tired, and we are ill. I was at the point where I realized my doctors' solutions were making me feel worse, with little impreovement in my bowels. I had already ordered "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" but it conflicted completely with my doctors advice on diet....and it seemed to hard for the Tex-Mex, Pie-making cook I have been. I was desperate not to go onto the biologics, and this book gave me the COURAGE to try the SCD. At two weeks on the diet, going slowly, slowly,slowly, I have perfect poop again-after 2 years of diarrhea, bleeding and pain. And I Feel my old self-optimistic and capable.

Thank you, Adam. It is hard to as honest as you are in this book and put it out there for the world. You are saving lives and spirits. Healers are not just medical professionals.

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