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Stories written about having a J-pouch surgery after having the colon removed. Some of the stories are very detailed with nearly every step of the before and after aspects of this type of surgery outlined for you to read. If you have further questions after reading any of the stories you can always ask the authors a question in the comments sections.

Colliding with Colitis

Meet Aaron Damigos: Born on July 14, 1993, I was diagnosed on May 5, 2011 with ulcerative colitis and had my colon removed on May 14, 2012. In high school, I was a big band geek and now, in college, I’m studying to be a GI Nurse. I volunteer for the CCFA and am currently […]

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Cure to UC --- J Pouch

Cure to UC — J Pouch

Meet Marq Rich: Hello my name is Marq and I’m 27 years old and I suffered from uc for 4 years before i got the surgery. Here’s a lil info to help you guys out. Some more about me: I’m from New York City and I enjoy doing all the sports that uc don’t allow […]

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My Fast and Furious Journey With UC

Introduction: I am a 43-year-old mother of two awesome school-aged kids living in Cleveland, OH. Although I’m not currently employed d/t UC, I’m a clinical counselor specializing in emotionally and behaviorally challenged kids. I was diagnosed with UC December 2011 that became toxic very quickly, so had a temporary colectomy in Feb, 2012. I enjoy […]

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