Zyflamend – Lets Call it “My Liquid Gold”

Meet Jane:

I’ve always been a high drive self employed “jack of all trades” A type personality. From real estate investments to travel guide to dog breeder, now gratefully retired.

Some more info about the author:

Hobbies are traveling and dog training. I was a hobby breeder (meaning no money in it, simply an expensive intense hobby and breeding for the betterment of the breed, rewarding but exhausting)

My Colitis right now:

Moderate at diagnosis, now mild to Colitis symptoms due to curbing it with Zyflamend – prior to that i was not in a good place

Liquid Gold Colitis Solution – Zyflamend

Well, I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years and have used ZYFLAMEND LIQUID made by New Chapter for 8 or so yrs which saved my life. Thus the first two years were a real eye opening party killer. No need to explain that on this venue.

(iHaveUC amazon affiliate link above)

In short non technical terms: Zyflamend renews the cells at a faster pace.

I never saw it better described than that. it does. In other words two droppers in the morning is so effective that it renews the ulcerated lining of the affected colon that fast. I don’t know IF i can post the link but the New Chapter company is easily found on the net for info. Its their main and most successful product as well as the product that put them on the map. Its biological available immediately, no kidding. 100% organically grown. Over the years I’ve put friends onto the product for a variety of ailments. It will be great to help more people thru this website. When I looked on the internet 8 yrs ago, there barely was a site with any info on UC other than the western medical approach. So, i was on my own.

First started with peppermint pills, which helped curb the cramps quite a bit. Was thankful for that, but, I needed more. It didn’t halt the inflammation. My out of control hobby was zapping the energy out and ulcerative colitis was taking me down. (or vice versa) I was on my last leg. So I wrote in the search engine ” natural treatment ulcerative collitis” and there started reading. One comment was made, more like a footnote, on Zyflamend: ” is also known to help some individuals with UC”. I wasn’t even told by my doctors (family doctor and gastroenterologist) that it was an inflammatory illness! Needless to say, what else did I have to loose? and purchased a bottle. Good thing a friend of mine was present when it arrived, or I would have never taken it again, as the bitter taste will ‘kill’ you should you do it wrong. He said, “you can put that herbal stuff under the Tongue!” within an hour i knew it was working! I couldn’t believe it, and the “that’s all she wrote” quote, is true. I never stopped taking it, and the occasional day I forget, I’m reminded NOT TO, as UC’s ugly face resurfaces…
Even though its not 100%, i’m functional and can do what i need to do. But now I want a cure. I knew one day there would be one.

and next, I’m pursuing the FMT, of course.

My doctor just wrote me the other day that FMT is only used for C-Diff patient. I KNEW she was wrong! So because of that I ended up here on this website and got my ‘gut’ ;} instinct confirmed.
therefor, a big THANK YOU for posting that article on FMT Adam (Fecal Transplant Questions and Answers link)!!!

PS reminder:
When using Zyflamend LIQUID put it under the tongue, wash it down with any drink you like, (as it tastes bad) and use it 2x a day initially. It will work IMMEDIATELY. I now use it 1x a day. My repeat colonoscopy was the exact same 8 yrs apart.

Never been on medications, never changed my so-so diet either. Its also inexpensive, and the side effects are, faster growing hair, and strong nails too ;) don’t bruise at all either. I do advocate you eat well, for some reason, Subway sandwiches seem to agree with me.

As said, it renews the cells at a faster pace.
Meantime, more anti inflammatory products have come on the market and may do great too, not sure, but since Zyflamend is very dependable, leave it at that for me. Now onto a cure, which I feel can’t be too far away!!!

written by Jane

submitted in the colitis venting area

18 thoughts on “Zyflamend – Lets Call it “My Liquid Gold””

  1. hey jane. cool product. i have not tried this combination of herbs before. i’ll have to see if my health store has it. how many drops were you taking for one dose?

    1. Sorry for the delay, i just now located my story…

      Its sold worldwide Joanna, but they seized making the liquid form. So i m now on the TINY CAPS, 6 a day and its working just as well. IF i suspect any kind of stress I’ll take another 6 .

  2. Hi Jane. That is good to hear! My GI says diet and alchohol consumption have nothing to do with UC. I believe she is wrong. Last November and December (2011). I was in bed. I got no sleep as I was going to the washroom at least every 30 minutes and it was pure liquid. I had absolutely no energy and slept through the family Christmas festivities. I bought the SCD book and the other main book we all buy, the name escapes me at the moment. I tried the introductory carbohydrate specific menu but just wasn’t disciplined enough to do it. I have stayed away from dairy milk, white cheese and sodas as I find they don’t agree with me. This Christmas I did drink soda with alcohol to absolutely no detriment. What I have done is looked at the natural route. For years I have been going to the bathroom several times a day with little to no warning. My whole life revolves around how close I am to a washroom. I haven’t flown, taken a road trip, gone to a restaurant or a movie in years. But I am going to soon. I have been feeling virtually symptom free for a few months now with semi solid stool and some days only needing the washroom once a day. I’ve looked at vitamins and minerals that a lot of people have said helps them and put together a massive vitamin cocktail that has changed my life. My last trip to my GP she recommended having my large intestine removed. I contemplated it. I was getting jealous of people who said they went into remission. I didn’t even know what remission was and I got diagnosed in 2006! My GI recommended imuran but from what I read I don’t know what is worse, the illness or the “cure”. The UC goes away but you get cancer! ;) I turned down the imuran script. I now have my life back and I believe I owe it to vitamins. I might just check out you link Jane and add it to my cocktail. Now that I am feeling good I’m going to drop a vitamin at a time and see if I go downhill to see if I can figure out what is really helping me. My daughter bought me a ski pass for the mountains for Christmas and I am going to do it! I have a scope scheduled for February and am actually looking forward to it…the results I mean. LOL. As far as symptoms, I still have the fatigue and the sore joints. Anyone have any “cures” for those two symptoms? Cheers.

    1. Gary,
      Just a thought…if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! Maybe just a tweak of trying to add te new one and see how that pans out!
      Looks like there’s plenty of snow for skiing!!
      Best, Shelly

      1. I have been thinking that too. If its working why mess with it. The “cocktail” I believe is costing me a couple of hundred a month so my goal was to get the $ down if I could. :)

        1. Good health/remission…PRICELESS! One thing we uc’ers know for sure is how to appreciate being well. This is a tough time of year with colds, flus, etc. Besides, you’re not spending it on the toxic ones and hurray for au natural! Also, I’m like you and I’m sure many of us who don’t eat out, drink, go to movies, travel, etc ( or very little) spending it on your health is a no-brainer! I’m in the same boat, but i wouldn’t change it if it’s helping. I’m guessing monetarily we’re still ahead despite the vitamin, supplement, Med costs and excess t.p….guess a lot of our money does go down the toilet!! :-) :-)
          Have fun skiing! Happy and healthy New Year! Shelly

        2. I don’t take any 100dreds of dollars on vitamins. Just Cinnamon 2000mg a day to help metabolize sugar and it brought down the bad cholesterol too. And that worked on both counts with the blood tests to proof it.
          When i remember i’ll take VitC, iron, but i dont remember it much other then when everyone gets sick around me.

          I also think Zyflamend might help fight off colds and flu’s. (due to that faster renewing of the cells) I’ve had them, but not like other people mine are in and out in 3 days, and I do pay attention to clean of shopping carts handles, just because they are my biggest ‘enemy’ probably carrying viruses.

          “Health comes first, Happiness will follow” i always say!

          So To Good Health!!!

  3. Hi again Jane. I found the product in Canada. The first website said 180 capsules which is a two month supply (3/day) was $60. The next website I found had them for $23 with free shipping if you buy over $40. Big price difference! So I’ll buy 2 bottles and give it a try. The website says it is for joint pain so I am eager to see if it works as like I said that is one of my 2 main symptoms.

    Why are you not taking the gel caps if it tastes so bad?

    Thx for the tip BTW.

    1. Sorry for the delay, i couldn’t find my own story for some time…

      YES, unfortunately New Chapter was purchased by Proctor and Gamble last year and axed the liquid form of it. (Due to returns as the MFG New Chapter never explains how to take it.)

      I too now am on the Zyflamend Tiny Caps at the recommended dose of 6 a day and am doing fine on it. IF you feel stressful times coming on, just double it up, you can’t OD on it.

      It should also aid anyone with their joints/arthritis as it was developed for that purpose.

    2. I shop it all the time, but for now, its been at 4allvitamins.com (they are in Queensbury NY)

      they have the large capsules as well as the tiny caps. I prefer the tiny caps as i also give them to my aging dogs.

  4. Hi Jane, thanks for writing. I too am interested in why you don’t take the capsules. And where do YOU buy the product- at a health food store or by mail – which site?

  5. I notice Zyflamend contains Baicalein, I have been interested in finding products with this as it inhibits certain types of lipoxygenases[ that my precious EVOO oleocanthal does not. Thanks!

  6. Just bought some of this to help me ween off prednisone. Im hoping it can take over so i dont flare again. I am also on imuran but dont have high hopes for it.

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