You Saved My 92 Year Old Dad


Thankful and indebted to Adam, Wife and daughter of 92yo Floridian with UC. My 92year old dad was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 10 years ago.

The Story:

Our UC’er did not start having severe symptoms until October 2012. He was on Lialda and prednisone from Oct 2012 to July 2012. He lost 35 lbs from May to July 2012 while on the meds. He was bleeding severely and his doctors kept telling him it was all part of the disease so sorry you have to live with it. My dad is old school and would not try any naturopathic options including probiotics and his doctors told him food had nothing to do with healing UC so he reluctant to modify his diet. In June he was so desperate for relief that he finally did try probiotics and stopped drinking Coke and tried gluten free bread. His symptoms lightened up just a tad but as everyone knows any relief is welcome.

I am writing this post because I downloaded your e-book and recipe book in June and gave to my 80 year old mom to read. She is the chef in their home and single handedly decided to start the diet with my dad on July 1, 2013. I am happy to report my dad has been symptom free since that first day! Yes, he stopped bleeding, his stools progressively got firmer, he stopped Lialda and prednisone, he gained back 15 of the 35 lbs he had lost. He feels like he is going to live a few more years vs. weeks. He is planning a vacation to visit my family and to plans to go to Mexico in November. He would have never done that without YOU, Adam! Thank you so very much for bravely putting your story out there and bringing us all together. Thanks to you we have our dad and husband back again! We are forever grateful. The diet does work and one is never to old to try it.

written by “M & G” in Florida

2 thoughts on “You Saved My 92 Year Old Dad”

  1. M & G,

    Thank you so much for your kind words(I for sure can’t take all the credit though as everything here is a cumulative effort of thousands of UC’ers like myself), but most importantly, CONGRATS to your dad for seeing relief from colitis symptoms. That is always the best news to hear no matter what someone’s age is.

    Best of luck with all your family’s travel plans and fun living moving forward,


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