You Can’t Spell sUCks with out UC


Lifted alot, was in amazing shape, Weighed about 180 pounds of muscle.
Started lifting weights in AUG of 2009 until it was about mid December when I started flaring up,
Took me about a year and a half to gain 30 pounds of muscle.
Now I have UC and am back to 150, since I no longer lift and eat like I used too.
Main reasons why I feel I got the disease:
I feel the cause of Ulcerative Colitis was a mix of mostly STRESS!!! At the time I was in alot of stress, and even more when the symptoms came upon. Possibly lots of protein shakes I took while lifting. They have lots of whey and other ingredients that may have irritated my colon, I took high calorie gainers!!, pre-workout supplements such as NO-xplode, Jacked, or Super-pump 250( never took these until about a year into lifting), everyone at the gym recommend a pre-workout to help give me energy(big mistake, I feel this is the probably the biggest reasons I was diagnosed!!! LOTS OF CAFFEINE and lot and lots of random shit that could really f-up your body in these supplements. not FDA regulated either….. , and the Vicodin i took for wisdom teeth post surgery pain- hard on the stomach/colon
FYI, UC is a autoimmune disease, my brother has vitiligo which is an auto-immune disease also, therefore it could be partially genetics??

My Ulcerative Colitis Story:

I was 19 when my symptoms started, little bits of blood in my stools, occasional mucus, kind of freaked me out,but just kept telling myself it would pass by, Well it didn’t, the blood continued.

before and after colitis

All started around beginning of December of 2010. Mid December I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. Put on Vicodin and took about 10 ibuprofen a day. That probably didn’t help my conditions…. It made my mouth feel better but not my stomach. Constipated for 3 days afterwards, then the real mess began, lots and lots of blood and mucus, but still mostly normal bowl movements. Told me rents’ they didn’t think much of it, kept telling me it was hemorrhoids since I lifted weights nearly everyday. Blood continues, they didn’t believe me until I showed them the blood. Well they seen it and finally called the doc… Went to him, got a finger up me… didn’t notice anything, had to show him picture of my bloody stools I took on my cell phone. Well he then sent me to anther doc… He did a sigmoidoscopy, saw two internal hemorrhoids and banned them. Well he acted like I was better, then the worse begin, As soon as I had my sigmoidoscopyy I had the urge to go the bathroom, well I started going 20 times a day, and it was bloody. I was living in hell, it was a bad nightmare, I went the bathroom and then had to to again. Drank a glass of milk, and had to go again.
Went back to the doc, he gave me antibiotics to take- Flagil and Cipron. Didn’t work at all.

Finally had decided its time to get a colonoscopy at age 20(exciting!) The process sucked!!, we all know the ritual of drinking that crap, my ass hurt so bad that night from going the bathroom so much. As I woke up from the colonoscopy,

I literally woke up from a bad dream, I was told that I had a chronic disease called ulcerative colitis.  Never head of it, and was scared to death.

Got home and googled the hell out of it, probably for a good 10 hours. Luckly found Adam’s site here, and found some hope.  Read about the diet, thought why not try it, whats to lose, Been on it since I got the book in the mail which was around Feb 1st.
From mid jan(after my colonoscopy) to the beginning of Feb I was on 6 pills of Sulfasalszine a day, then has my gastro appointment and had it chaged to 3 lialda a day.
Since around Feb 1st I have been on the SCD diet and lialda, blood free and about 1-2 dumps a day….
Its not easy, but I’m still not giving up,
I was told once you have to do something for 2 weeks straight and then it becomes a habit, and the SCD is now a habit for me.

Medications Taking/Taken: with regards to colitis

Lialda-3 tablets every morning.( Feb-currently)
SCD diet- FEB-Present!!! (more information on this diet is located on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCD page)
Canasa rectal suppisitories one a night ( First two weeks of Feb)
Sulfasalazine(6 pills a day)( mid jan-mid feb)

Submitted by: “Johnny Drama” in the Ulcerative Colitis Venting Area

12 thoughts on “You Can’t Spell sUCks with out UC”

  1. Hey man I feel you bout losing all that muscle I had the same experience, I was up to 165 of muscle very low body fat now im at 135lbs slowly putting weight back on but have not started lifting yet, still healing up. I also took the no explode and stuff, sure it didnt help the condition. Have you started lifting again yet? Im just wonder how the scd is working with the lifting because Im currently following it now and a bit concerned about following it wile trying to put weight/muscle back on.

    1. Hey Tyler,
      Sorry to hear you went through the same shit as me….
      Its tough losing all that muscle, but time is the essence.
      I myself have not touched a weight in 6 months. Many days I look in the mirror only to see myself losing more and more muscle everyday, and its tough. Being on the SCD diet, its not very easy to “bulk up” when im eating mostly vegetables and fruits, but im trying to get all healed up and it sounds like you need too also. I , so down the road, hopefully within a within this year I can hit the weights again and know I’m ready and tear it up. You should try your best to stick to the diet, try Peanut butter with celery, chicken breast and honey,eggs (boiled,scambled, sunny side up), I practially live off eggs, mostly the whites.,olive oil is great for cooking eggs and has lots of calories, thoes a few things I use to maintain my muscle but dont overload them.
      I dont want to risk anything right now and half ass it. Since lifting weights puts a ton of pressure on our bodys and can affect the colitis.Im not sure how long you have been on the diet, but maybe start off slow if you are anxious to lift, just do pull ups and push ups, and dips,situps,etc to maintain your muscle and gradually start benching and so forth, so when you do hit the weights it will be alot easier then stating completely over,especially after what you and I experienced. When I do go back to lifting, its going to be differnt though, I’m going to be very nervous not to over due it, and I dont think I will ever get back my washboard abs, I would literally do 200 crunches a night. and for the fact that after I get done I was always used to a protein shake with cold milk…. but I dont miss that one bit, for the fact that the last time I had one, I was on the can within 10 minutes.
      Good luck and keep me updated on how it goes…

  2. Yea I guess when im back in 100 percent health il have to just load up on the protein from meat sources and prob eat alot of beans, yogurt, avocados, bananas and squash. This is actually my second flair ive ever had but I had my first one about 7 or 8 months ago and lost all my muscle the same. It took me 4 months to get all my muscle back and about that time i flared up again and here I am now skinny again. Really frustrating! Im really more worried about cutting out my complex carbs more than anything. I know I can get all my muscle back in about 4 months again but idk if i can without the help of my sweet potatoes and oatmeal. O well guess the most important thing is healing the colitis. Ive been on scd about 2 months. But anyways glad we got some people on here who take lifing serious like me, im sure il be posting plenty more thing about lifting and following the scd.

  3. Sorry to hear that man! I feel yeah, thats tough to get it back, and then have another flare up!
    Before your first flare up, what kind of supplements did you take?
    Also before your 2nd flare up, where you on supplements? what kind of diet you have?
    heres the list of supplements i took
    1. pump fuel-
    2. no-xplode
    3. jacked(name explains everything)
    4. the worst of the worst-super pump 250
    funny thing is, they are changing the formula and calling it supermax… should be called superdump!
    5. this one is fishy! cant find ingredients?? I took this along witht the pre-workouts right before my diagnosis
    maxim protein-

    the last two I took for a long time. didnt bother me much…..
    btw how old are you man???

  4. around august 2011 while in prison, i started taking doxicycline for a staph infection that was going around in the unit. i was suppose to take it for 15 days 2 pills a day. but right away i started to notice that it was messing with my stomach. after about 5 days on it i stopped, but the damage had already been done. i started to first see blood on the toilet papaer, but then after a couple of days i had a lot of blood on my got to the point that i was passing nothing but blood, going to the toilet at least 15-20 times a day. sent a kite to see the doctor. saw him but the idiot gave me some zantac to take since he told me that the antibiotics irritated my stomach. i knew that it wasnt nothing like that; i knew it was something serious. i kept sending them kites, the same doctor kept seeing me and he just kept playing with my health. i wanted to beat his ass, but had to chill. i was left like that for a month. before all this, i was working out 5 times a week. i was a solid 185lbs. in that month span that this mess flared i lost 25lbs. my saving grace was the last time that i sent a kite to see the doctor a female doctor had taking his place since he had gotten fired for not giving a fuck about the inmates. she told me right away that i had all the symptoms of uc,since her brother in law had it, so she knew. right away she called the penetentiary hospital, an ambulance came to get me and they had to give me two units of blood. stayed in the hospital for 17 days. got tranferred to an infirmary in another unit and lo and behold i started getting worse. i got sent back to the hospital and they told me i had c-diff. stayed there for 5 days and they sent me to another unit that had a isolation room. stayed in that fucking hole 17 days until i got rid of it. from there i caught chain to go home. but now im still locked up by having this disease. its been 5 months since i was first diagnosed and its still not controlled. the medication is really strong. im on mesazalazine 6 pills a day 500 mg. each; imuran 2 a day; prednisone 12.5mg a day; and iron pills 1 a day. i was anemic for a while but last time i got labwork done, they said my blood count went up. which is a good thing. as you can see ive come a long way. from being in my death bed, i was about to die from this; to where i am today. theres nothing worse than being sick in prison.but i made it. im now in the free world. is still hard having this; but ill make it. im now 170lbs. i dont follow a specific diet, but i eat a lot of turkey products. turkey ham,turkey franks etc.. i spoil myself sometimes and eat a couple of slices of pizza every now and then. im not gonna let this disease get the best of me. like the greatful dead song “touch of grey” says; i will get by, i will get by, i will survive!

  5. Hey man just thought I’d drop you a line and see how everythings going. Still sticking to the scd diet? Im still eating bread but I’m gonna cut it out of my diet hear pretty soon. I’ve been hitting the weights pretty frequently now, I know it’s I’ll advised but its such a good stress reliever. I still won’t go heavy til I’m off prednisone bit even like 10 or 15 pound dumbbells feels great. I’ve been doing mostly one handed lifts so I can support the weight with my other hand and not put too much pressure on the bones. Anyways I hope all is well dude, and hope to hear from you soon. Take care man

  6. Hey Justin,
    Good to hear from you man. I agree man, lifting weights is such a good natural high. I let so much stress out at the gym, that I was so relaxed afterwards. Its a good call about sticking to the lighter weight until you get off that pred. All this lifting talk it making me want to get back in the gym. I wouldnt mind toning, just getting light weight more reps,but Im going to put that off for a few months or so.
    Yes, Ive been collowing the SCD diet like its my day 1 diagnoses. Altough the first few weeks I didnt exactly follow it perfect, I did manage to get it down after 2 weeks and havnt looked back my man.
    I hope you give SCD a try man, I bet you could follow it. Their a recipe about making almond flour bread. It aint bad man, I made it alot when first diagnosed, but kinda got lazy on cooking the bread. It was pretty good, not so fluffy tho like typical bread. I honestly think bread is a big culpret to UC besdides dairy, so try to get off dat soon man.
    My all time favorite SCD Desert is peanut butter cookies, so effin good. I buy some all natural smuckers PB and throw in a few cups of honey, good chunk of butter, some peanut flower(Trader Joes) two eggs, some baking soda and a dab of vanilla extract. Damn thoes things are to die for, just dont eat too many. They will make great work snacks or after gym snacks cuz they loaded with lots of calories and protein

    1. Those cookies sound good man I’m gonna try that recipe out. Yeah I think bread is a no go, a few days I’ve had symptoms return and each time I ate bread that day. I usually make sandwiches to bring to lunch at work. Any ideas of something that I could take as a lunch? It would have to be something I can eat cold no microwave at work?

  7. Wazzup Justin,
    I’ve been in your situation more than plenty times, you gotta invest in a decent cooler first off.
    If I was you I would start my day off with a good mother fuckn breakfast.
    6 scrambled eggs with a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese, chop up some green bell pepper my man, find some incurred ham if your a meat lover, eat it with a banana, and try a cup of tropicana oj, the OJ may be a but acidic do maybe start off with like half a cup yo. Or eat some grapes man, I spit out the peelings haha
    Lunch pack some good chicken breast man, maybe put some olive oil on them for more flavor, eat some fresh veggies that you should have steamed already the night before, buy some birdseye steamers, ( in frozen veggie section)
    Have some fresh fruit Like pineapple of peaches/plums don’t eat peelings my man.
    Dinner cook a good as salad man, throw on some boiled eggs and fish.
    Good shit, eat a banana with some peanut butter Nd honey after work, good shit man
    Easey on the pb at first (get all natural smuckers)
    That shit is bomb when you mix it with honey.
    That’s my typical day of eating. Fuckn good shit man
    Today I made a unwhich for lunch( ground chuck from whole foods) about 3/4 pound with some cheddar cheese cooked in oven along with tomatoes onions cooked in foil) then wrapped in lettuce,
    Man scd diet is easy peasy man, I know for fact that it’s the real deal
    My roomate shuts three times a day! He eats terrible, no lie, I’m the one with UC and I shit once a day! Knock on wood, no doubt about it man diet is our lifesaver.

  8. Hey Justin,
    I typed that last comment on my phone so it was definitly a bit mummbly with the spelling and shit hha, I could hardly see what I was typing cuz my phone was acting up and I was outside, anyways I said man like 10 times haha, didnt even notice that. But anyways, I though I was going to add one more thing about meal situtation. I dont know if you eat eggs,but for some reason eggs have been my go to snack.
    I have been eating eggs everymorning since Feb 1st 2011. Thats alot of eggs, haha.
    But I usually eat like 3 with the yolk and three egg whites so 6 total scambled in the morning. Its cheap considering eggs are usually on sale for like a buck a dozen. THen i usualy eat about 12 boiled a week. Great travel snack dude. Good protein!
    ANother thing, dont eat too much Peanut Butter, it seems like I my body usually handles it well, but their are times where I do notice my stool doesnt look as good. So dont go eating like half a jar of PB and Honey, Altough its tempting.
    If you dont mind me asking, do you still have much blood in your stools, and whats your average BM perday? haha, who would of thought to dudes would be discussing how many bowl movements they have haha, oh UC……
    Take it easy bro,

    1. Hey Johnny drama! That is some good info man I appreciate it! The pb and honey is a good call I’m gonna bring that for lunch tomorrow! I’m real big on eggs too. I have scrambled eggs inlet every morning usually four with yolk and a little turkey. Hard boiled are awesome too. I wanna try that ground chuck unwich that sounds good. Up until yesterday I had no blood since released from the hospital and 2 bm’s a day, first thing in the morning when I get IP around 4:30 and when I get home from work around 5pm. But something went down yesterday and had about 10 bm’s with blood. I had baked chicken at Chilis but it had a spicy sauce. I think that messed me up, but today everything was back to semi-normal no blood. But pretty sore gut.

  9. i got colities after two years of doubts of having celiac.i have a boy of 12 who is adhd and make me angry for 3 days then i had a lots of blood in my stool so i thought i was going to doc send me to colonoscopy and andoscopy then i found out i had left colities and now i am being treted by asacol 400 and i hvae not to eat lemons, milk and vegtables and i feel first hope to god and then try to to be connected to your colities by concentrating on it and hear its sound take breathing while closeing your eyes and sending fresh oxigen to infected ares in your mind and extract co2 by takeing out the air from your longs(infected areas) and dont disturb your self any more.

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