YES INDEED! I’m Almost Ready For You

Adam from ihaveucHey UC’ers of the World,

It has been about six months, and I am SUPER HAPPY to say that my full story along with some special bonus will be available really soon.  In-fact, it’s very possible that by the end of the week, I’ll have everything put together and ready for delivery.

After 3 years of being diagnosed, the time was perfect.  In October of 2011 I began the final stages of writing and putting together my whole story for everyone who is interested.

Back in October when I ran a survey asking all of you what you would like me to include in my Colitis Book, I received many great ideas and suggestions, and I thank you all for your help and thoughts.

It’s been an awesome experience working with my editors, and getting everything finalized. 

As most of you know, I receive hundreds of emails every week from UC’ers all over the world, asking questions relating to symptoms, healing, health, and especially questions about how I have managed to make it.  The website has grown so much that I’ve just about maxed out my ability to keep up with everyone.  Had I only known there were so many other UC’ers when I was all lonely after my diagnosis…

With everyone in mind, I’ve put down on paper(computer) just about everything that I think will be the most valuable to other UC’ers of the world.(And there’s quite a few personal pictures in there as well.  Even a never before seen poem that’s pretty funny)

Just like so many others, I had a SUPER ROUGH go at it before and after I was diagnosed, but I’m feeling great once again.  In just a few days, come March I will be hitting my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of LIVING MEDICATION FREE!!!

That’s right, No Pills, No Surgeries, and Cranking out Pull-Ups once again!

You Bet I’m HAPPY about that.  So, with a little luck, everything that I’ve created will be available to purchase and download REALLY SOON.  If you can wait for just a little while longer that’s all you’ll need to do.  I need to get the green light from my editors and that’s about it.

To close this message out, here is a tiny piece of my book to hold you over.  It’s a letter I sent to my former GI doctor.  Actually it was an email saying “You’re Fired”, and I’ll share some of it with you right now:

“…Right now, I am very worried about moving forward with you as my doctor for helping with my UC.  The main reason for this is your feelings towards diet and the disease.  I would rather be working with someone who is supportive of my goal with trying to treat my UC with diet until I feel it is no longer working, or until something else seems to be a better solution.  I am not interested in medications for a long term treatment at this point.

I would be more than happy to talk with you about this further if you would like to.  Right now, I think it might be best for me to search for another physician who is more aligned with my treatment goals.  Once again, if you would like to discuss any of this email at anytime, I would be happy to talk with you further.  I hope that if this diet ends up failing, you would be willing to see me once again.”


Life can definitely be horribly difficult for us UC’ers, but like most things in life, your life can get turned around, and you can get back to being happy and healthy once again.

Stay tuned, MUCH MORE TO COME!


-Adam Scheuer

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11 thoughts on “YES INDEED! I’m Almost Ready For You”

    1. What up Charis!

      Thanks so much!
      Between you & me and the rest of the world, you’re a HUGE inspiration to everyone as well. In EVERY way shape and form.

      You rock Charis, thanks so much,

  1. Wholly AWESOME and congrats ALL the way around! Can’t wait to read it!
    …And most importantly…CONTINUED GOOD HEALTH! :)
    Shelly(in Maine!)

  2. hi adam its great to hear i just wanted to share with everyone t something which is helping heaps and is working to stop a flare ! i am taking cayenne pepper either a half table spoon in food or a teaspoon in warm water and the bleeding started to stop almost straight away its amazing . as well as probiotics , fish oil and watching what i eat but the cayenne pepper stops bleeding and heals wounds fast! and i just had to share it , google it its amazing and cheap!

  3. Yay Adam! Congratulations, and my respect for writing – and publishing a book!! And you’re still all caring, listening and responding to all of us… Awesome! Thanks Adam!!

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