Yeast Infections and Colitis

Yeast Infections

Hey UC’ers,

I need your help.

Yesterday I received an email from a concerned UC’er who has been having an awful lot of trouble with chronic yeast infections.  This is a topic that has not been discussed in any detail so far on the site, but I’m really hoping that some of you might be able to shed some light on the subject and in turn help out the person who emailed me.

Below is the message that I received and if you have any input or ideas, please leave a comment.  Hopefully, together, we can get to the bottom of this.

“Hi Adam,

I have a question for you and I haven’t been able to find anything on your website regarding it…have you ever spoken to any females diagnosed with UC who began having chronic yeast infections shortly thereafter? I have had chronic yeast infections since shortly after my diagnosis seven years ago and have been to several doctors to try to figure out the cause. I’ve been checked for everything under the sun and most recently went to a functional medicine doctor who did a stool test. It was found at the time that I do not have any elevated levels of yeast.

While researching online I found blogs in which a couple people, who also have chronic yeast infections, talked about the connection between yeast and sulfur drugs. When I was diagnosed, I was immediately treated with prednisone and sulfasalazine.

My gastro says they’re not related, however, I beg to differ. This is really frustrating and I’m getting nowhere with doctors.


Again, if you have any insight or ideas, please let them be known.

-Adam Scheuer


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  1. hmmm i have only experienced yeast infections from flagyl. the thing that got rid of it in 3 days was taking 2 capsules of renew life sacro b immune defense every day. i’m not sure why this worked for me, but i haven’t had one since.

    1. Hi Ladies

      Yep – this is deff a real issue Ive been dealing with for some time.. Ive also had doctors tell me it looked like i had pelvic inflammation disorder and received stern talking to about STIs that i never actually had. The doctors always assumed I had an STI even when I knew that was not a possibility. I tend to get vaginitis and yeast infections A LOT. I just use the monstat or cvs 24 hour cream. It can be very frustrating. I take cranberry tablets now and try to wear more cotton underwear. .i also drink more tumeric to attempt to help all inflamation… However I still get the yeast infections a lot.. especially during an intense flare.. The inflammation from colitis sometimes causes inflammation of the Vag. Sometimes the meds they give me dont even work and I still have “symptoms” bc everything on me (or rather in me) is inflamed careful taking oral meds for yeast infections bc i have found they can irritate colitis and just cause the situation to get worse.. the creams at least help the symptoms for a while … good luck :/ Your gastro is deff wrong. They are deff connected!

  2. There is some proof of a link of thrush to infliximab infusions due to an altering of ph in your system and reduced immunity, caused by the volume of the drug. Lots of websites state this. I should think that there is some evidence of the issue of diahorrea and the difficulties faced with cleanliness at such times, after all, one of the suggestions for avoiding thrush is to watch hygienic wiping (that was as nice as I could think to put it!) therefore it must be easier to get an infection at times of severe flare.

    Add all reduced immunity to harsh medication and the rest, must make us women a target for such infections!

    Hope this helps


  3. I had that same problem for about four years! I asked the same questions of my doctors and they would take a moment or a couple days to think about and tell me no, they weren’t related. My OBGYN did express concern that the disease in general is doesn’t put a person in optimal immune health especially while taking prednisone. I was/am underweight which she felt contributed to a lack of integrity to my natural defenses as well. I tried antifungal diets but lost more weight and I just don’t think they’re healthy or provide any evidence of working. About 9 months ago I convinced her to put me on a long-term antifungal regimen. The first week I took flucanozole for five days straight and for the next 6 months once a week. (Knock on wood) I’m now symptom free and my liver still works and frankly I feel much healthier without my immune system being taxed trying to fight a chronic infection.

  4. I’m not sure..haven’t researched that, BUT…in theory and there is some research on taking PROBIOTICS to help with yeast infections!

  5. Wow! We are always learning new things on this site. Doctors often tell us that one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other…hah! We all know better the longer we have this disease.

    For years, my doctor told me that my nausea, hair loss, terrible acne, extreme pain and looseness, along with a bevy of other troubling symptoms were all from the UC. As soon as I stopped taking asacol…all of the symptoms diasppeared! Go figure.

    Question everything. Learn as much as you can. Knowledge is power.

  6. Hi, Not sure that this would help, but steroids do have some kind of effect on the body where it somehow unblances the pH levels in the body. I haven’t done much research on this, but I am a student going for respiratory (I know totally unrelated) But with our patients that take medications that have steroids in them, we have them rinse mouth really well and spit the water back out, then actually take a drink of water to help clear the meds from the throat so they don’t develop Thrush (which is an oral yeast infection). Sorry I couldn’t be more help. But I do know that along with all the other side affects of prednisone, it messes with the bodies pH levels

  7. Hello,
    So sorry to hear about what you’re going through.
    I do not know about the cause… I would also ignore what your GI said.

    Probiotics are the answer!!! It will grow the right kind of bacteria for you. There is an extra strong probiotic called Fem Dophilis (spelling???) that is used for really strong really bad yeast infections. Otherwise a regular probiotic such as Primal Defense by Garden of Life should do the trick in healing what you have and preventing them in the future.


  8. Yep, I had similar issues when UC was ravaging my body. It wasn’t until I had BOTH my colon (Feb 2012) and rectum (Aug 2012) taken out that the problem resolved. Now I’m on probiotics and haven’t had any yeast infection problems. Hope it clears up for you soon:)


  9. I was diagnosed with uc twenty years ago and have been on varying forms of sulfur drugs since then. I recently developed a stubborn case of oral thrush that my primary physician wants to biopsy if her current strategy doesn’t work (difulcan and nystatin)). Of course, I hear the word “biopsy” and my stress level soars. I certainly can identify with your concerns.

  10. Hi
    Im 48 and have uc, I get pretty bad pain I too take prednisone. Seems to play up worse when ive eaten nuts, bread or beer? Could the two latter issues be related to yeast


  11. Wayne, I’ve had uc for over twenty years. Two years ago I decided to go wheat and gluten-free, which was easier than I thought. It has made a big difference for me, and my last colonoscopy was “clean”! That was a year ago. Although I’m still gluten-free, I’m having a bit of a flare-up, but I think that’s due to a stressful situation at the beginning of the summer. Extreme stress has triggered flare-ups in the past. I’m very careful amount nuts, and don’t drink beer.

  12. Hello Ladies,

    It sounds to me like Candida overgrowth, since probiotics, turmeric, etc didn’t resolve your issue. Google “symptoms of Candida” and see if some of the rest of your symptoms match up… You will need to starve the Candida… No sugar, no grains (including rice) diet for at least a month. You can also take GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and olive leaf tincture, or something like GI Microb X is made specifically for that purpose.

  13. Hi –

    Definitely take the probiotics. And I take coconut oil as well. Huge difference. You can get coconut oil in various forms – I take the soft gels or capsules. I avoid drugs and particularly yeast based products. Yeast is very often linked to U/C and coconut oil does an excellent job in combating this problem. Wishing you well.

  14. Hi! I just found this site! My husband has UC and had a flare that lasted almost two years, constant ER visits and a hospital stay for a week. He is finally back at work full time but still has related UC issues. The reason I am commenting on this feed is I have a similar problem with the yeast infections but only with intercourse. If he touches my nips with his mouth they get very itchy and painful. vaginal intercourse with ejaculating leaves me burning. There has got to be a link with UC and body fluids But I am finding No studies or medical documentation. This feed is the only one close.

  15. I was diagnosed with UC 14 years ago. The last three years, I have kept a journal and when I am out of remission and having severe UC symptoms, I suffer constant yeast infections. My OBGYN put me on a diflucan regimen and as long as I stay on it, Im fine. When I go into remission, the yeast infections almost always stop so I think there is a link there. When I look back through everything I have written down, its obvious that my UC and the yeast infections go hand in hand… I have added 4 probiotics a day during the weeks that I am not taking diflucan so I can keep the good bacteria in my guts going…:)

  16. I’m dealing with chronic yeast infections in my throat and esophagus. Probiotics won’t do anything for you if your pH is off or your diet is wrong. First of all stop feeding the yeast in your body. That means NO added sugar and no heavy starches especially pasta and bread. The SCD diet is the best I’ve come across.

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