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World Leading Microbial Ecologist Explains Microbiomes and Health

Big BIG thank you to Rob Knight for the presentation and video!

And…a Big thanks to my sister for passing this link on to me (Thanks Laura:)

She knows all too well that I have been fascinated by all things gut related for many years, and in particular hearing from scientists who are directly and indirectly involved with Ulcerative Colitis.

I hope you enjoy this film.  Maybe this film will raise some questions in your head with regards to UC, or some other related questions.

It’s been nearly 6 full years now that I’ve taken the side of believing Gut Bacteria and changes to the microbiome to be the cause of the symptoms we experience (ulcerative colitis symptoms…bleeding, cramping, urgency…), and it really is quite incredible to see how far things have come along in this niche in terms of science and medicine.

There is still a long way to go, and there are still many conflicting opinions.  But progress is speeding up indeed.

Doctors and scientists for hundreds of years have disagreed on a range of medical ideas/themes/theories and even facts, but progress is being made to help out patients like you and me.  And that’s pretty cool right:)

If you are interested in learning more on the topic of Gut Bacteria, you can also read the Fecal Microbiota Transplant Question and Answer page.  I interviewed two doctors a short while ago, and asked both of the them the same questions regarding this topic.  It’s rather insightful, and here’s that link – click here.

So one final shout out to Rob Knight for the incredible video from Ted, and here’s one of his direct quotes that I think is worth checking out once more:

So microbes are performing a huge range of functions. They help us digest our food. They help educate our immune system. They help us resist disease, and they may even be affecting our behavior. So what would a map of all these microbial communities look like?

Have a great rest of the week,

Adam Scheuer

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