Wondering How to Eat

I Have UC(ulcerative colitis)

I was just diagnosed last week after dealing with it for almost 4 months – it just took that long to get a colonoscopy! And then, the prep for the colonoscopy almost killed me – because they didn’t know I had UC, I took all 3 packets of picolax and it irritated my entire colon – in fact my GI dr said I had NO normal tissue left in my entire colon. So now I’m on prednisone, but still eating a very limited diet basically consisting of fruits and cooked veggies and grains. This definitely helps with bleeding and was the diet I was eating to control my sypmtoms before I was diagnosed. I am 37 years old and have four little kids, so I would LOVE to get back to normal and my goal is to eat Christmas dinner!

My Medications:

Slippery elm and phyllium seemed to be helping before i was diagnosed and I take about 60+ billion probiotics daily. Thankfully I’ve only had to deal with cramping after this horrible colonoscopy experience.

Here’s My Question:

I’m wondering about the diet posted here(SCD), because I had a LOT of time to figure out what bothered me during my 3 months of flaring and I can’t eat meat or oil or any diary or citrus fruit or onions or tomatoes, but grains don’t bother me at all. So I guess I’m a little confused!

2 thoughts on “Wondering How to Eat”

  1. Each of us is really unique..when in a flare, I could just have citrus squash, meat, fish, olive oil, onion, any other thing such as grains would kill me right away…I keep a food diary and BMs diary and started making connections..so no lactose, no refined sugar, no refined grains for me…and even now that I am beginning to’ stay better, i have to’ be’ very carefull.

    What helps me a lot is VSL#3 , when i realize that i have eaten something wrong (cramps and bloating) I take 3 doses of probiotic..and the pain goes away..

    My advice is to’ read other people’s experience with food..

    Best of luck, and I really wish you can manage with your Xmas dinner!!! :-)

    1. I agree bigtime with Laura in that each of us in for sure unique. In meeting with the micro-biologist to film the Gut Bacteria movies he mentioned how everyone has different bacteria in our guts(similar to everyone having a unique fingerprint) and in some ways, i am really starting to think that this could as well have to do with why there really isn’t a “cure all” treatment for everyone, and as its for sure not down to a science yet, experimentation is probably going to be key to finding out what works/doesn’t work for all of us in getting out of flares.

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