Will My Life Ever Be Normal?


I was in remission for about one week, no blood, I was so happy, but that was short lived, I am back to square one.

My Story:

I am a 32 year old female, single, no kids. My story started when I visited South America, about 2 years ago, I thought I ate something outdated and had diarrhea for two week straight. I came back to the US, and instead of seeing a doctor I chose to disregard it. Last year, I started to notice blood when I went to the bathroom, first thing, I panicked, I thought the worse. I was given Canasa for six weeks and it passed. In February, 2011, I was scared (men look away) it was so much blood, just that for months, no poopy, lots of gas. I was upset and annoyed, its like a mixture of feelings, nobody understood what was wrong with me. My family just didn’t understand my health concern. Nobody knows what you are going through, I started to get moody and constantly annoyed. Again I went to the same doctor, he scheduled a colonoscopy, mid-July.
colitis forever in nyc

He said I told you this before, you need to be on medication for a lifetime, you have UC.

I thought Ulcerative Colitis was something that went away, but it doesn’t. I don’t want to by on medication for the rest of my life. I am not married, so who will ever understand this uncomfortable way of life. On my own, I started to first, get rid of tea, coffee and alcohol -which did help me. Then I started to read online about these symptoms, I have had “accidents” close by home and have gone through countless undergarments. Let’s face it, this does something to your self esteem.
I started reading about foods that are okay. Before I knew UC, I ate foods with soy sauce, spicy foods (Indian, Chinese and Mexican foods), I added store bought cooking sauces to everything, ketchup, whole wheat bread, everyday I would have my tea with milk and 1 sugar, soda, whole wheat rice. I was eating very unhealthy. Now, I stay away as much as I can from cookies, candy, milk and milk products, anything with soy (such as products from Fiber One), pasta, rice. But what am I left with? Its frustrating to not be able to eat anything that you like without having to worry about: Is this going to cause me to sit on the toilet. I live in NYC area (with countless restaurants) and honestly I have no desire to even socialize because I can’t have alcohol (although I am not a big drinker, its difficult to socialize when u are the only one not drinking) or eat outside. Any suggestions, any words of comfort will be welcomed. For all for those, who are in remission…any tips?
My Colitis Medicatons:
Ascol HD 800mg – 3 pills twice a day
2 pills of fish oil (when I remember to)
Canasa 1000mg (when I go to bed)

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3 thoughts on “Will My Life Ever Be Normal?”

  1. Hi , I’m 22 years old and have suffered with UC for 2 and a half years.
    I understand how frustrating it is and painful !
    However I can promise you it does get easier … It takes time and to be honest it had knocked me for six but I’m getting there .
    If anyone wishes to talk then please feel free to email me ? Maybe we can help one another
    My email is


  2. Hey NyCGal,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I know it seems really hard right now for you, since you probably feel like your options in life are super limited, but things will get better. You and I are the exact same age, and I feel like i know fairly well how you are feeling outside of the social circle in terms of hanging out with friends and having a few drinks etc…
    I used to do that all the time too, all the way up until three years ago when I was diagnosed with severe UC. At that point, I pretty much stopped the drinking of beers and cocktails right away, as I just didn’t think it could possibly be good with my condition. And I was right. But, that doesn’t change the way others think of being social, especially your current friends.
    So here’s my suggestion, take a chance and try telling your friends about your health situation if you haven’t already. For me, that made the “why is Adam not having a glass of wine with everyone else” much easier to deal with and answer. No for example, I went out to a Prime Rib Restaurant in SF last week since an old friend was in town, it was 6 of us, all guys, and two friends brought bottles of nice wine from their homes to the place. Anyways, nobody even blinked an eye when I told the waiter not to serve me any wine. they already knew my deal and no questions asked. Ive already told all of them about the science behind the SCD diet that I follow, and they pretty much understand that the sugars in most wine I just can’t tolerate.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on how to approach things. I know it sure isn’t easy when you are starting out though. And for sure, its even harder if you are not seeing great results or feeling great, but that can all change. Good luck to you, adam

  3. hello

    there are people who completley understand what you are going through. the disease sucks, but no need to have any insecurities because of it. unfortunatley, when i tried to reduce my medicine, some of my symtpoms came back as well. It seems that we will have to be on some type of medicine until they research and figure something else out.

    as far as the being embarrassed about it part goes; if the person you want to be with does not understand, or even wants to give it a chance to understand, it is better you are not with that person.

    i stay away from dairy, wheat, anything made of flour, anything fried or processed..im also in NYC and yea its hard..i can eat rice, fruits, veggies, granola…thats pretty much it right now

    and i dont drink regardless :)..its not hard to socialize as long as the ppl you are with know your standards..

    and remember you will never get a challenge in life you can’t handle

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