Video On Why I am Now Deciding to Join the Crohns and Colitis Foundation (CCFA)

The CCFA organization (non-profit) is most definitely the largest IBD related non profit in the world.  They have been around for quite sometime.  My grandma actually sent me a letter in the mail she received from CCFA telling me to read it.  She knows quite a bit about IBD and its effects on her kids/grandkids.  Not only did she used to have heated discussion with Dr. Crohn himself back in NY, NY(when my uncle was dealing with the horror of being diagnosed with IBD and eventually trying all types of medications and opting finally for surgery) but now she is dealing with her grandson’s battle with UC.  She told me that the CCFA has been mailing her stuff every month for over 40 years now…  I think she is right, the CCFA has been quite persistent in getting me to get involved too.  Good for them.

So here are my reasons for joining in on the CCFA’s Northern California Chapter “Team Challenge” event that is happening in Las Vegas, NV on December 5th 2010.(Part of my job for signing up and paying the $50 fee is to raise money for CCFA, in return, if I raise enough, they will cover my airplane and hotel room for the night in Vegas)

  1. Meet other people who are battling IBD and hear about their experiences
  2. Tell other people about how the SCD book and diet has gotten me off medications
  3. Investigate where the money that I raise is actually going
  4. Find out more details side effects that others are having/had from common IBD medications
  5. Find out more regarding symptoms that IBD’ers and specifically UC’ers have
  6. Hopefully meet some hot girls that I can introduce to my single friends(Campers, Davis, Gordie etc…)
  7. Get some cool video footage of other UC’ers/IBD’ers talking about solutions and experiences that might benefit others
  8. Getting a really good excuse to hit up some blackjack tables in Vegas
  9. Join in on the weekly training events(much like the one I videoed below) and get back in my college day shape(that’s going to be mighty tough, but possible)
  10. I was joking about the meeting girls for my friends(they are hopeless)just kidding

Please enjoy the video, this was from a walk I did around Stanford University Campus on Saturday.  I walked with a girl who knows a ton about IBD and the medications and how it affects her.  She is currently a Remicade user and doing well.  As you know, I am medication free for a 11 months now and feeling great, I’m a hardcore advocate of the SCD diet.  We had a stretching class afterwards by a great guy who runs the Stanford Sports Medicine Institute(don’t quote me on that name though)  If you like the video…great, let me know and let me know what other types of stuff you would like me to try and film and I will do just that. -Adam

And for those of you who want to see Jaime’s website(the one from the video who I was talking with, here it is:

1 thought on “Video On Why I am Now Deciding to Join the Crohns and Colitis Foundation (CCFA)”

  1. Hey, good luck! I have been a member for quite a while since IBD runs in my family. It is a great organization that raises money for our UC/IBD cause! I just got a donation matched! And you get a really cool/funny card to keep with you!!

    I had written in before about the remicade delayed reaction. I did buy the SCD book and have been doing lots of research with some other authors and am doing something in between right now and hanging in there. Humira is plan D or E or something!

    Stay healthy, Shelly

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