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Why Asacol Changed It’s Name to Delzicol

Hey, if you’re NOT treating your UC with medications,  this is not going to be too much of intereset for you.  BUT, if for some of you using medications, this might help clear things up.

Specifically, if you used to take Asacol (now called Delzicol), you’ve probably realized by now that it is no longer being manufactured.  I know that there’s alot of you who are still concerned about this change (similar to Colazal switching its name to Apriso) so I’m hoping that this video from the Mayo Clinic will help you understand exactly what has and has not changed.

If you still have some questions about all the mesalamine drug name changes such as Asacol moving to a new name of Delzicol, feel free to post your comments below.  After all, they are super popular medications with gastroenterologists in terms of first line treatments after diagnosis and later on, so most definitely there are tens of thousands of colitis folks who use this site who are among that group.

Thanks again for watching and for being a part of the site.

Best of luck to you all who are super pumped to be starting out September once again.  I’ve always felt like September was sort of the official end of the summer (northern hemi folks), but on the other side, all you folks down there in the south side are getting ready for springtime eh…?

I’m going to be posting up a video soon with a recap on how I’m feeling, and what’s new with me.  Got a bit of work to do, but should be cool.

– Adam Scheuer


16 thoughts on “Why Asacol Changed It’s Name to Delzicol”

  1. Juliet

    Thanks for this post. It is very helpful to me. Something I am going to ask my GI team when I see them in 2 weeks. I’ve always noticed the whole tablets passing. I’m obviously female and have been put off starting family due to the disease and more so the medications. They wanted to switch me from Asacol to remicade, not something I’m happy about. Maybe Delzicol will work better for me. Cheers for highlighting this Adam! :)

    1. Huh. Wonder why I am still getting the ASACOL. Maybe they need to get rid of their inventory.

      Warning to anybody thinking about REMICADE. It almost killed me. I only had two infusions and it didn’t leave my body for over 6 weeks. I couldn’t get out of bed, I was so weak and zapped of any energy. Bloody noses, extreme joint pain, etc. I literally thought I was going to die. A ton of vitamins and time got me out of that nightmare. I will never do that medicine or anything like it again. 40mg of prednisone and a higher does of Asacol saved me besides SERIOUSLY changing my diet.

    2. Juliet -> Don’t be scared to get pregnant while you are still experiencing symptoms of UC. I got pregnant and my UC went into TOTAL REMISSION while I was pregnant in 2006. That lasted until exactly December 18, 2009. The day it came back… I was like, “oh my god, here it comes” and I have been battling it ever since and it’s going to be 2014 shortly. The drugs are not to be relied on, you have to supplement and change your diet completely….for life. Well, that is until we turn into robots and don’t have to worry about eating food anymore for energy, LOL.

  2. Holly in Virginia

    I’m confused. Colazal and Apriso are 2 separate products by the same company are they not? Apriso is extended release and Colazal you have to take 3 times a day.

  3. The company that makes Asacol 400 mg lost its USA patient (yet is fighting in the USA courts to keep the Generics from making it, nice guys huh?) You can still get in the USA Asacol 800 mg pill which came out relatively recently. Before they stopped selling Asacol 400 mg in the USA as part of there screw the Americans policy. When I use to get Asacol from my local pharmacy and it was always made by a company called Warner Chilcott in Canada. Said so on the bottle label. So I figured maybe I should try a Canadian pharmacy and sure enough you can buy it from a Canadian pharmacy from the very same manufacturer that my local pharmacy got it from at a fraction of the price. Apparently Asacol 400 mg is still sold in the rest of the world. There is another manufacturer of Asacol 400 mg that is made in New Zealand. If you go to you can investigate all the different member pharmacies (got this info from AARP if you trust them). I know that one of those Canadian Pharmacy sells the Warner brand Asacol 400 mg for a fraction of the price and gets to you in about a week. So long story short you can get the same Asacol 400 mg pills direct from Canada at a fraction of the price that they were sold for here in the USA. And you can call your insurance company if you have one and they probably will reimburse you for doing so as they are saving money too. Off the top of my head Asacol 400 mg are about 2/3 less expensive to buy from Canada they they are when I bought them locally.

    1. rjw,
      I was recently changed from Asacol 400 to Delzicol. I have only taken a few however had horrible side effects including horrific heartburn that is relentless along with cramps and loose stools. I would like to locate the Asacol 400 brand name that you mentioned in your post. I have little time to master the pharmacy issue in Canada so I thought you might be able to give me a couple names that you have used and familiar with in obtaining the medication quickly. I have heard that some Canadian Pharmacies can take weeks which I don’t have in this situation and you mentioned a week approx. I would be most appreciative. Thank you in advance.

      1. Hey sorry for the delay. I went with another pill called Aprisa when needed. Insurance would not reimburse otherwise. Best of luck

    2. rjw,
      I was changed from Asacol to Delzicol and not doing well on it. Really horrific heartburn, fatigue, among other symptoms. I would like to consider ordering from Canada, Asacol brand 400 mg if available quickly as mentioned. Not feeling that terrific and would appreciate the name of the pharmacy or two you know of for Asacol 400 mg. Thank you.

    3. Thank you for the information. I ordered asacol from Canada and they arrived today. They have the same number coding as the one I was getting in the US, and for a 1/3 of the price. The Delizcol was not working well – I had a lot of stomach issues with this pill.

  4. Graham from England

    A warning on mesalamine in all it’s names, in case your GI didn’t tell you (mine didn’t). Over a few months it can make you deficient of folic acid and this can lead to a stroke. I believe a supplement should be taken with this medication. Though Folic acid can apparently make a tumour grow quicker, iit does reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and stroke.

    I suffered a minor stroke 2 months after taking this as a suppository. I have only just discovered this link but it could explain what happened to me. All of my tests have been extremely good and the mystery continues. However, all the symptoms of this deficiency are exactly what I’ve experienced. For some reason, folate deficiency is also exacerbated by drinking green tea and how I love my green tea!

    If you are on this medication and get any dizzy spells, please be careful.

  5. Hi :)! I don’t know for sure but I would think the Asacol 800mg would have the chemical that can cause birth defects, in the video that Adam posted above they said that the chemical responsible for birth defects was in the coating of the tablet so I think this would apply to the 800mg, but they will now print that on the side effects leaflet if they are still selling it.

    I wondered about this Asacol thing because I went to collect my Asacol enemas from the Pharmacy last month and they said they didn’t have any and there was a problem with the manufacturer, they gave me Salofalk instead. But I’ve stopped using the enemas I think they really mess your insides up, you want calm and peace in there and the enemas just seem to create more chaos. I was using the suppositories for a while and they seem to cause less irritation but don’t treat as large an area.

    Graham glad you seem to have figured out what caused your stroke and hope you are keeping well. I didn’t know about the folic acid thing. I am off everything at the moment and am just using nicotine lozenges and diet to help control my symptoms. I even stopped smoking a week ago, fingers crossed!

  6. Graham from England


    It’s taken 3 months but I feel great now, just had a whole week feeling normal. I’ve taken a multi vitamin (Inc folic acid) for over a week and no asacol for over 2 weeks. I’ve been smoking 5 a day since stopping the meds and the flare is well under control now.

    You seem to be doing well. Don’t forget the Evoo to maintain that nice healthy colon, sounds like you have a good plan!

  7. Juliet

    Really happy to hear you’re doing much better Graham! I didn’t know this about Asacol. I take the 800mg tablets (6 per day)! I don’t seem to absorb them ever, even when not flaring. It’s something I mentioned to my GI previously, but maybe she thought I meant during flare ups! I always see them completely intact, have wondered what the point in taking them is!!! I shall be asking them about the folic acid as well as the changes to Asacol.

    1. I’ve been on Asacol for twenty years started out taking 4 400mg tabs every day. Last year they switched where they couldn’t make or sell the 400mg tabs in the US nomore on Asacol now 800mg tabs four times a day now. Ive taken this stuff religiously for all this time I dont know, I think it maybe keeps the flares in check some what but they still arrive once twice three four five six times a year or so…. during flare I take tjey mesalamine emma at night before bed after two or three nights im back to normal but continue them for three weeks….. 36 yr old male

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