Who’s the Colitis Pullup Champion? Cast Your Vote Now!

Hey UC’ers,

FOR EVERYONE who may have, has had, or still has the ulcerative colitis disease we all know so well…there is some super great news. UC’ers can still crank out a wicked amount of pullups every once in a while. Some of you may remember a few weeks back when a super informal, fun/friendly pullup competition was announced here, and some of you may have wondered who the heck got into involved and what the hell the deal is. Well, the time has come. Three brave souls, all UC’ers, and me (although I for sure pulled off way less than the competition) have got our videos submitted, and we need your votes. Who should be crowned the Colitis Pullup Champion?

So please take a look at the videos, and cast your vote. And once you’re through watching the videos, make sure to sit back and relax knowing that UC for sure isn’t the end of the world, and life can still go on. Thanks to everyone who participated, and you all are friggin rockstars for sure!

Trent’s Pullups:

Alex’s Pullups:

Blake’s Pullups:

Adam’s Pullups:


Here’s Little More About Some of the Pullup’ers:

Blake with wife

Blake with his wife!

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 197lbs
Location: STL
Bio: I was diagnosed with UC in February 2011 and had my colon removed in December 2011 as the first step in a 3 part J Pouch surgery. i’ve been living with a j Pouch since August 21st, 2012. I shot this pull up video a little over 3 months after my final surgery. That is the most pull ups I’ve ever done IN MY LIFE! I don’t care if I win this competition. Frankly, the other guys beat me, but I just want to show people that life goes on without a colon. I’m doing just fine now and my wonderful, lovely wife and cute little boy are happy to have daddy back!

Stories written by Blake:
People WHO Have Had Their Colons Out Please Assist
UPDATE, 1 Month After Colon Surgery
The Journey To A Completed J-Pouch

Alex from NY

Alex giving a funny look!

140 lbs.
Long Island
32 yrs
Diagnosed 7 years ago.
mostly asymptomatic till 2010.
Started to flare when i moved to NY from California….climaxing last December in a 1 week hospital stay after crapping blood 40+ times a day, loosing 20lbs, and being on deaths door. Since leaving the hospital 1 year ago, i have ssslllooowwwlllyyy been improving through medication, diet, lifestyle, spiritual, and quite frankly whatever i can use to get better. currently bleeding slightly, moderate pain, and 4-5 semi urgent trips to the bowl a day,avg.(some days better than others). I entered this challenge in hopes of setting an example for not giving up even though this disease can literally drain my strength right out my ass. we all do the best we can, and we are here to support each other.

Trent…(Trent’s too busy at the gym working out, so not enough time to get his whole story up, but you got his pullup video!)

Thanks Again Trent, Blake and Alex.  And for everyone else, if you want it to be, this could be you as well.  Colitis People Can Survive!

-Adam Scheuer

6 thoughts on “Who’s the Colitis Pullup Champion? Cast Your Vote Now!”

  1. Okay…kudos to all you…

    Blake is the winner hands down…he won before he even showed off his amazing pull-ups…already pushing all his limits after his surgeries…how he didn’t literally bust his gut doing those pull-ups is amazing! Go Blake!

    Adam…best dressed/styling point and scenery….kinda suspicious the way it looks like the same bikes riding by over and over? Huh Blake? Oh, bonus manly points for the “extra” push-ups! :-)

    Alex and Trent…way to kick UC butt! You guys were ALL awesome…a little too serious…next time perhaps some guitar Adam?!
    :-) Shelly

    1. Thanks Shelly! You always were my favorite. Haha! By the way, I was wearing a compression belt under my shirt to keep my insides from wanting to pop out.

      Yes David, we were going to enforce a full extension rule at first, but then we just decided to have a vote because everyone does their pullups a little different and we didn’t want to discourage anyone from participating. I didn’t know I would be against such a strong competition. I’m starting to thing people with UC have some kind of strange pull up power.

      Trent looked like he was in an anti gravity chamber, made the pull ups look so easily and Alex, you did the most and I would’ve voted for you if I had not voted for myself, haha. You did like 3 more after your tank was on E, that was impressive. Adam, you were the only one with full extension on each pull up and that is something to be proud of, plus adding in some pushups at the end, you should’ve jumped in the ocean after that and did some swimming.

      Big thanks to Adam for the website, the competition, the sweet prizes and for everything you do for the UC community. I’m glad to be done with this because I need a break from pull ups. Seriously, over a one and a half month span I’ve done a crap load of pullups all for this one little spot of glory, my arms need a rest!

  2. Kudos to all…and of all the competitors, Adam was the ONLY one to do full arm extensions before pulling back up….the most difficult…and correct…way for pull ups. Alex, loved your effort at the end…never say die. That spirit and determination will carry you far in life. Colon or no, Blake, you had the most body weight to pull up so the others should hang weights from their legs to match your effort. Trent made it look easy, as if killing time between his real workout. Makes me wonder how many you can really do. But you’re all awesome. Adversity is part of life. No one escapes it. It separates the men from the boys, and you four are definitely the gold standard in that regard. Congrats to all.

  3. Great job guys. All of you did a great job but I have to give Trent my vote. You made that look so easy. And you are bigger than life! Being a nurse I know the difficulties you all struggle and I calenge you to stay strong, continue to educate yourself and most importantly….live, love and laugh!!!

  4. ya’ll are my heroes! I did 15 pullups in high school…over ten years ago and thought i was pretty cool back then. haha! and recently i did 15 pushups in my 6 yr old daughters karate class. SUPER proud of myself. it hurt like hell for like 3 days afterwards, but hey, i did more than i thought i could and i sure have suffered through worse!!
    anyways, i’m sending lots of love and strength and health to all of you awesome UC’ers out there :)
    ps. i voted for alex because he had a cool t-shirt on and his legs were going crazy all over the place! hahaha! good job to ALL of you, though! you rock.

  5. i couldn’t pick because you are all awesome! anyone who can do a pull-up in my book is a beast. i’ve never done one in my life and never will.

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