When Should Your Kids Go To School with Colitis?

Thanks to Roger, an incredible UC’er and follower of the site who brought an important topic of discussion up.  Actually, the topic was first mentioned on a CCFA website post recently, but he felt it would be good to discuss here as well.  It has to do with the parenting and making decisions as a parent with regards to a young child’s ulcerative colitis.

I’ll post below the question, and below that I’ll post what Roger’s response was.

If you have your own response to the question, please feel free to add it in the comments section below.

Original Question:

“My son was just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (Crohn’s) at the end of last school year. We did a lot of resting over summer break and he was feeling almost normal again. School is now back in session and he is starting a flare up. I know he feels bad and I am letting him take his time in the morning but I want him to attempt to go to school. I don’t want to push him to hard but I think it is important that he try to start the day and then if it’s too much come home. How do you other families handle this?”

Roger’s Response:

I have UC and I have always found that getting enough rest is critical to keeping my symptoms at bay. My son, 12, also has UC, and I always encourage him to go to school and if it gets too bad, I will come pick him up. I’m not sure what your son’s exact symptoms are. But if my son has abdominal pain before school, we treat with acetaminophen and, occasionally, hyoscyamine, too. Don’t know what your doctors have told you, but diet plays a huge role in controlling symptoms.


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  1. I was a freshman in High School and I had UC and it was tough, however I was still able to manage alright. My parents told the school nurse and she notified all my teachers to allow them to let me go to the bathroom whenever I needed to, which worked out pretty well. On top of that I brought lunch from home (that were UC proof and tasty) so I wouldnt be tempted to buy things from the cafeteria. Hope your son will be okay :)

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