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What’s Next – MeeMee C’s Story:

First, I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has to offer.

I was diagnosed with UC when I was 30.

I was subscribed a suppository called Rawasa. It worked like magic and I would flare up only on occasion.

When I was 38 I had my gallbladder removed and didn’t have any flare ups for 12 years. At age 50, it all came back, worse then ever. I had a colonoscopy and it showed that my issue was in the rectum. At first I was taking Asacol, which only helped for 6 months after that I went on Canasa along with the Asacol, which did nothing. After that, I was put on a Court enema with Asacol. That didn’t work either.

While still having flare ups, I ended up getting sick (vomiting, dehydrated) and admitted to the hospital (ER) by my GI. While in ER they only ran blood tests and couldn’t find anything wrong and chalked it up to a stomach virus and sent me home. A few weeks later, I was vomiting and dehydrated again, the blood work showed nothing and I was sent for an endoscopy. It showed nothing. My GI then decided to send me for a Cat-scan to check out my liver and pancreas. I can’t tell you how nervous I was. This issue was now going on three months from October, 2013 to December 2013. At this point, I had lost 21 lbs. The CAT scan showed a blood clot (an incidental finding-I was lucky) and I was admitted to the hospital immediately and was there for 5 days. They did a colonoscopy and found an infection in my colon, put me on antibodies, Coumadin to thin out the blood, I’m back on Canasa which is doing nothing!! I have an appointment next week. I’m sure they will try another medication. Wish me luck! Thanks!

written by MeeMee C

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Adam iHaveUC guy

Adam Scheuer, founder of iHaveUC.com

Hi MeeMee,

Have you ever tried modifying your diet at all?  Almost zero GI doctors will make that type of suggestion, but it may be something to consider if you haven’t tried cutting out certain foods to see if your symptoms get better.  That would be my biggest suggestion as I’m so much happier to be off medications entirely at this point and doing the things I want to be doing in my spare time instead of tripping out on UC symptoms.

You must be getting frustrated with the medical system at this point with all the doctors visits you’re making week after week.  I’d suggest to maybe start looking outside the box.

No matter what decisions you make, I wish you the best, you most definitely deserve it (especially if you’re getting blasted with foul weather this winter in New York.)


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  1. Hi,
    This all sounds frustrating and scary to have infections and clots. I was dx as a teen with UC just in the proctitis area too. I had 2 flares as a teen, treated with suppositories And then had nothing until now (33 yrs old.) While my uc is much less worse then many here its still frustrating. I started canasa too. It hasn’t been long but improvment is little right now (and I hate the morning gassy/oily poo!) I am reading Adams book right now and working up the nerve (dread) to try the diet changes. I have been told for months to try gluten free for my kids. Its just so hard to take that first step.

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