What’s for Lunch?

Shelby M fIntro:

Hello, My name is Shelby and i was diagnosed with UC two weeks ago! I am 25 and have always been very healthy. I love to snowboard and cycle. There is a very long history of IBD in my family. Learning that i have UC was a surprise though, given the number of GI problems i’ve been faced with. I’m just so happy there are so many supportive sites and groups to turn to. Learning about UC has been a whirlwind and there is so much information. Sifting through it makes my head hurt. My family has been great though and have been very active in CCFA my whole life.

Some more about me:

I am from all over! i was born in CT then moved to FL, NC, WV, and CO. I am currently making my way back to FL. I am going to miss the mountains in CO! I love to snowboard. i have spent all season trying to get better at it. I also love to sing and have sang in choirs all over the country!


I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I am having a pretty bad flair and have basically just been on a fluid and soft food diet for a month now. The stomach cramps and severe diarrhea have gotten the best of me, I’m afraid. I have had limited blood thank god! I’ve been going to the bathroom about 10-20 times a day.

What’s for Lunch?

I have had digestion problems my whole life. I could never go out to eat and order a steak or i’d be in the bathroom for a week. Originally they told me i had IBS and i took it with a grain of salt and ate pretty much whatever i wanted and figured the pain would subside. For a years that worked but i noticed a huge difference about 6 months ago. That’s when i noticed the blood. Anyone with UC will tell you the first time you see that much blood in your crap its terrifying!! Fortunately my family has been very involved in CCFA for many years. My aunt has Chron’s disease and UC. She has had many surgeries and after she had the bag put in her life has gotten loads easier (still sucks to empty it but not as much pain). I dont mind the doctor stuff so much yet but i also am newly diagnosed. I will update after a few more visits.

I am a single mom of a beautiful 3 and a half year old daughter who really doesn’t understand that mommy is sick. She cries for me to pick her up but I’ve been so weak! My parents are being gracious enough to let me move home for a while until i get better. I gave my notice at work and i will be moving home from CO to FL in two weeks! One of my biggest fears is finding a new job that will understand about the doctors visits and that sometimes i have to go to the bathroom 20 times in a day.

My biggest issue is what to eat! if its solid, i feel like death! if its liquid i feel like i cant get enough nutrients. Whats good for on the go? I work long shifts and i don’t know what to snack on! Any brand advice or things i could find out at restaurants (fast) would be great!

Right now I’m enjoying some Metronidazole (Sarcasm)

written by Shelby M

Adam Scheuer Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Adam Scheuer – founder of iHaveUC

Ask Adam:

“What is your favorite snack to indulge in that is UC safe?”

Hey Shelby, thanks so much for sharing your story and picture. MY favorite snack food is actually pretty simple. I like simple stuff for snacks like a plain old banana, or sometimes some guacamole and cucumber slices. I’ll make a smoothie every once in a while for a snack also. Also, if I’m out and about, I’ll sometimes go to a deli counter and order a few slices of roast beef (as long as it looks as though its not contaminated with too many preservatives).


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  1. Hey Shelby,

    I have to say I don’t think I have had it as bad as you but over the last 5 days I have tried the exact Diet from Adam’s video and my symptoms have changed dramatically! I wonder if you can take 5 days and try it and see if things alter? I had blinding headaches for first 2 days and could not have my normal headache tablets as they are said to irritate a flare. But the went on day 3 as my body got used to no dairy/caffeine/sugar and I honestly feel like a different person. I am taking each day as it comes and not taking it for granted but the diet change certainly seems to be helping me! x Good luck and I hope you find something that works as well for you x

    Keep us posted

  2. My favorite ‘snack’ when I’m flaring is bone broth. It’s warm and soothing on the guts and easy to spill so I’m forced to stop and really enjoy it. :)

  3. The most frustrating thing I find about UC is that everyone is different and there’s no one right answer. For me, bananas seem ok (I have to breathe out as I eat them as I can’t stand the smell!). I also hard boil half a dozen eggs on a Sunday and snack on them over the next few days. The occassional chocolate coated rice cake is a treat, but in general I find sugar very bad for my symptoms. I am slightly addicted to coconut yogurt as it contains no sugar, dairy or wheat and still manages to taste like a dessert.

  4. Shelby, We hear you! Many of us have been at your stage, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. I’m really into eggs, and after my bowel resection, a seven-minute boiled egg was all I wanted to eat (after not eating solid food for 3 weeks!). I have Crohn’s-Colitis, and as Katherine said, we are all so different….that said, I agree with everyone here: chicken broth, water, bananas… The BRATs diet (I am dairy-free, so no yogurt, or toast or grains of any kind for me…) but remember the acronym at least for “Bananas and applesauce” (I don’t eat anything with sugar (one full year and feeling great!), so I buy Vermont Village Organic unsweetened applesauce. Take it slow, and keep a food journal…. We are here for you.

  5. I’m in the same boat almost a year since I’ve been diagnosed with UC. I’m still in a way finding out what foods work with me…will be trying the Paleo Diet very soon…not as strict but the generic lean meat, veggie, fruit type meals. Bananas seem to be awesome on the gut just don’t overdo them. Rice seems to be wicked as well with digesting…works wonders during flairs. I also found that noodles seem to digest pretty well also…although red sauces can become troublesome. I recently tried Nutrigrain bars…those work pretty well.

    Like someone stated everyone is different with foods…you pretty much just have to do the trial and error method to see what foods digest well with you. Slowly do this though because I still to this day would let my cravings and ego get to me and suffer the consequences.

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