What Is Going On Up There!

Phillip K fullIntroduction:

Hi, I’m Phillip, I am engaged to my high school sweet heart, after not seeing each other since High School in 1988. We both have kids from previous relationships that didn’t workout. But we are both happy with each other and support each other with our diseases.

Some more about me:

I live in Adelaide in Australia. I am 41, I work as a forklift driver for a major car componet factory. During the summer here in Australia i play outdoor cricket for Magill Morialtia Cricket Club. during the colder months I go to watch Australian football. I also like to work on cars, enjoy gardening and have recently finished building a raised garden bed. We will be growing herbs and vegetables in it. I will post a photo of it once the vegies have started to grow.

My Colitis Symptoms:

I was diagnose with UC in 2006. The Dr started me Sulfasalazine. That helped for about a month or two. had a colonoscopy in 2007, that’s when i was told that it had spread 25cm up my butt. The Dr put me on prednisolone 25mg’s, working my way down 5mg’s each week. that settled it, but after a month off the Pred, i would have a flare up. This keeps happening to me, and it stresses me out. Just wish there was a solution to this disease. Then I found iHaveUC on Facebook. I have purchased the E-books, which i am currently printing out now.

What Is Going On Up There!

Ulcerative colitis has changed my life big time, by the way of drinking alcohol or having a big bender, My main concerns are about the being on the crapper for much of the day and going through three to four rolls of crap paper.

Eating habits have changed slightly, but still get flare ups.

It interferes with my cricket, especially when I’m out in the field, can’t exactly run off to the toilet during the game, so I just clinch my butt checks and hope for the best. I have considered wearing adult nappies, but too embarrassed. I just wait til a break in the game or when it’s time for drinks.

Constantly having to race to the toilet all the time at work, as I drive a forklift and have to supply parts to the line, I tend to get behind and stop sometimes, but not all the time, touch wood.

I see the Doctor every 3 months, but if I have a flare up during that time, I’m to see him straight away.

I have no problems with the Dr checking out my butt,

my theory is “what has to be done, has to be done”.

My partner is very supportive to me, as she also has a butt disease, as she has “Diverticulitis”, pockets that have formed in the bowel.

My family supports me as well. My young brother has UC as well, so I will let him know about this. Hopefully we can support each other through this crisis. Hopefully this will help stop him from eating take away, like KFC and pizzas. What do other UC’ers do to control their symptoms? I am most concerned about having my colon removed. I just want get off these medications that pretty much run my life and just to be able to live a normal life without the pressure of trying to find a toilet.

Medications I’ve Been Prescribed:

Sulfasalazine, 2 tablets three times a day.
Inuram, 1 tablet three times a day.

written by Phillip K
submitted in the colitis venting area

13 thoughts on “What Is Going On Up There!”

  1. Phillip,

    Thanks for sharing, and it’s really encouraging to learn about someone like yourself who is battling UC but still moving forward with things you like to participate in such as cricket (even though its much more of a struggle with UC) Way to go for not allowing UC to force you to miss out on everything you enjoy in life!!

    Here’s another tip that has helped me ALOT, and I wish everyone followed me on this:

    Take a few minutes, or maybe even hours , and read up on the stories from others who have had their colon removed via surgery. Maybe you’ve done that already, but like so many other people who are in the middle of tuffy times with UC, reading about people who have had surgery is the last thing your brain wants to learn about.
    BUT, I think the brain/body really does need to be educated on what it’s all about.

    AND FUTHERMORE, I think once people do read up on that process, and realize that there for sure is life at the end of the tunnel even if you do get surgery, you’ll be able to get rid of some stress that the whole idea creates. AND this for sure will help in your recovery.

    here’s some links for that:

    It has worked for me in the past when I was struggling with a flare up, and it may do the same for you. The good old brain is just as helpful in getting past flare ups as our colon is.

    Best to you and your highschool sweetheart, and best to your brother as well,


    1. Adam, last weekend went well as we had our first cricket game for season. We made 153 runs and bowled the other team out for 130 runs. I bowled 7 overs taking 3 wickets for 33 runs.

      1. YEAAAH Phillip!!!

        I don’t know what all that means since I know zilch about the game of Cricket, but i’m going to need to do some research. Sure sounds like alot of runs though! Gla it went well, best to you in the coming weeks,

  2. Hey Phillip,

    Man I know about being on the field for so long playing Cricket and having UC.
    Last Year I managed 1 game, and the year before I didn’t play (yr I got diagnosed). But thats both due to work and UC. To be honest I just couldn’t concentrate on my game when Im thinking of UC.

    Just to let everyone on here know, I know its been awhile since I been on here. But I have taken 3 months of remission to finally…do my first FMT yesterday. I held it in for 12 hours and plan another 29 more infusions with another one this evening. Too early to report any news but I will do a write up…whether it worked or not. If you guys have any questions feel free to reply, I will be around

      1. Don, I have not thought about doing home FMT, you must be thinking of UC family boy who is doing the FMT treatment for 30 days. All the best for the future Don. Keep me posted on your treatment.

        1. Hi Phillip! Yup I got mixed up there with who I was replying to. Thanks for your story, it is all to familiar to me. I was diagnosed with UC in 2007 but actually started having problems early in 2006. It really does change your life. On the plus side I do appreciate the simple things more and I really appreciate feeling good like I do right now. I hope you can find something that works for you to give you some relief. I will keep updating my blog as to how the fecal transplants are going. Good luck to you!

      2. Hey Don,
        I did one yesterday evening But it went straight out…due to being so full from the days food. So this morning I did another one which was held in But I don’t think I have done enough on the infusion. What I am learning is for the 30odd days I will eat a high fibre diet But not over eat. Yesterday I eat alot at the first feeling in a long time (Due to FMT?) of being able to without the urge to go…but when it came to the infusion it didn’t help as I was so full.
        So new plan, Either first thing in the morning or straight after work and than Eat.
        I plan another one this evening trying to work on 8 ounces and again freeze the remainder. I plan 30 as I believe 7 days will be a battle inside before the new guys take hold and receive help with the newer guys from the coming infusions and (as with 2nd and 3rd infusion) it will take me atleast 4 to prefect the infusions effectiveness with amount and helped with diet.
        I must state I am in remission heading into this, and have not been on Prednisone for awhile now and not taken Asacol for 3 months now. I did find going back onto smoking got me into remission, although urgency and not the best looking BM was still present…But since the first infusion I didn’t get urgency but there is still some of them UC noises which highlights; More FMT is needed.

        I read your blog, very good…I am a designer too dude, but slightly different field. Let me know how you get on with Dr. Bansidhar

        1. Hi UC Family Boy! We are both in the same boat dude! I also am in remission and hoping to be cured with FMT. I did the 7 day course of antibiotic to weaken the old bacteria and give the new ones a better chance of populating. I also do the transplant right before bed. That way it can work while I sleep. Taking Valerian root, cannabis, welbutrin, and immodium about an hour before really settles me down and helps me to hold the enema in. Today is day 10 for me and I am going to stop after tonight and see how it goes. Good luck to you and keep us posted ok? Fingers crossed!

      3. Please keep us posted, Don…I thought that you were in remission on the probiotic and L-glutamine. I guess it didn’t get you where you want to be? So far, it’s still working for me.

        The FTs should do the trick…at least I hope so. I have high hopes for them being the ultimate in treating UC!


        1. Hi Bev. The probiotic seemed to help at first but then I started going downhill again. I decided to go back on prednisone to get into remission so that I could do home FMT. Today is day 10 and I am feeling pretty good. I just need to get off all the drugs now and see how I do. I will keep updating my blog. Good to hear that you are doing better. Take care!

        2. Hey man,

          With that list of artillery against your UC I think you should be onto a winner.
          To be honest I haven’t best prepared for my FMT. I took enzyme supplements on an empty stomach 1 week before, and attempted a fairly low fibre diet but on the Saturday before the Monday infusion I found myself out with 3girls I met and drank some liquor :-(
          Plus I fell of the asacol wagon 2months ago due to finding remission via smoking. Currently I only take L-Gut but took some asacol today. I have stacked the odds against me for FMT to not work, if it don’t, my stats wouldn’t be fair to include in the debate of ‘is FMT the answer to UC?’
          None donor today so looks like I’m waking 4am to do my next one. Hearing and feeling some UC noises so as yet…
          UC 1, FMT 0

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