What About Putting on Weight Instead of Losing?


Got diagnosed UC for about 2 years now, also i already had symptoms since i was 18. I went to 2 really hard flare ups with taking 50mg prednisolon and immunesuppressives for about half a year. And i get so tired about taking all those pills. After some research i found this scd-diet thing and this chanel on youtube, which isn´t very popular in Germany, and now i´m trying to follow the instructions.

Some more about me:

I´m from Germany , near to Frankfurt. I sing in a band and do fire-twirling at Renaissance Faires, weddings etc. .I used to dance Latin dances professionally, but got into a flare too often, when training pensum got too much, so i had to quit.
I love being with people and hate being on my own- especially when i´m in a flare i can´t stand being alone.I´m very open minded, always trying to find something new that could interest me.


  • bloating,
  • blood in stool,
  • low back pain ,abdominal pain
  • inflammation of the tendons especially hands,shoulders and knees
  • diarrhea of cause

Putting on Weight Instead of Losing?

I´m a 36 year old girl from germany.I can remember having symtomps since I was 18, but although i had a number of colonoscopys, doctors always told me i have nervous gut. The CU finally got diagnosed 3 years ago when i got into a totally burnout, which was a great release ´cos then a proper therapy started an no one concidered me being a psycho anymore. The diagnose itself was hard and i really had to give up some things that i really liked to do,´cos my body isn´t that tough anymore, especially when i do sports and the immune system starts working.

Instead of other CU people, who are trying constantly NOT to loose weight- I have problems to loose it and every time i take it costs me more kilos on my hips. Last time i put on about 25 kilos , which i can´t get rid off.

Is there anyone who has the same problem?

I also lost most of my hair by taking the immunesuppressives and with the prednisolon i´m always like in a state of stress. Cant´sleep right, always sweating, red faced like coming right from the gym.

I think the colonocopys are bugging, but i´m always glad when the results are good .

But i decided not to get discouraged by my rebellious gut and won´t stop fighting against it and try to life a mostly normal life.

Lucky I have a boyfriend who supports me and who´s arms are always open, when i have weak moments again or get angry against my gut.
Even my boss is very sympathetic, but that might be ´cos i work as a physio.

After a lot of research i found this page and some usefull videos on youtube,while i was searching for the SCD-Diet, wich unfortunally isn´t very popular in Germany.

So if the diet might work out for me , I´ll try to make it much more popular here in Germany.

At the moment i´m trying out a mix of curcuma and glutamin and vitamin d to support the gut to get through the flare and i think it helps pretty good to low down the prednisolon dosis
written by Chani
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4 thoughts on “What About Putting on Weight Instead of Losing?”

  1. Hello Chani,
    Welcome to the group! I wanted to leave a reply for you, even if I don’t necessarily have advice on how to lose the prednisone weight. I am from Darmstadt, Germany, but am living in the USA. I had similar experiences before being diagnosed, where doctors put off my symptoms as me being too neurotic. I went through several flares and doctors, as well as a colonoscopy before I got diagnosed. I felt like a psycho myself. Believed what they were saying and I was so relieved when “the truth” came out! Hang in there! It’s nice to find a group you can relate to, even though they are across the entire world! You will find many helpful comments and stories here.
    Ich hoffe, es geht dir bald besser!

  2. Hello Chani,
    Losing and gaining weight is so frustrating. I have had times when I was gaining more than I wanted to, especially while on Prednisone. I hate that medication, not only for the weight gain, but for all of the other nasty side effects.
    I am so happy to hear you have a supportive boyfriend, it helps so much having people in your life that love you and (try to) understand what you’re going through. I hope you find health with the scd diet…and if that doesn’t work, keep on trying until you find something that does.

  3. Chani
    I put on a total of 5 stone over 4 years on prednisilone and felt like I was the only person with UC who put on weight! I developed all the symptoms of an adrenal overdose and looked like a bloated toffee apple but…. I have been off prednisilone for 1 year and on azathioprine – I have lost 2 stone and am still going down albeit very slowly. There is life after steroids – have faith

  4. Try fruit smoothies. Blueberries yogurt apple juice and bananas. Very nutritional and if u go online it’s supposed to help u loose weight. I have been doin this for quit some time and I have to stick with strict diet right now due to a blockage in small vowel. But at least I can eat something that will benefit my weight and not cause problems in my colon

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