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Radio host of Up Front in the Prophetic, researcher, happily married and mother of five beautiful children.

I was Diagnosed with UC a year and a half ago after taking antibiotics for bronchitis. I ended up in the hospital because of cramping and diarrhea
thus after a CT scan and sigmoidoscopy, the doctors labeled the condition as UC.

Since our children are older and live in different places, my husband an I love to travel and visit. As radio host we love what we do as we are able to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds as well as influences.

10 days ago after reluctantly taking antibiotics for a UTI, I had another UC flair. I’ve been in the hospital three times for IV fluids because of diarrhea and bloody stools and cramping. The ER doctors put me on Flagyl which I only took two pills and prednisone for five days. After finding your site, praise God, I learned about Uceris. I asked the ER doc to prescribe it to me and he gladly did.

I’ve only been on it for one day now and the diarrhea is slowing down from 18 times a day to six or seven. I still have a little cramping and blood , yet am positive that I’m on the up swing. I did feel a little nauseous, not sure if it’s from the Uceris yet I will continue. I just ordered your ebooks and looking forward to reading them.

Francine’s Story:

Back in 2019 my sister had passed from having terminal breast and brain cancer. We have been fighting alongside her for several years believing that she would be healed. She did not do the natural route as she felt more comfortable with chemo therapy and radiation which took a tremendous toll on her body. The stress of all that had my gut upside down Wes IBS.

After the funeral I ended up warm down and had gotten bronchitis. Needless to say ended up in the ER with a dose of antibiotics. Boy, did that change everything!

I was Diagnosed with UC after taking the antibiotics for the bronchitis. I ended up in the hospital because of cramping and diarrhea
thus after a CT scan and sigmoidoscopy, the doctors labeled the condition as UC.

After finding out I had UC over a year ago, the doctors were pushing for high doses of medications and procedures, in which I was not ready for, nor felt right about.

I found that many of these doctors really don’t understand the aspects of how eating good food can help your gut. Honestly, I felt like I was just another number and a way to make money off of their procedures and pharmaceutical drugs.

I did learn a lot by listening to other you tubers in their experiences yet have found your site, Adam, transparent and extremely helpful.

After doing a lot of research I found that eating the right foods could help heal the micro biome and that’s exactly what I did.

Some of the stuff that I took to keep me in remission are as follows; good belly liquid probiotics, G.I. repair by Nuvision, collagen powder peptides And hemp oil.

What other diets are good for UC and has anyone found what probiotics are best?

Diet; off of all bread, sugar, and dairy. Mainly plant-based yet I added salmon, and chicken.
Some of the stuff that I took to keep me in remission are as follows; good belly liquid probiotics, G.I. repair by Nuvision, collagen powder peptides And hemp oil.

written by Francine F

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  1. Find a good Homeopathic doctor. I had a severe case of UC for 3 years after death of my father, and other stress. A lot of my condition changed with this info I found here. It is all great. And changing your diet is big part of it. But it wasn’t until I completely changed my dr that I really started to improve and now, I have not had an episode in 2 years. Homeopathic dr and natural medicine is the way. Best probiotic is natural saurerkraut. I buy Bubbies brand. And you only need 1 tbsp a day, I like it so not a problem. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you Sheryl, so appreciate your comments! I am on the hunt for a homeopathic and just started the sauerkraut. I have not tried Bubbies brand yet will!

  2. Francine,

    Sorry to hear about your sister. You
    Know this UC thing sucks big time. Alomg with my medication of mesalamine, I am still trying different things like SCD diet and supplements like Colostrum. Still trying to find that silver bullet, ha ha. Now I am into Spices , like cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. I am on 3rd week of making homemade yogurt for probiotics. Now I plop a spoon full on a probiotic food source like avacado or mix in a smoothie with spices. My sister has a friend from India and suggests Moringa with Ayurvedic diet that I will try if SCD diet does not work,
    Giving it 3 months with my own tweaks, but yes, stay away from grains and dairy and sugar . I am not completely symptom free, and I have good and bad days, My advice to you is to keep trying dif things and listen to your body. For example, the SCD diet has a lot of recipes with Onioms and garlic, and I can’t stomach a lot of those fructans due to high acidity, so I only put a little bit in Soup. A lot of people boast about bananas, but if I have more than 3, my stomach acid goes north. I think everyone is different perhaps genetic or due to blood type. It’s a journey that you and I will need to figure out. But I strongly believe that we can figure out our specific formula , if we keep digging. Not easy but payoff is huge. I wish you luck.

  3. Hey there Jeremiah!
    What a process, yet with all of us coming together sharing idea’s we’ll come up with a win, win solution!! Thanks for all the ideas as it is greatly appreciated!!!

  4. I am also suffering Ulcerative colitis last 6 year,lot of medicine i eat but nothing,every day blood going with stool, my Dr.give me Prednisolone ,Mesacol OD , Rifaximin 550 but nothing ,Every day i go 6 or 8 time toilet but fill like i go again , please give me some good medicine name ,i am too much filling bad ,some time i fill i kill my self .

    1. Hi Laxman, yeah, psychologically, I empathise with you, been there in that bad mood place. Here in the UK, the commonest medication is Asacol, generic name is Sulfalazine, this wasn’t enough to hold back the tide of flares, chronic fatigue and urgency, you mention a “doctor”, if this isn’t a Gastroenterologist, then I suggest you get one appointed, I was able to hold down my job, as I was facing medical retirement 5 years ago, thanks to Azathioprine, in addition to my Asacol. Azathioprine should only be issued by a Gastroenterologist, as they have to conduct precautionary tests prior to prescribing it,and you must tell them of ALL current medications you are on , it can only be given out at 1 monthly periods, (subject to blood test result).

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