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Welcome Message

Adam Scheuer, founder of iHaveUC

Adam Scheuer, founder of iHaveUC

Thanks for visiting iHaveUC!

If this is your first time visiting the site, I hope you make use of all the information here.

I’m going to point out a few pages which you should most definitely read.

First things first, I’d also highly suggest that you join the free newsletter – HERE.  There are private messages that I send out to the newsletter group (which is made up of readers like you from over 50 countries.  Although all the information is written in English, the site is used worldwide, and someday all the pages will be translated if English is difficult for you.)

  • Stories –  Super interesting stories written by fellow UC’ers who have or “had” ulcerative colitis can be found on the Popular Stories Page.
  • Good GI Doctors – If you are looking for information about good GI doctors, you can check out the constantly growing database of reviewed GI doctors
  • Medication Reviews – If you are wanting to know what other people with colitis think about the medications they’ve tried…READ the medication reviews.  You can also submit your own reviews if you have experience with any of the medications listed.  Some examples of medications that we’ve reviewed are Prednisone/Prednisolone, Remicade, Lialda, Humira, Pentasa, 6-MP and many others.  Here’s the link for all that:  Medication Reviews Page
  • Surveys – There’s nothing better if you have ulcerative colitis (or if you know someone who does) than to read a whole bunch of others UC’ers talking about certain topics.  That’s why we run surveys here through the newsletter from time to time.  And, for new people to the site like you, there’s a link with all the survey data from the past.  Surveys on stress, relationships, probiotics, medications, prednisone, and many many more.  Check out the survey page and get your read on – Survey Page Data – click here
  • Videos – So let’s say you’re a YouTube junkie…or not.  Heck, maybe you just want to watch somebody talking about UC, cooking meals for UC, and all sorts of other stuff (some is rated PG-13 or worse..)  Click here to check out a list of videos that have been recorded:  Colitis Videos Link
  • Diet – So many of us with UC turn to diet to help control our symptoms and also at times to get off medications.  Here is a page that explains a popular diet, one which I talk about alot in my ebooks.  Diet Page – click here
  • Adding Your Story – If you’d like to share your story or a doctor review with the site, you can do that here – share story link
  • Adam’s stories – I have a dedicated page which lists all the different posts and updates I’ve written on this site since I started it back in 2009.  Here’s the link to my stories: Adam’s Updates Link
  • Getting Rid of Colitis eBooks – I’ve written two ebooks about how I’m getting past my UC and in remission, both of which are only available on this site, and both of which come in digital format and can be downloaded 24/7 by anyone worldwide.  Here are all the details: – eBook Information



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  1. Adam and Michaela…you rock! :-)
    Thanks for all you do. Diggin’ the new look, but have to get used to it on the tablet!
    Best and good health to you both, Shelly

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