Waiting for Colonoscopy to Confirm Colitis


36 year old female from New Zealand.
Love sports although not as active as i should be – Not due to health just lazy :)
Recently married

My Colitis Experience So Far:

Hi all,

Firstly, what a great website. Thank you for setting this up and keeping it running!! I live in a very small town in New Zealand and don’t yet have a GI or a regular Doctor that can give me much advise so I was excited to find all this information in one place.

Right onto my brief story.
I recently started being treated for Colitis (2x 500mg Pentasa 4x per day) after I went to the Doctor with blood and mucus in diarrhea and had been living on the toilet for about a month – on occasions up to 15 times a day. They completed some tests, bloods and stool samples which cleared me of any virus but apparently indicated that I may have a IBD, probably Colitis. I’m not sure what the stool sample indicated but they said something about a count of 95 – at the time I was a little overwhelmed so didn’t ask what that meant, if anyone has an idea id be interested to here.

I am now waiting for a colonoscopy which may take a few weeks (hospital waiting list).

I’ve done a great deal of research over the past week and have today started taking probiotics and have been trying to modify my diet. There has been some improved which is probably due to the meds.

My Query’s Are:

Will the colonoscopy still show an accurate reflection of what is going on inside if I have to wait too long and the inflammation subsides??

I’m also trying to suss out what sets me off but as I’m “Flaring” its hard to tell. Should I wait until I’m not so symptomatic or will the foods not effect me as much then??

Thanks Jenny

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  1. Hi, welcome, but sorry you’re going thru some “poopy” times. As far as the colonoscopy, my experience has been (as well as my GI confirmation) your colon lags in showing improvement. So even as your symptoms are improving, your colon takes longer to show improvement.

  2. I know just how you feel. I was diognosed with UC following my colonoscopy in 2009. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for yours. You are on the right track watching your food intake. I tried the scd diet but it wasn’t for my so I played around with my food. At first I thought the food plan would finally take over the healing process and I would be able to stop my meds, but a no no. After having 2 more big flares each year since I know now that the meds do have a positive effect. I am from Alexandra, where are you from?

  3. Hi Jenny, and welcome!

    As for what sets a person off, or causes the dreaded ‘flare’…the jury seems to be out on that. Apparently, many things, from the physical, to the environmental, can actually set us UCers off.

    With me, taling any antibiotics at all, sends me a-flare…so, now I am starting to believe in taking probiotics in a big way. I have just started taking ‘critical care’ probitics (50 billion per pill), during this flare up I am curently having, and after 5 days on them…the pain has disappeared, my poops are firmer, and there is hardly any blood all of a sudden. I have been on huge doses of asacol (asa) and enemas, and they aren’t helping at all! I refuse to try any of the ‘harsher’ drugs like immune suppressants, or steroids. No way…

    I’m beginning to think, after almost 15 years of taking all of these medical drugs that the doctor prescibes, that all this time, I should have been taking high doses of probiotics instead. Also, for a more natural approach, I would like to look into these fecal enemas. I know it sounds gross, but, apparently, using this procedure, that puts the good bacteria back into your colon, had cured quite a few people! Cured!! Please look it up online. I am going to try and find a doctor who will do it. In New Zealand, there may be a doctor there who will do it for you. All you have to do is google ‘fecal enemas’ and there is a plethora of info!

    Good luck, and I hope that YOUR colonoscopy shows no ulcerative colitis!!

  4. I feel ya girl. I would for sure modify your diet. Eat foods that are soothing on the stomach and soft And for sure low fiber. Your colonoscopy should tell you how bad it is. Probiotics do work. I take them. BUT I wouldn’t say that it is not enough to keep me in remission. Every body is different. Good luck.

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.
    I’ve just received an appointment date with the surgeon for the 1st Feb, so hopefully it wont be long after this that I get the Colonoscopy done. I don’t have the same urgency and am pooping some solids although blood and mucus are still apparent. In between times im letting out what look to be parts of my insides, not nice to look at, bloody lumpy, almost frothy. Im sure that’s all part of it. I have a real sweet tooth so this is really testing my self-control, or lack of J im sure ill get there though……

    Hi Shirley, I moved from ChCh to the West Coast of the South Island (Greymouth) last year. “Good” to see another Nzer on this site.

    Again thanks for thoughts.


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