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VSL#3 Probiotics

So Many people on this website seem to be taking VSL#3 probiotics, so this page is setup exclusively for this probiotic.

I know that many people both with and without ulcerative colitis use probiotics to promote better health. Also, it seems that many people who are just occasional users take probiotics like VSL#3 after taking antibiotic medications.

If you have used VSL#3 in the past or currently, please add a review by clicking the review button!


Also, this page has been known to provide discounted VSL3:

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VSL #3
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 3 reviews
 by Ed Trails
2 months In

I have had severe UC for many years, When I was visiting Toronto, someone suggested use of a probiotic. I mentioned it to my specialist he mentioned VSL#3. Now, why he never mentioned it me before I'll never know but I got my GP to prescribe it to me & here's what my results.

Start off w/ one sachet & be patient on one sachet. Less is more. Yes, I had some bloating, & some distinctly unpleasant gas but this all settled after approx a month. I take it in the morning w/ a small amount of water first thing. I don't think I'd want to take it w/ food. It seems to be helping a lot. The bloating & gas have gone. I am also on Entyvio, but I feel this is well worth having a go but give it 4 weeks.

Again, astounded that I had to push for this rather than it having been pro-actively suggested to me. DEFINITELY try this out starting w/ one sachet & stay on one sachet if it's working. Will update my progress in due course but I cant see me ver coming off this.

 by Sarah Cabule
Gut Gold in a Bottle

My doctor recommended VSL#3 to me after we agreed that it was time I go off of 6MP. As of this review, that was 10 months ago. I take VSL#3 twice daily with Lialda and I am beyond thrilled to say that I have remained in remission while on this regimen. The 6MP was really my saving grace when I was first diagnosed, so now that the VSL#3 is in its place and working wonders naturally, I highly recommend everyone to speak with their dr. and consider trying this probiotic. It is rather expensive, but I buy mine from Costco for slightly under $50. It's well worth the money since I'm no longer taking toxic 6MP. Do your gut a favor and try VSL#3!

 by Gina
Side Effects

I just started VSL3. First of all,they are not cheap and they must be refrigerated. Mine were shipped with ice bags but since it's mid summer I'm not too sure if they were harmed in shipment. Second, for UC the recommended dose is 4-8 caps a day! That makes them even more expensive but so are my Rx's so I decided to give it a try. I was told by a doctor to start out low, so I only took one the 1st day. On the 2nd day I took 2. After the 2nd one, I had a little bit of stomach upset but nothing bad. The 3rd day I took one with lunch and within an hour, I had cramping, nausea, and diarrhea. I read that some people should start out very slowly like only 1/4th of the dosage. Well....that's what I did but maybe I should go even smaller. Since this product has excellent reviews I want to continue so I will try to slowly work up to more. The product came with a warning that it may cause bloating for a day or two but said nothing about diarrhea. I've seen that others in different forums have experienced it though. I also read the diarrhea may be a good thing because it's the body getting rid of toxins and the bad bacteria...kind of a die off. I will probably try it again as I'm trying so hard to beat this without the pharmaceuticals. I will,repost my progress.