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Below is a list of pages with different videos I’ve recorded over the past few years since staring the iHaveUC website.

  1. Getting Down to Just 1 Poop Per Day – Yes it is possible (recorded in September of 2013 during while I’ve been in a long period of medication free remission)
  2. How To Handle a Colitis Flare:
    A video post where I’m talking about a flare up I went through way back in June of 2010.
  3. My New way for Eating Hamburgers:
    Video post that shows how I now go about eating burgers.  Just because I don’t eat bread anymore doesn’t mean burgers are off limits. AND Don’t think I’m using lettuce for the bun folks, oh hell no!
  4. Super TASTY dinner meal video.
    It fits my diet, fits my taste buds, and my colon likes it too. It’s another super easy and cheap colon friendly meal that I absolutely love.
  5. Debate on SALAD and GREEN and our COLONS
    This video is more about this topic and I for sure eat a lot of greens without problems.
  6. Back in 2010 I raised over $3500 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation
    It involved the Las Vegas Half Marathon. Here is a video that talks about training for that…LOTS OF FUN FOLKS!
    Well, we never talk about it, but we all have it. And if we didn’t have it, none of us would be alive. This is the first of a series of videos with one of the world’s leading Gut Microbiologists from Stanford University in California. I met up with this scientist at his lab and there’s lots to learn in the video.
  8. Flares Video, as most people with UC know flare ups happen.
    This video was shot back in 2010 when I was experiencing UC symptoms AKA…a flare up.
  9. Making Yogurt Video.
    Many people have decided to make their own yogurt, mainly for the positive benefits of bacteria that are found within the creamy stuff. Here’s a video of me in the making stage of that.
  10. Prednisone…
    As much as I absolutely despise those little white pills. They have helped me get out of a stubborn flare before. This video talks about that experience, and about a pretty tasty part of my diet.
  11. Honey
    This is the official honey video. I eat TONS of it.
  12. Eating Fish Video
    Well, if that’s you, here you go. An awesome, fresh, meal that I caught and cooked and my UC loves it too.
  13. Bathroom Talk Video #1
    So many times people are hurting and struggling, but it don’t last forever.
  14. Remicade
    A video that includes my actual doctor notes from the days when I was taking Remicade to treat my UC.
  15. Vacation Time
    This was a video I shot which shows how I successfully go on vacation and still maintain my diet needs which allows me to enjoy time away from home without sitting in the bathroom.(Like some other videos, there’s some tribal nudity kids)
  16. Making Homemade Yogurt
    There’s a ton of evidence that the powerful and beneficial bacteria that is inside CERTAIN yogurts can be very beneficial for digestive disorders
  17. Epithelial Surfaces
    Discussion and a song about what the heck the insides of our colon are up to. Some ideas on how they work and how bacteria affects the epithelia.
  18. 5 Step Stuffed Mushrooms Meal
  19. Making Sure to Get Probiotics from Kraut
    There are all sorts of different types of sauerkraut for sale at the grocery store, but if you can be certain that the one you buy has not been heat pasturized, then you can be certain you are going to get the maximum amount of probiotics from it.
  20. Researching Ulcerative Colitis with PubMed’s Online ResourceThere is such an incredible resource out there for all of us to take advantage of.  It’s called PubMed and within this online database, there are literally thousands and thousands of scientific studies and other types of research all related to inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis as well.   This video I recorded on January 18th, 2015 as an instructional guide to show you how I make use of this resource.   Definitely you’re gonna want to watch this today.

10 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Hi Adam, I was diognised after a colonoscopy with uc 6 months ago. The prior 6 months were torture.
    I was prescribed 60mm prednisone and came off over the next 5 months also pentassa which I am still taking.
    I felt ok and bowel movements were less frequent pain was gone, blood was gone.
    It is all back again.Now back on prednisone 40mm for the next 3 weeks.
    I have just found your site, and am impressed.
    I did try the special carb diet, but couldn’t handle it. I think yours sounds more inviting.
    I am only on your 3rd video so it is going to take some time to get through everything.
    The 5 fruit diet, did you blend it or eat it like diced frut?

    1. HI Shirley,
      Thanks for joining in on the communications. For the fruit stuff, I pretty much dice them up and eat them like that. I do daily blending with the strawberry/blueberry/bannana OJ and peanut butter smoothie. Actually getting ready to have one once wife gets back from store with more bananas.
      I’ll shoot you an email shortly to follow up on some more stuff. And thanks for posting your comments, I hope you enjoyed the videos,

  2. That salad looks absolutely awesome. Since I found this site, I’ve gone back to eating salads with no ill effects on my colitis. I did have a problem after eating mashed potatoes and biscuits with my dinner though so I am cutting those out.


    1. That’s great Paul, I’m having a hard time cutting out potatoes, but I think my results would be even better if I did, easier said than done for me.

      1. Torie

        Hi Adam about ur potatoe problem, i too have/had a problem resisting, so iv changed to the lighter coloured sweet potatoes on most occasions, they are white on the inside purple on the outside> just one hint? maybe it will help kick the habit?
        mwah from Torie in australia,
        (if my explanations are a little different!)

  3. Hey Adam, Like the new video, wish I could eat those mushrooms, only trouble is , I’m allergic to anything with yeast or fungus!! No worries , prawns wrapped in bacon on the BBQ work well too (slightly more expensive tho’)
    It’s so true about the slippery slope of not sticking to the diet – a couple of weeks ago I started drinking dry white wine (allowed on scd – in small amounts), well as I’m quite an obsessive personality anyway, that glass crept in for a few days and then to 2 or 3, et voila!! Started undoing ally my good work. But I’m back on track again, and fighting the good fight.
    Keep up the good work :-)

  4. Hi Adam,
    Am loving your videos and am going to try tackling colitis from a diet angle. With this diet are you drug free? and symptom free? or does it just help alleviate the symptoms?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hey Charlie,
      With the diet, I am currently drug free, over the past 17 months I was on prednisone once for about 6 weeks to help control a small flare. Other than that incident, drug free.
      As for symptom free… I can’t say I’m 100% without symptoms. I have some joint pain that seems to be common with others who have UC, and some occasional loose stools, but I’m pretty happy with how things are, and UC doesn’t get in the way of my daily life right now which is cool.
      Glad you’re liking the videos, I’ll keep them coming,

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