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Video Q&A: About Bleeding, Flares, Diet and Pregnancy


A BIG Thank you to  Jennifer, Amanda, Lisa and Brandee for your questions.  For sure there are tons of other UC’ers with very similar if not identical questions like yours.

And, for anybody who has some comments or additional ideas, please feel free to post them below in the comments sections.

Here are the questions once again:

[highlight]Question from Jennifer:[/highlight]

Hi Adam, Just a quick question. I gave up on medication a while ago realizing the side effects just made life worse. I’ve been trying to manage my flare ups through diet, however lately the pain and blood has been extremely bad. I’m not one to go to the doctor, any suggestions as to when or if I would need to go? I haven’t been in a year. Thanks Jennifer

[highlight]Question from Amanda:[/highlight]

Hi Adam
I am sorry to pester, my name is Amanda from UK.
I joined you a month or so ago.
I have a question for you. I hope you don’t mind answering.
Am I to understand that the only thing that has helped would be the dirt for you, not your medication .
Only I have tried the olive oil it worked a little, I tried the diet using the chicken soup and egg for several days but bled on introducing solid food I am so ready to give up I see blood every day!
Nothing is working and I am afraid that this is going to get worse not better.
Hope you don’t mind me asking.
Warm wishes

[highlight]Question from Lisa:[/highlight]

Comments: I have been symptom free for a year now. However thru the holidays I must have over endulged alittle and now in a flare up. Blood, cramping, urgency…uggh :( I have only eaten chicken and chicken broth (homemade), 1 avacado and 1 egg for the last 4 days. Still having some issues. How long after getting back to strict diet do your flare ups go away. I truly miss my smoothies!!! 1 other question…..are you able to tolerate decalf coffee at all?

[highlight]Brandee’s Question:[/highlight]

My name is Brandee I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 21.. I first used corticosteroid enemas to get this under control and I have had success at only taking Apriso. I am now expecting, my GI doctor has told me I am ok to continue with my medication but I wanted to ask my Ob doc as well.. He hasn’t given me a straight forward answer as to wether it is ok or not.. At first I was fine but now just under 16 weeks and I’m in a flare. Has anyone taken their meds while pregnant and been ok?


Thanks again for your questions, and wishing you all the best in 2015!

(and the link to the pregnancy survey results for those who want to check that out right now is here:


– Adam Scheuer

4 thoughts on “Video Q&A: About Bleeding, Flares, Diet and Pregnancy”

  1. Johnny Drama

    Nice to hear from you Adam. Im back on the basic SCD diet. Not sure if I have some sort of bug, but have been having diarrhea off and on for the past few weeks. Just about 3-4 movements per day, but getting nervous. Made a large pot of SCD chicken soup on Saturday and been eating it since, along with eggs and bananas. Hoping for some good results… Anyone recommend a good probiotic? Im thinking maybe my GI flora is a bit outta wack. Im thinking I caught something over the holidays! Not wanting to go on antibiotics if it comes to it. I been taking canasa rectal suppositories every night the past few nights, so Ill keep doing that as well, along with 3-lialda per day
    Hope everyone has a healthy new year!

    1. What up Mr Drama,

      Hey bud, great to hear form you and I hope you get this little bump under control real soon. Good for you for jumping on it quickly before it gets out of hand, always much easier to correct things when things start going sideways before its a full blown knarly flare.

      As for probiotics, you might want to take a peak at the probiotics survey listed here:

      (That survey was part of a pretty cool project we conducted here with 478 UC’ers from the site, so give it a look).

      Also, a popular probiotic, definitely made even more popular with the documented success of Bev who follows the site is listed on this page, with individual reviews by others which you can read too:

      so let me know if you need some more info, but that should get you started.

      And take care my friend, and BTW, I noticed I have a personal email from you and I’ll jump on that soon and get back to you privately.


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