Very Happy, In Remission For The Last 16 Months


Diagnosed with UC in November of 2009 and have been in remission since February 2011. The vegan diet has helped me with UC.

My Story:

I was diagnosed with UC in November of 2009 after being sick with bloody diarrhea for 2 months.  I was put on Lialda, prednisone and mesamaline. When I asked the GI doctor I was seeing at the time about food, he told me diet has nothing to do with UC. I kept suffering and kept seeing the doctor every 3 weeks or so. Sad to say but the doctor was guarantee his pay by asking me to schedule follow up appointments after every 3 weeks or so. I changed my GI doctor in January 2011. The very first visit after examining my reports and history, he asked to get off dairy for 6 weeks to see how I do. The very first week I started to feel better and the trips to the bathroom reduced. The doctor prescribed Lialda, prednisone and Canasa. I have been in remission since February of 2011. I have been off prednisone since July 2011. I have been to the GI doctor probably only once after being off prednisone. I was always a vegetarian and becoming vegan has helped with the UC. I have no complaints as I only have 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom every morning. I also attended Dr. John McDougall’s 5 day program in Santa Rosa, CA in April 2012. Dr. McDougall’s plant based and starch based diet has helped me reduce weight and I feel energetic. I don’t feel fatigue as I used to before I started the McDougall diet. The diet also has no added oil and sugar. “Fix the food, fix the problem” says Dr. McDougall. What I learned through this process that you have to get to know your body well as to what food or activity suits you and follow accordingly. I have been very fortunate that I work in my family business and schedule my work around my health schedule. And I also have a very supportive husband which is huge for me as all my family is back in India.

Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:

I want to control ther UC symptons with diet and completely be off the prescription drugs.
Colitis medications:
Lialda ansd Canasa

written by Anita

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25 thoughts on “Very Happy, In Remission For The Last 16 Months”

  1. Fix the food, fix the problem…I think it’s high time the UC specialists adopted this philosophy. That is very well put!

    It’s looking more and more like diet and good bacteria is the key to all of this, no?

    Now, if only the doctors would sign on to this. In OUR lifetimes!

    1. I just finally changed my doctor. The old one was not happy that I would not do another colonoscopy. Think I did 3 last year and then he wanted me to do another this year and I cancelled that one. Got all my medical files from the doctor and had them faxed to my new doctor who is woman this time. I think I can relate better to women for some reason. Funny thing about a colonoscopy for me was I might have been bleeding some, but when I had the operation afterwards I would bleed more. I would like to get off this Imuran stuff but I do not know how to tell my new doctor. I don’t have many options left except surgery, Humira, and Remicade. Dont like the drugs on this list so surgery might be my only option. I am on the SCD diet but not loyally on it. I can’t seem to follow some of the things on it. I really am too lazy to make the yogurt all the time but I do folllow the recipes.

  2. Oh, and Anita…

    I AM off ALL meds, and in remission, by taking probiotics, and singling out the foods which aggravate my specificness in UC.

    I could not be happier at the moment!


    1. I have friends that are vegan and the only thing they say they don’t go out to eat much because of what they eat. I was thinking of trying it but I love eggs. Oh well!!! There are so many diets out there and it gets so confusing!!

    2. does anyone feel worse after having a colonoscopy?
      i was doing well there for a few weeks i was taking a meal replacement (mediclear plus) for breakfast and lunch and having a light dinner – no diary no wheat
      Mutaflor (probiotic) krill oil, iron supplements also as i have low iron.
      Once i took the picolax to clean out my bowel that was it….back to square one and even worse now i seem to have gone backwards – Saturday i had the gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Results were as expected half of my bowel is effected by ulcerative colitis and i have mild gastritis.
      was prescribed mezavant and salofolk enema’s (didnt bother buying either prescription as i know they will not help me long term.
      I tried the drugs a few years ago they work for a little while, not worth it as they cause awful side effects.

  3. Anita,
    I’ve also been in remission since the exact month you have been, feb 2010, diagnosed jan 2010. I did go a few weeks back in march with bloody stow but I only was goin one or two times a day,I see your gaming the same meds as me. I only take Canasa if I have bloody stools. I take lialda (3 pills a day). I need to wean off this lialda, my hair is constantly sheeding, after I get out of the shower it looks like a rats nest I. The shower drain, I do have long hair for a dude. It’s horrible seeing this happen! Do you experience this? When I take Canasa it’s way worse! I don’t even want to go their! Anyways when are you going to start reducing the meds? My effin gastro doc says I need to take them forever, it’s a bunch of bull. I’m fed up with the side affects!
    Peace out
    Johnny drama

    1. I hear you Drama! I do not believe in taking the meds forever either! I think it’s a load of shit too. I’m off all of the meds and will never take them again. Even if I flare again…which I don’t think that I will, now that I seemed to have figured this UC out. Probiotics and diet, and no antibiotics anymore!

      Yes, I had alot of hair loss while on asacol (same drug as lialda). Now that I’m off, my hair has stopped falling out.


    2. My experience is that I ween off the Prednisone slowly asap. My GI Dr. who is one of the best (write up in a Medical Jourrnal) told me years ago that weening off Rowasa Enemas was the correct thing as well. I stop both when my symptoms go away, (weeining of course)
      I would get a second opinion as your condition may be different from mine.
      Mine started down low and then after 20 years moved upper…

  4. Yeah Anita!

    Awesome news to hear you are doing so well. I’m very proud of you, and I think if you want to get off all the medicaitons, you sure will! Congrats to you!!


  5. Bev, good to hear! Sounds like you and Adam got things figured out. I really think I figured this disease out, I’m on the scd diet 100%. I was cheating myself for the longest time by eating ham with my eggs every morning, which never really bothered me, but I eliminated it, I just moved to a new city and they have Whole Foods here, do I’m stoked to check dat place out, I’m going to be eating so much of that uncured meat they have, can’t wait! Did you gradually go off your meds Bev? I feel I will take one less then two less then be done, I don’t take any probiotics, I was about to buy some, then read that this amazon store wasn’t storing them properly, as in being in the fridge, so I passed on them. I need to get off these pills soon! I’m so busy with school though, I’m just waiting for the right time to get off them! I can’t wait to be med free, I honestly don’t mind the scd diet one but, I feel so good eating healthy! I don’t even get tempted at cheating anymore, not fuckn worth it, only cheating myself when I do that.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Btw I’m typing this on my phone so don’t mind the spelling mistakes haha

    1. Yes, drama, i did taper off the asacol just like you said…one at a time (or two) until i was completely off of them. i was on 12, then went to 11 for a few days, and didn’t notice any change; then 10 for a few days, and then i got gutsy and skipped down to 8, then 6, then 4, then 2, then none! i was off them within a couple of weeks. i will never look back…

      just to clarify, i took the probiotics for a month before i started tapering off the asacol. also, go to a better vitamin store, where they store the probiotics correctly! how bad is that when a place doesn’t store them right? altho, some probiotics don’t need refrigeration, the good ones (that we UCers need) normally do.

      try a probiotic with the scd diet…i think you’ll get where adam and i are…


      1. In the book Beating the Vicious Cycle you can order probiotics at Lucy’s kitchen shop. Number is 1888-484-2126. The have worked for me!!! It is in this book.

      2. My liver count keeps going up and down like a yoyo so I figure it is the Asacol and the generic form of Imuran that is doing it. My new doctor lowered my Asacol to 2 pills 3 x a day and Imuran to 100 mg instead of 150. The doctor I had before was the one that raised my pills and should not have. This doctor seems better about it, and I am now taking blood work on this issue once a month. Not liking it one bit. I don’t want to bleed too much so I do this. Have you been through this?

  6. Hi Anita,
    So good to hear your story. I got diagnosed as a kid, I had started a vegetarian diet and after prednisone and sulfasalazine I had a wonderful 15 year drug-free remission where I didn’t even THINK about UC, it was all behind me, the only thing I did was eat vegetarian! I started eating meat and fast food and here I am now back with the curse. After some trouble on SCD (an OD on super creamy homemade yogurt and Bacon maybe?!?) I started following a raw mostly fruit vegan diet really tasty and healthy and healing, but damn that gave me the runs!!! Taking no drugs here people since sulfasalasine doesn’t control my runs. I saw the doctors at True North Health (also in Santa Rosa!) got prescribed a short course of Prednisone (which I will take if I get any skinnier than 119lbs.) and VSL#3 which I read about in Adam’s awesome Probiotic Survey! Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t carry name brand (tier 3) drugs or I could have had them paid for by getting VSL#3 DS (double strength, only by prescription). My doctor said after the first month we could see about switching to a cheaper probiotic, insurance will cover the Prednisone, and most importantly DIET, they said the dairy is like throwing gas on the fire of inflammation, I have been having less stomach upset since stopping the dairy, which is hard because I come from Wisconsin where we proudly wear cheese on our heads and I daydream of mama’s homemade Mac n’ Cheese, but I’m such a skinny curvy bitch now since I started these diets I guess I can’t complain! Best of all, my doc said to add some white rice and beans and cooked veggies like squash and green leafys to my diet, so fruit in the am, then that’s my dinner until belly gets better and I can try all the cool raw recipes I’m finding online, I do so love the taste of raw food, there is even a raw mac n’ cheese! The rice and beans really helped with the terrible runs and keeping weight on. Another thing I must share with all the UCers, be careful of Bran Fiber. I was raised on a “health food” diet that included lots of bran fiber like all-bran in my lunches, eww. I’ve been reading about fiber, it’s undigestable, so doctors say it “sweeps your guts clean”, my doctor confirmed my guts looked like they were “scraped by sandpaper” when I had my first sigmoidoscopy. What else could have scraped up my guts so bad they would bleed! Avoid the bran fiber! Obviously it doesn’t work for us or my 11 years bran filled guts would have been healthy and perfect, not bleeding! Anyway, so glad that’s past. Getting closer and closer to the perfect poo!

    1. lea, i was also a raw vegan when my first really bad flare happened! followed 80/10/10 and eventually david klein’s fruit diet. both gave me a ton of diarrhea, hemmies, bleeding, the works! no fun. i’ve had to go back to regular veganism but i still go about 10-15x a day. my body is impervious to ALL healthy foods.

      1. :( that makes me sad that you girls love eating raw but have struggled with it. Hopefully, the same as SCD although for a different reason, you allowed your body to heal before adding foods in? It makes a huge difference, as does eating organic…sadly, for our wallets. Not saying you had to be doing something wrong, but I’ve never seen the raw stuff fail when followed as it should be—I was failing for that reason. I had a hell of a time avoiding cooked foods at first, then once I would start to detox, I always felt so overwhelmed—I come from small down PA with dairy and beef farms all over. I literally grew up on meat and potatoes with a side of veggies. lol. While I never quite made it to what I would consider full remission, I definitely did well with eating raw, but only after lots of trial and error. Thus, why I am loving trying SCD. There are so many choices in comparison. :)

  7. Lea,
    Good to here your story, Sounds like diet is really paying off for you too. Im from midwest too,so we have so much beef here its unreal. Beef is cheap, I may like meat, but my colon doesnt entierly agree. I can eat two burgers a few times a week, but anything more than that I tend to get looser stools or so cramping. SO my question is, what is your main source of protein if you dont eat meat? I would find that extremly hard being on the SCD diet. I myself am not a vegetarian, but dont eat red meat more than twice a week usually. I eat alot of Chicken! Chicken breast are a great source of protein and so lean. Never bothers one bit compared to hamburgers. I also avoid all dairy besides cheddar chesse on my burger and eggs. It must of been hard at first not having all those home cooked meals involving dairy products, but I bet you got used to it pretty quick, I mean whats more important a tasty meal to enjoy for 5 mintues or bloody shit! ahhh not fun. I know Wisconsin is pretty big into beer too ehh.. I think their was a beer I used to drink back in the day, I think it was named after a city or something….oh yeah Old Milwakee, hahah
    Actualky that tasted like chuck norris’s piss, but If I chose to ever drink a again, which I wont! It would be a leinenkugel’s sunset wheat beer.(also made in WI) Damn that was some good brew, takes me back…..

    Im really going to consider a probiotic once I start reducing my medications. Im excited!
    thanks for the comments.

  8. I have tried every dietary solution under the sun, and I now realise that UC just doesnt like any food full stop. Even water is like poison to me at times. It is impossible. I was a vegetarian when diagnosed with UC this year, so a vegetarian diet is pretty pointless for me. Apparently some people even nickname UC the meat eaters disease. Oh the irony! I am going through a 4 week relapse at the moment and am on high dose steroids, but nothing seems to be working. The pains are unbearable and I find I am not only rushing to the loo throughout the night and morning, but I am now being sick…which is just acid anyway, as my poor tummy doesnt have any food in it to start with! Also on a low-residue diet, which is killing me because I love my healthy fiberous foods…!!! I am only 22. This is no life for me.

  9. Anita had pretty similar problem, diagnosed with uc in 2011 had 7 flareups since. What diet do you follow? Do u eat wheat? Do u exclude oils while cooking? Pl. Send me ur contact info. Have few more questions. Thanks.

  10. hello one of my friend from india suffering from UC can you tell me which diet should she take to maintain his health good.

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