Update on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Clinical Trial

Hey there UC’ers,

Late last week, I received and email from the medical student who is helping to administer the SCD Clinical Trial from Rush University Medical Center.

Here is the letter:

“Hi Adam,

Good news, we have recruited all of the SCD subjects that we need.  In fact, we are getting too many to enroll now.  I really appreciate your help as many people have cited your website as the place where they heard about the study.  Now that we are on our way, could you possibly post an addendum saying that we don’t need anymore people who are on the diet.  Control subjects are still welcome to enroll.  Let me know if this is possible, thanks!”

So great job to everyone who has participated in this study so far.  As you can see, they are still in need of people who want to be “control” subjects.  That means they still need people for the study who ARE NOT using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  If that is you, and you would like to participate, please contact them.  There information can be found on my original post about the clinical trial here.  Or you can go directly to the RUSH university site here.

Have a great day, and thanks again everyone who has participate in this so far. (It was pretty funny going to the Fed Ex drop box and placing a bag of my poop in it a few different times…. you can imagine that right.

1 thought on “Update on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Clinical Trial”

  1. LOL. Hey Adam, yeah, guess it’s not everyday that you drop a bag of poop in mail. thanks for the update. I wanted to enroll Evan, but, you have to be at least 8 years old. why? have no clue. but, the response you from the medical student just shows how desperate everyone is to find a cure as well as prove to the world that the SCD could very well be making all the difference. :-)

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