Update on My Condition and Diagnosis Finally

Hi, I wrote a few weeks ago telling my story.

I had a colonoscopy on October 26, 2011 and went back to my gastroenterologist today. I’ve had a long history of irritable bowel and colitis. Today she told me she found a precancerous polyp and I have mild to moderate ulcerative colitis.  Polyp was small and removed. I have been using the hydrocortisone enemas and now she wants to change me to Rowasa. The colonoscopy was not as bad as I thought it would be…it’s the prep that is horrible. But, I’m glad it’s over. Doctor will do a sigmoidoscopy in about 6 months and repeat colonoscopy in 3 years. I wish I’d had the colonoscopy sooner but had sick family members so my own health suffered. I also have diverticulosis as well. I’m trying to watch what I eat. I don’t eat meat and no more milk. I do eat fruits and vegetables and gluten free products. I’ve had long periods of remission. Lived in Las Vegas, NV and had 9 years without any symptoms. The bleeding after a bowel movement just happened mid-September. Right now, I’m fine and have no bleeding. I am on the hydrocortisone and it seems to be helping. Doctor does not want me to take any aspirin. I also have an increased platelet count. I went to my hematologist today and he thinks the increased platelet count may be due to the ulcerative colitis. I have tried Adam’s smoothies and use Almond Milk which doesn’t seem to bother me.

Colitis Question:

What supplements help? Any probiotics that are recommended. Oh, I tried the vitamin E enema but it didn’t seem to help me. I do take a multivitamin daily. I want to thank everyone for their feedback and especially to Adam for creating this site.

Current Colitis Medications:

Hydrocortisone enemas …now using 2 daily, one in AM and one at night. Helped a lot as no more bleeding and normal bowel movements. May be changed to Rowasa. No other medications at this time.

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3 thoughts on “Update on My Condition and Diagnosis Finally”

  1. that is alarming news, yu must make sure to keep on top of it.
    may a ask when was your last colonoscopy before this one?
    my GP is sometime asleep at the wheel and i have to ask for sertin test to be done,or i would steew on the back burner,i also find other health concerns get forgotten, and overlooked ,everything seems to get brushed of as part of your Uc..that is dangerous.
    i learned you have to be your own Advocate or you fall through the cracks,my platelets are quiet often over 1 million(i am in canada and the numbers may be diffren in the US)it is usaly because your Hemaglobin is to low and your bonemarrow is to over active trying make red bloodcels,but is making platelets instead ,i have to take one baby asperin a day when it is to high to prevrnt them from sticking together and that is dangerous for a stroke.
    good luck with everything , but stay vigilant and timeley with the followups,its not plessant but it safes our lifes

    1. Hi Sabine,

      I did not have a colonoscopy before, had a sigmoidoscopy when I was living in Florida. At that time, I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis and took Rowasa. My condition went into a long remission ( 9 plus years) until mid-September of this year. Yes, I agree with you that you have to be your own Advocate and be on top of things. Right now my hematologist wants me to go off the baby aspirin for now. My Gastroenterologist wrote a prescription for Rowasa but my insurance company won’t approve it as I think the price is too high. The doctor told me I could opt for an oral medication so I will be looking into doing that.

  2. Glad they caught the polyp! I’ve been on hydrocort enemas for my current flare. For some reason, Rowasa makes me worse, which is strange because it’s the same medication as in Asacol (oral) and Canasa (suppositories), both of which I can take. I’m guessing doc may put you on Asacol as maintenance medication. One thing about the hydrocort enemas – they tell you in the directions don’t stop them abruptly if you’ve been on them for more than three weeks. So you might want to discuss this with your doc. My doc’s got me doing a taper, which I’m happy about because I’ve had some more steroid-side-effecty symptoms from these than apparently most people do. (Since they’re enemas they’re supposed to have minimal systemic absorption, but there is some.)

    Re; probiotic supplements. I’ve been doing well with Align, which seems to help at least the IBS side of things – which makes the flare a lot more bearable in my case. Some people say they do better with VSL #3 for UC – I haven’t given that one much of a chance yet because once I realized the Align was helping calm things down, I didn’t want to mess with success during a flare.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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