Update on “Didn’t ever think it would happen to me. But it did”


Well this is Jeff and I am 34 years old. I just wrote my first vent on this page on monday the 27th and now it is Wednesday the 29th and wanted to share how my appt went today! Let me tell you it was a waist of time. BUT I DID LEARN I HAVE MORE GOING ON NOW THEN WHEN I STARTED TAKING THE MEDS

The Story:

Well first off I have been upset all day since i had my follow up appointment this morning.  So here is how it went:

I walk in the doctors office and get checked in. Then 40 MINUTES LATER I get called in the back, I sit down and the nurse comes in and sits down and starts asking me why I am here “the reason” I just gave her the weird “are you kidding me look”! So for kicks i tell her everything once more even thou i have been seeing this doctor since April. Then she asked me if i was on any meds. that was it for me I told her that it was all in my chart because i was just here May 25th and that the doctor had told me I had Ulcerative Colitis.  Here is the funny thing The Nurse is the Doctors WIFE!! HaHa. So i was just getting so aggrevated with her, then she looks at me and tells me the doc will be in to see you in a few.  She leave Thank goodness I said to myself as she was shuting the door. So the doc comes in and he starts talking to me and asked me if i have seen the other GI in Columbus I say yes and that he will be doing the surgery on my fistula on July 15th and also a Anal evaluation. He said that is good to hear, and then I told him what all was going on with me since the last month I saw him. I told him that i have some discomfort around my tailbone now, so he wanted to look at it so i of course pulled my shorts and let him see, GUESS WHAT I HAVE A PILONDAL CYST right at my tailbone and it is growing. after i pulled up my shorts up he looked at me and said i wont do anything you need to let your GI up in columbus (remember Columbus is 2 hours away). to see what he wants to do with it, said ok. So i told him that my right side of my stomach hurts when i sit for awhile or a pain that hurts. so he pushed on my tummy and rubbed my tummy and said yep, it is your GALLBLADER!! we need to do a ultrasound. “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME”! I told him all the sharp pains bowle movements and cramps and mucus that i have been having. So I a m on more drugs now. YAY me!!! So not the way i wanted today to be like. So i called my surgeron in columbus and talked to his nurse told her what was going on, she took all the info and told me that she is going to be talking to him this friday and see if he needs to see me befor my surgery day. I AM SO AT MY WITS END WITH ALL OF THIS!!!!!!

oh yea P.S.:   my doctor that I saw today with everything that is going on with me doesn’t want to see my until SEPTEMBER 28TH. I AM SO CONF– USED!!!


My Medications:

Prednisone———12 pills a day @ 5mg

Flagly—————-1 pill every 12 hours @ 50mg

Azathioprine——–1 pill every day @ 50mg

Asacol—————1 pill three times daily @ 400mg each

Nystatin cream —–three times daily


Submitted by: Jeff in the Colitis Venting Area

2 thoughts on “Update on “Didn’t ever think it would happen to me. But it did””

  1. Hey Jeff, sorry you are having such a hard time mate. Glad you came on here to vent! I saw my GI on Tuesday and left real upset too because of a mix up HE and HIS team made! I am so sick of been asked the same story over and over about what med’s I am on and my background – it is in my chart GRRRR! YOu sound like you are on all the right med’s anyway. I hate flagyl and steroids too. I noticed one thing about your med’s you never said you were on Calcium supplement with vitamin D3 – you need to be on this while on steroids as they suck the calcium from your bones and the vitamin D3 helps the body absorb the calcium. Maybe you are on it already and just never wrote it down? I hope things get better for you soon keep your chin up Jeff :-)

  2. I see it like this, since you are on meds, you will have to follow up with your doctor. A visit to the office will put money into their pockets. It would be good if we can just phone in but they have to physically see us. I don’t expect anything to happen because we have a chronic illness and trying to get someone into remission is a practice.
    One drug leads to another drug or problem.
    It sucks but this is how things are, the less drugs the better!
    Since I will have this for the rest of my life, I try with diet and supplements. I’m on Asacol 400 3 pills 3 times a day. I had it bad once and they wanted me on more drugs but I wasn’t doing it. Asacol has been working for me. But hey, 1 year later and i may not have a choice.

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