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I am 40 years old male living in California, USA. I lived a very healthy lifestyle throughout my adult life. I was diagnosed with UC (Ulcerative Colitis) in April 2011.

My Story:

I posted my UC story on this wonderful supportive site in January this year under ‘Alternative Remedies Worked for Me’. I know how much pain and discomfort this diseases cause. I have dealt with it for about a year. When I figured out (not from my GI but with my own experiment with diets) that eliminating gluten and taking Boswellia was the factor for my UC remission, I was so exited to share it with only one week of success at that time. Since now it’s been about five months, I can safely say that it has worked for me. I told my GI in my appointment in February that I do not need any further appointment, no prescription for my medication (I was on Azathioprine and about to start Remicade) and gave him the details about my remedies. He was surprised and told me that he would look into the alternative route for the treatment.

Here is what has worked for me:
·Eliminated gluten absolutely from my diet. Even though I am not allergic to gluten (Celiac test came back negative), my body cannot handle gluten anymore. Wheat was a major part of my diet for 40 years but not anymore. Now even a small amount of wheat sends me to the restroom. Thankfully there are many items with corn and rice and I can eat all sorts of meat products. I try not to eat process food (like hot dogs etc) as it might have gluten (as preservatives).
·Home made yogurt from two quarts of whole milk (2% is fine too) every day is my breakfast. I add little bit pure cane sugar to sweeten it. I drink lots of water during the day to deal with amount of calcium that I am taking. I am not sure if the calcium concern is real or not but drinking adequate amount of water is good.
·One Boswellia Extract pill (yields 262 mg of Boswellia acid) twice a day along with multi-vitamin pill.
·I also take pro-biotic capsule twice a week. It just keeps my system ‘stable’. I am also trying ‘Kafir’ and I think it can replace pro-biotic.
·Tea in small amount is ok but when I drink coffee, I can hear my system growls within a minute. So I stay away from coffee and from any carbonated drinks

That’s all. Fortunately, my ‘not to eat’ food items list it not very long. I know that this exact same remedy may not work for other UC suffers but the point is that please look into your diet options before going for surgery or other harsh medications. You may have some food items that trigger the system. Some people can’t digest red meat anymore. Cut back to just one or two items (like rice or potatoes or simple grilled chicken) for a week and see if it makes the difference. Eliminate all fruits and vegetables. ‘Khichdi’ (an Indian dish with rice and lentil, Google it up) would be the best. If something works, try adding more items one by one.

Another remedy that helped calmed my system before I discovered my gluten sensitivity:
Grind one teaspoon of poppy seeds, coriander seeds and fennel seeds each, add about a cup of cold water, wait for about 10 minutes and then drink that water slowly for next 15-20 minutes.
It might be difficult to find in the western countries but if you can, research ‘bael fruit’ powder. It is known for its anti-UC properties.

I hope this helps somebody

Colitis Medications:

None (not taking anymore)
I was on Asacol, Prednisone, Azathioprine

written by Sunny

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

2 thoughts on “Update on ‘Alternative Remedies Worked for Me’”

  1. Right on Sunny! I’m off all of the meds, too, and just take a really good probiotic! I actually don’t watch what I eat at all. No food is bothering me anymore, and I drink one espresso latte a day. Almost four months now!! Whooppee!!


  2. Hey, great to hear. Keep us updated, please. I’m very interested in alternative treatments (right now I’m doing SCD, spinach and sunflower seeds, and ginger tea, kind of rolling a bunch into one). 5 months is impressive but I want to hear from a healthy, happy you five more months and five years down the road! Thanks for sharing.

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