Update for People Taking Humira

Hi everyone,
As most of you know who have been following this site, I’m not a big advocate for medications, but I know that many many people who have ulcerative colitis (including myself in the past) have taken or are currently taking medications to help with the symptoms and to regain a normal lifestyle.
There was a short time just about two years ago when I was experimenting with an immune suppressant medication called Humira, of which I have written several posts about my experience with Humira, but either way, my father recently sent me an email which I thought would potentially be of help to some of you.
Basically, he explained that a friend of his who is dealing with Arthritis, was prescribed Humira from his doctor. This person also was given some type of coupon or voucher I believe from his doctor which entitled him to purchase his Humira prescription for exactly $5.00.
So, the entire point of this message is that if you were like me, and paying the full retail price of several hundreds (in my case $1400 per package of humira every two weeks) this might be something that can help you out. Unfortunately I don’t have any more details than that, as that’s all my dad wrote to me, but its something to look into if you are dealing with high costs to continue with Humira if that is a medication you are using.
If anyone has any more information on this, or has any first hand experience with the medication or discounted costs, it would be great if you could share your story via a comment.

As for me, I had horrible luck with humira personally, it did not work out well for me and gave me horrible skin lesions and other complications, so I stopped using it very quickly. At the time I was taking Humira, it was not approved for Ulcerative Colitis by the FDA, and since I don’t keep up with that medication, I am not sure if it is still only approved for Crohn’s or if UC is now included. Of the family/friends I know who are using Humira, both of my friends are very happy with it to treat their arthritis.

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  1. Yes, there is a program for Humira which I have been on for about 4 slow months! It is 1-8004humira(1-800-448-6472). It is still not approved for UC and I had to wait and get denied while my flare worsened and I actually have to send away for it from my insurer’s pharmacy-Curascript(they’ve been great)! Anyway, you may even be able to get approved for 3 months. FYI there is also a program for Remicade(not the generic) which I was on before and became allergic(I wrote in last summer-the natural thing didn’t work out for me once I got back to work in the fall, in a school, with millions of germs beating down my immune system!)Anyway, it is…centocoraccessone.com-sorry I couldn’t put the links in, must be my slow speed/dial-up!
    Hope this helps, Shelly

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