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Unexpected Colitis Treatment That’s Helping Darlene

Darlene sent me an email in response to the “welcome to 2014” email message that everyone on the free newsletter received.

What was amazing and interesting to me was how she mentioned a few things which I’d never heard of before.


This treatment is working for her.  Way cool right.

(I guess sometimes I feel like after running this site for so long and after hearing of thousands of treatment ideas…I must have heard it all and know everything by now regarding colitis…WRONG!)

So, with her permission, here is the message from Darlene:


Thanks for the update.  I wish you much success in gaining a stable living environment in 2014.  I can’t imagine dealing with UC on the road as much as you have.  I work in a huge academic library and the distance from my office to the restroom is far and sometimes I have to do that walk in the presence of dozens of students through the computer lab to get there while trying to walk in a normal manner!  (Can’t be done!  J)

Unexpectedly one day in November 2013 a friend handed me two bottles of supplements and said that she had been taking these pills and why don’t I try them.  She gave them to me.  Taking those pills had a noticeable difference by the very next day.  What a surprise.  I never expected that!  I didn’t expect anything to change, really.  One bottle was Now Chlorella, 1000 mg, and the other bottle was Nutricology Liver Beef, Natural Glandular.  That evening I started taking two pills twice a day of each of these supplements.  Within one or two days my stool was different – surprisingly.  It had form and shape and was less frequent!  Not knowing anything about chlorella except that it was green and good for me I researched it and discovered that it is beneficial for treating ulcerative colitis.  If I stop taking it there’s a change (back to worse) within a few days.  It’s only been 1 ½ years since my diagnosis and I have mild to moderate UC in the lowest portion of the colon.   Never would I have known that chlorella could help me except from this serendipitous incident – a friend just handed me these bottles out of the blue.  I tried them and what a difference to my comfort level!  I just wanted you to know about chlorella in case you haven’t heard about it before.  I also take a prescription for UC – Lialda.  Starting at two pills twice a day I’m now down to one pill twice day.  Since starting chlorella the frequency of my BMs has dropped from 1-5 to 1-2 with less urgency.  I am treated by a terrific colorectal doctor.

Peace, love, stability and blessings for 2014.”


Thanks Again Darlene for sharing this email with me, and for allowing me to post it to the site!  Much appreciated.

I had a feeling that some of you would be interested in knowing the details behind Darlene’s Lialda use, and when I asked her how long she had been taking that, she wrote back stating “I started taking Lialda at the time of my diagnosis which was in May 2012.”  So, my worry that maybe she began taking Lialda at the same time which would complicate knowing exactly what was bringing her the great results…doesn’t seem to be a factor here.

Here are the affiliate links to the products she mentioned on Amazon:

Thanks again Darlene for sharing what’s working for you and you UC, and good luck to you if you decide to give her solution a try.  Let me know how it goes for you too:)

Adam Scheuer

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49 thoughts on “Unexpected Colitis Treatment That’s Helping Darlene”

  1. Wow!!

    Always LOVE to hear things like this! Yet another great natural ‘treatment’ on our UC arsenal!!

    Thank you Adam…and Darlene!!


  2. Wow, I love heraing that, I am trying things outside the traditional medicines now myself, I have started probiotics, and they seem to be helping, and yestreday I added L-Glutamine. I am also trying to change my diet, which is much more difficult for me at this time, I have made some changes but not enough. I was dagnosed in August last year, left-sideded moderate to severe. First I was given Lialda, but way to expensive, so I was switched to Apriso, wich I still take today, I have had some luck with this, no blood or mucus for months. The big problem for me has been not having well formed stools, and is so very rarely, and then the DREADED occasional urgency. So in came Predisone, which helped instantly, but I delvelop Central Serous Retinopathy, which is a fluid build up behind my retina in my left eye. I was taken off Predisone, and put on Ucerius, two more weeks to go and I hope thats it. So there I was with UC and a blured left eye for 3 months, my vision is still not all the way back! Long story short, I am looking for better allternatives, I will research these suppliments and who knows maybe try them out.

    Darlene- Wishing you the best, and thanks for letting us know your experiences!

    Adam – As all ways, good looking out!!!!!!

    1. Kevin,

      In February 2013 I started taking L-Glutamine because it was recommended in weight management program I’m on, Naturally Slim. I didn’t know it benefits UC. It’s suppose to help prevent blood sugar from falling. It’s good to know it benefits UC. And also for a couple of years I’ve been taking probiotics. At one time before my diagnosis when I was losing lots of blood I also took iron…GNCs Ultra Iron 65 for a 6 month period. I think it’s the chlorella that’s causing me now to have well formed stools. WebMD has an article about chlorella. According to the article it does lots of good things, including increasing good bacteria in the intestines.

      I’m so sorry about that awful side effect in your eye. I hope it’s completely healed soon as well as the UC. And good luck with your journey using supplements.


      1. Darlene,

        I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to give you another Great “BIG” thanks, I have been taking the Chlorella for about 2 and half weeks, and it has helped me have more well formed stools…Awseome. I have been seeing gradual improvement daily. BTW, I also added Spriulina, and think this is helping as well.

  3. Going to give this a try. I have left sided UC mild to moderate & I take probiotics. I can’t take the sulfa/ASA meds it causes horribl migraines. I have trouble with mucus and some urgency. Thanks for posting!

  4. I have had UC since 1993, I have had some real bad times to. have taken just about all the type med there is for it. the last time I went to my doctor ,she told me it was healing and looked good, she ask me what I was doing. I told her I drank Kefer every day. she said what. then said . what every you are doing keep doing it. I can feel I am getting better now, I have a back pain that’s is so bad, the only med that helps the inflammation is like avil or alieve, but would make me start bleeding, but now I can take it and get some relief from my back pain, and not to much of the nor co drug. that’s my story and I am sticking to it, my wife makes me the Kifer every day, its hard some times to drink it you can order the Kifer on line , its alive culture, you have to take care of it like a baby ,

  5. OMG, OMG, OMG….. Darlene!

    I just got though reading a book on treating radiation poisoning because of all the Fukushima radiation that has killed the Pacific ocean and is now contaminating the planet as I type this. You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but it’s ten times worse than Chernobyl… Anyway….

    The main two supplements that doctors in Nagasaki and Chernobyl used to heal patients and literally save their lives from radiation exposure is CHLORELLA and SPIRULINA. So I ordered the NOW brand organic 500 mg and have been taking 6 each a day of both, so about 3,000mg., since around Xmas Eve. I have’t heard about the liver powder, but that makes sense, so I am definitely going to get some of that and try it. I will post back here later on and let you know how it’s going… I am going through some kind of weirdo flare right now, one day good, one day bad…. extreme random symptoms lately, it’s confusing.

    I am pretty sure that drinking alcohol is now OUT totally for my UC. I have been testing it lately with grain-based alcohol vs. grape-based Vodka… it’s making me bleed the next day no matter which ones I drink, so I am super bummed about that, but I have been without alcohol before, so no big deal. I would rather be healthy.

    Thanks sooo much for sharing this info.! Information is the weapon to beat this disease… just gotta keep hitting it from every angle and direction we can think of.

    xoxo, HH

    1. This is really all so COOL.

      I am going to have to add this to me repertoire as well.

      As to alcohol…I believe that it is a big no-no for those of us poor bastards with UC, unfortunately. Alcohol actually caused intestinal bleeding EVEN in those without gastro problems, but in them, it goes virtually unseen. In we UCers, however, it can and does cause flares, just like if we take advil. In ‘normal’ people, the intestinal bleeding caused by aspirins goes unnoticed…in us…well, you know.


    2. HH, That’s really interesting about the radiation. Double benefits!! :-) Check out the article about chlorella on WebMD.

      I didn’t know alcohol causes bleeding. Oops!

      I wish you health rather than flares.


      1. Yes, I will check it out.. I definitely try to “think outside the box” when it comes to this UC, so I was thinking whatever helps cure radiation poisoning would help with UC since the radiation does affect your GI system as well.

        Look into the benefits of Spirulina too…

        Yeah… not fair on the alcohol. I now know for a fact that it causes me to bleed no matter what kind or how much, but if you can handle it, good for you guys, I’m jealous.

        1. HH,

          Thanks for the heads up about Spirulina. I’ll give that a try. I just googled the benefits of beef liver. It offers amazing benefits maybe not directly helping UC but indirectly because it improves overall health by adding endurance. It benefits the blood with iron, B vitamins, minerals and more.

          Take care and get over that flare! :-)

          1. Yes, Bev, I am excited to try the beef liver — I like the idea of covering all our bases and hitting it from all directions.

            I got rid of the blood, but still waking up 5-6 times a night with the non-productive puddles of mucus and liquid stools. I am eating so healthy right now, so my colon better get with the program, here. The melatonin I take to sleep works great, but I still wake up to go! Blah, I hate this disease.. hurry up genetic engineers or robotics!!! I am DONE with these bodies.

    3. Hi HH,

      I would’nt worry about radiation unless you are living very close to the damaged reactors at Fukushima. The problem is that there are a huge amount of disinformation being spread about the radiation effects from the nuclear accident in Japan. Sure, it was a serous incident but the effects are only local in the area. Any radiation level increases elsewhere is well below the safe, normal and natural levels that you would find elsewhere already.

      Please don’t base your decision about what medication to use on false information. Do some more research and see what the nuclear scientists say. It is their field of expertise and they do not have any ulterior motives to deceive you, unlike some fanatical green proponents.

      By the way, I drink Salofalk and probiotics daily and have not had UC symptoms for almost 10 years now.


      1. HA HA, noooo I think I will still take precaution. The polar bears getting sores and losing their fur, the starfish melting into puddles of goo and 11 species going extinct, then the 2-headed whale that just washed ashore…well, that one just did it for me. I have been following the Fukushima thing all along, (not any info. reported in the mainstream media… at ALL) and you couldn’t PAY me to eat anything out of the Pacific Ocean anymore. I know all about Internet damage control and the agents of disinformation. It’s in their best interest that the public doesn’t know they’ve destroyed the planet. Besides, I was reading a book about what the doctors used to treat radiation poisoning which also affects your GI system and that is what made me think that could be a new angle to try with my UC. But, I will look into the Salofalk, and I do take pro-biotics already, so thanks for sharing.

  6. Could someone explain the reason for the liver pills, as I get the idea of Chorella? The Lialda and probiotics seem to be helpful, as I rarely have bleeding any longer and the diarrhea is mostly under control. Although there’s nothing so fun as sitting in traffic or waiting at a long light and having to go. What is bothering me now is feeling not so great, especially in the morning and getting frequent attacks of fatigue, usually in the late afternoon, which I assume is related to the disease, not the medication. I hate having to be so concerned about avoiding foods I get a bad reaction to and no way will I go on one of those highly restrictive diets. I drink wine sometimes with food and haven’t had any problem. Perhaps the difficulty is caused by drinking alcohol without food?

    1. Claire,

      As I just mentioned to HH that I just googled the benefits of beef liver. It offers amazing benefits maybe not directly helping UC but indirectly because it improves overall health by adding endurance. It benefits the blood with iron, B vitamins, minerals and more. If you’re losing blood the iron in beef liver would benefit you by replacing lost iron and adding energy. Initially, the mention of beef liver was just part of my story. My friend gave me those two bottles and suggested I try them. She didn’t even know that I have UC. I’m not sure the beef liver is having a direct effect on my UC but I am sure the chlorella is. After reading the benefits of beef liver I plan to continue taking it because I’m in big need of those benefits I read about. I also have fibromyalgia along with two bulging disks in my lumbar area. I’m in big need of energy and endurance! :-)

      I wish you success in treating your UC.


  7. Fred S

    I still get fatigued in the afternoon as well. Ginkgo and tea (with a little almond milk and stevia) really helps.

    According to some online reviews, the Liver powder combats fatigue. Funny thing is that I have been craving a liver & onion meal for months now so I plan on having it this weekend to see what happens, then may order the liver pills if all goes well.

    1. Fred,

      I just read that bodybuilders use beef liver to build endurance. On a body building website there’s a long review of beef liver. It delivers benefits of stamina, endurance plus several other benefits and delays muscle soreness after workouts. The article includes a lot of scientific information about beef liver. If you’re interested, read it. (I don’t know if we’re allowed to include links on websites). The review is on I think that the symptoms of UC would/could be improved with beef liver because of all the nutrients in it. And people with UC probably lose nutrients through poor digestion and/or diarrhea. Good nutrition /food heals — as you know.

      I like your suggestion of ginkgo and tea!

      1. Fred,

        One more thing to suggest. You mentioned fatigue and I have a suggestion of something that’s helped me. Hydrate! Drink lots of water and drink H2Orange. H2Orange is a mixture of orange juice and water (if you can tolerate OJ). Prepare a big bottle to carry with you all day to sip on. The ratio is one ounce of orange juice to seven ounces of water — 1:7. This helps keep the blood sugar from dropping.

      2. Fred S

        Thanks Darlene. I just ordered the beef liver powder and the Chlorella along Chamomile (the Chamomile is to get myself weaned off of St Johns wort). We will see how they go.

        OJ has always been too acidic for me, even when diluted. Ocean spray makes a line juices without corn syrup. The Cran Tangerine is fantastic. I mix is 25% juice with distilled water. I have no problem with the cranberry. It’s high in Vitamin C and helps prevent another kidney stone.

        1. Fred,

          I hope the beef liver and the chlorella make a difference for you! I didn’t know about Ocean Spray’s line of juices without corn syrup. I’ll look for them. Thanks for the tip. And I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  8. Thanks for the info Darlene and Adam. I just may add this to my daily regimen. Speaking of alcohol……I very seldom drink it. Whenever I go out to eat, I order lemonade. A friend of mine has Crohn’s and, whenever we get together for dinner, she always has a drink or two. The other night she had 2 Long Island drinks. From my understanding, there are around 7 different liquors in that drink. I asked her if the drinks affect her Crohn’s and she said ‘no’. I just don’t understand that at all. I thought Chrohn’s disease was worse than UC. How in the world does she get away with drinking alcohol and it doesn’t affect her? Is there anybody out there with Crohn’s who also isn’t affected by drinking alcohol?

  9. Bummer-I was getting really excited after reading what Darlene had to say about these supplements and wanted to give them a try. Then I read online about the Chlorella and realized that I can’t take it because I am on Azathioprine.

    1. Mark from Boston

      Hi Jana,

      Where did you read that chlorella cannot be taken when on azathioprine? I am also taking that and was hoping to add Chlorella, to see if that provided more relief as well…


  10. Fred S

    Thanks for the suggestion Darlene. Unfortunately, not hydrating enough has always been a problem for me. I have to force myself to drink fluids every day after having a very painful kidney stone 2 years ago. Never been much or an OJ drinker though. Cranberry juice (with no corn syrup!) diluted with distilled water is really good.

    1. Meeee toooo… had 2 kidney stones removed the last two years. NOT FUN. I wonder if that has something to do with our UC? I mix my water with some organic apple cider and try to force that down, LOL. I also struggle with not enough water.

      1. My son had kidney stones at 8 years old and we never found out why. He then developed UC at 14. They are definitely related.

  11. Thanks for posting Adam and Darlene.. Hopefully this information will help someone and always good to have information like this.


    1. Fred S

      Thanks Jana. Interesting stuff on webmd about chlorella. It boosts the immune system so it will react with any of the suppressant drugs and is also high in vitamin K. I have indications of a vitamin K deficiency so this might be just what I need. Have ordered some and will give it a try.

  12. I am presently taking humira weekly for my UC and wondering how all these supplements would work with my medication? At the moment having hair loss and being told put up with hair loss and be glad I have a colon. ?

  13. Footie • January 20, 2014 at 2:12 pm #
    I am presently taking humira weekly for my UC and wondering how all these supplements would work with my medication? At the moment having hair loss and being told put up with hair loss and be glad I have a colon. ?


  14. Darlene, you state you take “2 pills each twice a day.” I ordered both supplements from Amazon. The ‘Liver Powder Beef (Natural Glandular)’ was a powder, not a pill. Instructions on the bottle are to take 14gm a day (1 scoop, about 2 tbsp.) with a meal. There were no instructions regarding mix w/liquid, sprinkle on food, etc. Could you possibly clarify what pill you were referring to? I only have 30 days to send it back. Many thanks.
    Robt. U. Myers

    1. Robert,

      The form I take of the beef liver is capsules. I take two in the morning and two before bed. I purchase mine at They have very good prices. Here’s the link Swansons has the best price for Now Chlorella, too — even better than buying locally. (I tried to paste in the image of the bottle but couldn’t.) And I’m sorry I don’t know how to take the powder form. To me there would be a yuck factor with the powder! :-)

      Good luck and let me know how things go for you,


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